Tuke's Quest

5 minute makeup challenge

I met up with a Fellow Nigerian Youtuber to carry out the 5 minute makeup challenge.
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Ethnic Belly Art Maternity Shoot

Guess who painted her belly when pregnant for a maternity shoot!

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An Afrocentric Ankara Themed Nubian Maternity Shoot

How stunning are these Afrocentric Nubian Maternity Pictures 😃
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A Beautiful Baby Shower

My sister and cousins planned the cutest Baby shower for me.

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My Labour and Delivery Story

On the 6th of February, my life changed in a very interesting way as I experienced the miracle of childbirth :)

I'm sharing everything that happened on that day in my latest video which is my Labour and Delivery Story.
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Pregnancy Tag

1. How old were you when you found out?
26, 11 days after my 26th Birthday

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A Valentine Maternity Blogversary Celebration

Happy Valentines Day!!
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