Tuke's Quest

Tu By Sainsburys Fashion Haul

 I did some shopping on the Tu By sainsburys website & filmed a Try on Haul!Tu by Sainsburys Clothing Haul

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H & M Try on Haul 2022

 I did a Big shop on H & M, got some dresses, tops, shorts & more in the sale.

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Zara Fashion Haul Summer Sale 2022

I took Advantage of the Zara Sale and got some cute Dresses & a shirt.

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If you've been following me for a while, you would know I had a baby in 2019 and after that my body size changed, I spoke about it on Youtube here.

I recently moved to the UK and just took advantage of the ASOS Summer Sale as I'm revamping my wardrobe.

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Restaurant Review: 26 Diner Lagos

There are so many New Restaurants in Lagos in these days and I stopped by one sometime last month. It's called 26 Diner and it's in Lekki Phase 1, aesthetically pleasing and pretty good service.

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Casa Del Papa Benin Republic

 Last year, I had the opportunity to go from Lagos to Benin Republic by road.

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Restaurant Review: Z Kitchen Lagos

Happy New Year! I pray 2021 is 10 times better than 2020 was. Can you believe after going out to eat for my Wedding Anniversary in March, I didn't eat at a Restaurant till December!!


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