Tuke's Quest

Nigeria at 56

Hey Guys

Hope your week is going well :)

Mine has been alright, finally got my car back after 6 weeks, it pained me when I had to do that transfer to Hyundai. Lesson learnt sha, no more driving in flood.

So I'm finally putting up my 2016 Independence day Post, whoohooo!!! If you didn't read the 2014 or 2015 one, check them out here and here.
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Restaurant Review: Christopher's Covent Garden

Hey Guys, 

I hope you had an Amazing Weekend!

I sure did, spent Thursday to Sunday at #SheHiveLagos and it was a Mind Blowing Experience. If you don't know who they are, check out this post I wrote last year, follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and Subscribe to the Newsletter on their Website to keep yourself updated.
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BBN Wonderland in a Dreamy White Dress

Hey Guys!!!

Happy New Month & Happy New Quarter too!!

I'm really looking forward to everything that will happen in this final quarter.
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Brunch at 34 Mayfair London & Lobster Noodle

Hey Guys :)

I hit 400k on the Blog over the weekend, whoohooo :D
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A Monochrome Maxi Dress

Hey Guys,

Hope you've had a Great Week!

It's so funny how life throws you unexpected curveballs, there always is a lesson to be learnt from them though.
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Restaurant Review: Sri Suwoon Victoria London

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a Great Weekend!!!

Mine was so busy, went for a breakfast meeting, NITC 16 (check out my recap of the 8th and 9th editions), a training my mum was facilitating, the vulcaniser and then a rehearsal, all on saturday.

On Sunday, I just went to church and then had interesting conversations with different people. This week is really really Sax filled, I'm playing at quite a number of events and I pray for grace, strength and favour. I'm really glad that my Hobby has now become my career/occupation, it's such a wonderful feeling and I hope and pray you all get to experience this kind of joy.

So this post is a review of a Restaurant I went to while in England, there are 4 more food posts from London in my drafts, I ate out A LOT, that's what happens when you haven't been to London in 2 years. The exchange rate these days isn't cute and I pray this recession is over as quickly as the famine in 2 Kings 6-7.
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