Tuke's Quest

A Mustard Yellow Shift Dress from Inighi

Hey Guys, 

I know I haven't been very active on here, I tie the knot in a couple of weeks so most of my time has been spent preparing & finalizing plans, things should be back to normal next quarter.
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My 2017 Review

Happy New Year Guys!

Thanks for being part of my journey in 2017, looking forward to a better 2018.

Last year, I did a year in review post as opposed to a goal audit post, doing something similar again this year :)

2017 was a year where I wasn't tied to any formal institution or place of work, so I told myself, it was a year of No Limits.
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A Fancy Green Maxi Dress from Inighi

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend, Mine was super busy with family functions, gigs, a road trip, parties and loads of good food.

I wore this Flare Sleeve Maxi Dress on Christmas Day as I wanted to look cute while feeling comfortable.
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A Versatile Black Kimono Trouser Set

There are so many events happening this season, from concerts to parties and festivals, not sure what to wear? Visit inighi.com!
Black Kimono Set in Lagos
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A Merry Maju Christmas

Christmas is here o! It's been such a busy period with gigs, family commitments, events, activities, etc. I had a shoot with Maju 2 weeks ago for their holiday campaign; A MERRY MAJU CHRISTMAS.
Christmas Day Looks Green Theme
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Seafood Okra with Maggi Naija Pot Bottom Pot Seasoning

So, I got a surprise delivery from Maggi a couple of weeks ago.
Maggi Naija Pot
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Vlisco Tailoring Masterclass

Vlisco is one Brand I love; for the quality of their material, the vibrancy of their prints, their originality, creativity and the fact that they like giving back.

They take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously by offering valuable opportunities to help people in the fashion industry improve their skills and further their career.
Vlasco Tailoring Masterclass Nigeria
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