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A Fulani Woman

Thank you so much for all the love you've shown my Blog, we hit 600,000 views today and I'm just so happy and grateful, please subscribe here if you haven't already. It would mean a lot to me.Nigerian Fulani woman
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N15,000 Clothing Try On Haul

I attended Mente De Moda in April and had a list of all the items I needed to get.

I think it's a great place to shop as there are so many vendors to choose from and many of them of have pieces on sale or are offering a considerable discount.
Fulani Braids on Fulani Princess
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Fulani Braids & Beads Tutorial

Happy New Month Guys,

I've been wanting to try out these Fulani Style Braids since I saw Monica at her workshop which I wrote about here.
Fulani Braids & Beads Hairstyle
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A Formal Floral Midi Dress

Floral Dresses are perfect for the summer, especially when they are flowy and made of a light fabric.

Midi Dresses are perfect for work, formal occasions and church :)
Floral Midi Dress
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Restaurant Review: Shiro Lagos

So, Shiro is one restaurant that got Lagos excited when it opened in December last year.
Shiro Restaurant Lagos
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Denim Midi Skirt x Vintage Polka Dot Shirt

Hey Guys,

I wore this look to a TV interview on Tuesday and people loved the outfit, from this boomerang, so much I decided to shoot.

I think it gives off vintage vibes because of the length of the midi skirt and the size of the polka dots on the shirt.
Black and White Large Polka Dot Shirt
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