Tuke's Trips: Omu Resort Lagos

Hey Guys, 

Happy Hump Day!

My Birthday is exactly one week away but I don't plan to celebrate it in any huge way. Want to read about how I celebrated it in previous years, read about it here and here.

I visited Omu Resort during the Worker's Day Long weekend, a day after I went to Tarkwa Bay.
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What I wear when it's that time of the month

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!!!

I've got a music exam in 2 weeks so I spent most of my weekend preparing for that. How was your weekend?
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Tuke's Trips: Tarkwa Bay Lagos

Hey Guys,

So I finally visited Tarkwa Bay this month as my family friend planned a last minute trip to Tarkwa Bay for his birthday.

His birthday happened a couple of weeks after I left a comment on Cassie's post saying I wanted to go there.
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Protective Style: Ghana Weaving (Thick Chunky Cornrows)

Hey Guys,

Long time, no speak.

I haven't been able to blog for a while because my blog wasn't allowing me upload pictures, so glad the issue has been resolved :)
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Live Your Dreams 2016

There are 2 days left till Live your Dreams Africa and I am truly excited.

I've been a part of the event since the first year and it's amazing to see how it has gotten bigger and better each year.

Each one has been different yet impactful and the stories heard and shared stay on in my mind throughout the year.
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Initial Thoughts on Her Given Hair

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!
Hope you enjoyed the Long weekend.
I sure did :)
Mine was full of adventure, learning and family bonding.
I've been sharing pictures and videos on instagram so check them out :)
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Beetroot at the Palms Mall Lekki

Hey Guys,

So I was at the Palms a couple of weekends ago and I bumped into Ehime, the owner of Sweet Kiwi.

I met her at Live your dreams last year as she was a panelist. The next edition of Live Your Dreams is round the corner o! May 14th, Save the Date! Register Here!!!

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Workflow: School Girl Chic

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday

Hope you had a Great Weekend :)
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