Tuke's Quest: July 2014

Blog Tag: Being me!!

Hey Guys!!

I got tagged in my very first blog tag, Yayyy me!! Thanks Mide, it's really exciting that my blog is getting noticed and it's nice to know that people enjoy reading what I have to say.

So, basically there are 20 questions which I have to answer and I get to tag 8 people who then tag 8 people and on and on it goes. It's a really good way to discover other blogs and it's great publicity too :) 

The questions are as follows:

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The Monochrome Way: Feeling Spotty

Hello People

Hope you've had a good day!

I did something different to my hair yesterday, it's my protective style of choice for the Summer Holidays, Box Braids, I haven't done them in over a year. I did Afro Kinky Twists for NYSC Camp in November and I had crotchet braids done over the Easter Holiday but that's it. I got them done at home, which is super convenient, don't know why I have been stressing myself going to the hairdressers. It was kinda hard sleeping with them though as they couldn't fit into my Satin Bonnet. I've figured out a way to stuff them all in sha. The aunties in my house have been saying I should have done this to my hair since instead of carrying my Afro. I have been a bit vain since I got them done though, taking loads of selfies and feeling cute but I Love my Fro still, fam!
I had to run some errands round town today and this is what I wore but with Sandals. I tend to always have flats, sandals and heels in the car just in case. Seems like I've been wearing a lot of black and white lately, not planned, it just happens. Oh yeah, I've been tidying up my room and cupboard, found a lot of forgotten items and this top is one of them. I bought it in white, black and polka dot to wear under blazers/suits but I haven't really rocked my blazers/suits since I moved back. It's either too hot or I just don't feel the need to because teachers don't have a strict dress code. I'll try to wear one soon sha, so they won't just be there gathering dust.
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Flying in Nigeria: Aero Flight NG128

Hey Guys

Happy Monday!!

I feel like the days are going by soo quickly, July will soon end, Nawa. So I wrote about this experience exactly 2 weeks ago when it happened (July 7th, 2014). I wonder why I didn't share it on the blog earlier though. Anyways, better late than never, right? It was a pretty deep situation but let me not spoil the gist, enjoy reading!!

So I just landed in Lagos after a gruelling and extremely tiring situation at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja. My head hurts, I'm tired and weak plus I'm trying to wrap my head around what I just experienced. I've been pushed, I've been shoved. I stink, so many sweaty people rubbing their bodies on me, I need to shower.  
My Aero flight NG128 was scheduled to leave for Lagos at 2pm so boarding should have started at 1:45pm. At about 1:50pm, I went up to the desk but there was no Aero representative to talk to. I went back at 2 and was told that flight 128 was on its way from Sokoto. Once it arrived, boarding would proceed. 

At about 2:20pm, they finally announced that flight 128 was boarding. At this point I discovered that Aero flight NG126 which should have departed for Lagos at 12 midday had been delayed and so some people had been at the airport since 10am waiting.  

The fact that the airport was closed over the weekend also meant that there was a backlog of flights. The waiting hall was packed.

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The Spotlight is on me, Yippee!!

Hey Guys!!!!

Hope you're weekend is going great, mine sure is!!

I have mentioned on this blog that I write for our Stories. It's an online space made up of 44 creatives who contribute every month to a wall challenge based on the theme. It was started by a fellow corper and I'm really glad I met her. One of the benefits of NYSC is that you get to meet some pretty Amazing people. You meet some pretty wacky people too but you choose who you want to build a relationship with.

I have written 3 articles for them so far and was featured on this month's spotlight session. It's basically my first online interview, Oshey!!

You can read more about how we met by clicking on this link!

The interview is here!!

Read and let me know what you think :)

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The Monochrome Way: Different Styles

So seeing as I'm back in Nigeria, I kinda have to shop for clothes here or order online or get someone to bring stuff for me from the overseas. I like to try before I buy so I have been trying out a few shops in Lagos.

The jumpsuit I wore in the Gingham post was bought at Lespace on sale for N2,700 which I think is extremely affordable.

I've also shopped at Mr. Price (at the Leisure Mall  in Surulere) and people really liked the picture of the outfit on Instagram. They have an online store too.
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Lava by the Water

Hey Guys!

Like my Post title? Lava is a shade of red that is named after molten lava that comes out of Volcanoes. I don't think you'll find Lava by water as the water would cool it down. But volcanoes are typically found on Islands where there is water so I don't know. I really want to see a Volcano. Geography was one of my favourite subjects in Secondary School, talking about volcanoes brings back memories of mountains, irrigation, flooding, earthquakes and other fun stuff. (Physical Geography > Human Geography in my opinon)

I wore this outfit earlier on in the week. My school is on holiday so I got to relax at home on Monday. I was editing this post when one of my friend's called and was like he'll be at my house in 15 minutes, I should get ready (impromptu behaviour). I had showered but I was in chilling clothes as I didn't plan to go anywhere. Mehn, i sharply washed my face, took out the cornrows in my hair, filled in my brows, lined my eyes and looked for something to wear. I took my laptop with me and it was nice blogging from somewhere other than my room. This is what I ended up wearing :)
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The Monochrome Way: Twinning with Evita

Hello People

So, my cousin, Evita came round on Saturday, she's based in Canada and I haven't really seen her in a while so I was pretty excited. I was having a Sax Jam session with Niyi and Tito. After a while, I went upstairs to get ready as we were going to watch a movie. I wasn't really sure what to wear but when I saw her outfit I decided to go the Monchrome (Black and White) Way.

I even copied her hairstyle too, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right? Her fro is way thicker though and mine shrunk after a while, blame it on the Humidity. Can you tell I'm rocking the bow from this post? And i used the hair slides to clip my hair in on the sides, thus creating the fro hawk look, Oshey! I ended up changing my lip colour to red and wore a paisley blazer when things got chilly during the movie.

I wish I took the pictures with her on the street outside my house. The background makes a huge difference! Oh, well, now I know! Prepare yourself for a picture overload *drumroll please* I might have been a tad bit hyper by the way!
Niyi was doing shakara at first
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We Made Ice-Cream!!

Hey Guys!!

So it's confession time *drumroll please*...

I have a sweet tooth, always have, always will.

I'm only 22 and I have 4 fillings. It's not something to be proud of but it is what it is. I've always loved sweets and I'm not sure that's going to change anytime soon. I remember one time in Secondary School, I said I wanted to own a chocolate factory like the one in Willy Wonka. Only God knows what life has in store for me, I might own one someday.

This post was just to talk about ice cream o but I write as the fingers move, hehe. My favourite candy in the whole wide world is Sour Skittles, not the crazy sours type you get in the UK but the American one with the sour coating/powder over it, YUMMY!!
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Sunday Sessions with Sam: Listen!

Hey Guys.
Happy Sunday!!
Ze blog finally reached 10,000 views (at 11:45pm last night) and I'm really happy about that, Yayyy, Progress!!!
Last month, there were two guest posts, one by Ihinosen who blogs here as "The Intelligent Man". His post got over 300 views but no comment, biko, why na?
The second one was by Sam and it got constructive feedback. Thanks for the comment Detomiwa, it helps mold our craft. Here's another one by Sam, do let us know what you think!
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Congratulations Graduates

Hey Guys

It's Graduation Season, my graduation happened on the 11th of July 2013 so it's been a year and a day. What an unforgettable day it was, I celebrated my 21st birthday that day so you can imagine how packed it was. I flat twisted my hair tonight and watched 2 interesting/inspirational videos while doing it.

I love how American Unis get really cool and successful people to give their Commencement Speeches. Their graduation ceremonies seem a lot grander than the UK ones, i'm glad technology gives us a snippet of their Events. Here are 2 videos I watched tonight.

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Three Months to Go!!!

So, the NYSC year is almost over and I’m one of those few people that has actually enjoyed the year.

  • I’m definitely going to miss my allawee, even though I haven’t touched it, it’s nice to know I'm saving a little something for a Rainy Day.
  • I’m going to miss my CDS days, that one day break right in the middle of the week gives me the much needed burst of energy to tackle the rest of the week.
  • I’m going to miss my CD group, the NYSC Brigade Band, we have a lot of banter and have formed a pretty tight bond.
  • I'm going to miss going to Iyana Ipaja to teach new corpers the salutes and play for the passing out and swearing in ceremonies
  • I’m going to miss gisting with the guy that collects money for parking at my LG, he’s a correct tout, OSHAMO!
  • I'm going to miss General CDS, seeing and gisting with Eti Osa 2 Corpers.
  • I’m going  to miss being called Corper or Otondo or Ajuwaya by random people as I walk on the street. To be honest, I can wear my uniform when I’m done and no one would know better.
  • I’m going to miss the Security I had. In the sense that, I am not really sure what I want to do with my life career wise, now the questions such as "Where are you going to work?", "When will you get married?" are going to start pouring in and NYSC isn't there to back me up.
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Naturals in the City 8: How it went, What I got, What I learnt!

Hello People!
So I went for the natural hair meet up on the 28th of June and it was really good. I bumped into a fellow blogger Ebun Oluwole while registering and I was kinda shy that she recognised me, you can read about her experience at the event here. She took loads of pictures too.
I planned not to buy any product and I controlled myself, Well Done Tuks!
I took part in the product swap and got 2 shampoos. (Giovanni Smooth as Silk and a Tea Tree clarifying one). Now all I need is a correct conditioner and a moisturiser and I'm good to go.
I bought some hair accessories though. I love bows! Used to love flowers but I'll choose a bow over a flower anyday. I have too much fun when I'm taking product shots. Do you like the faces? :)
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Spotlight on some Things I've Done

Hi Guys

I'm in the mood to play my sax but I didn't take it out of the car when I got home today so I won't get it back till late. I decided to watch some Sax Videos on my phone and came across this one.

Playing the National Anthem with Niyi at Live Your Dreams Africa 

I've been featured on Linguini's blog, he took these Ankara pictures and shared some of the other pictures he took that day.

I write for Our Stories and I've written three pieces so far, I would appreciate some feedback :)

This was pretty random but yeah, Happy Humpday!!

The weekend is almost here!!
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Adventures in Abuja: Gingham and Cobalt!!

Hey Guys!

I got back from Abuja today, it was a fun yet relaxing trip. I've missed my laptop and blogging too.These pictures were taken today before I went to the airport at this really cool cafe called Salamander. They have free wifi and loads of books and magazines for their customers to read. Jemma took them while we were waiting for the food to be ready. I wore this jumpsuit to travel because it's really loose and comfy and the material is extremely soft too!

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Abuja Chronicles III

Hey Guys!

Hope you've enjoyed the series so far! My third and final day in Abuja also happened to be Jemma's mum's birthday. She organised a kiddies party for all her nieces and nephews that were born around that period. I remember we got home on the 2nd day from all our activities and I was in shock when I saw 7 Beautifully designed birthday cakes, one for each child.

So this was the first baby to come into Jemma's room, She's sooo cute, I couldn't stop taking pictures of her.
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Abuja Chronicles II

Hello Hello Hello!

I felt like the previous post was getting a tad bit too long so decided to split the Abuja Chronicles into a 3 part series. I took over 200 pictures in Abuja but I'm obviously not going to post all of them. We sorted out the NYSC registration quicker than we thought so stopped by at the Craft shop to get some souvenirs.
I love Jemma's robot earrings
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Abuja Chronicles I

Hi Guys

So I’m going to Abuja pretty soon and I’m really excited to go to my Nation’s capital. I’ve only been there once and that was to register for NYSC in August 2013. I was there for 2 days and I had an amazing time. I stayed with Jemma, who was my coursemate in Uni and her family was so hospitable. I loved every minute of it and wish I stayed there for longer to be honest.

I’m from Osun state but I’ve never been there, Bad Behaviour right? I really want to go even though I have no family there and my dad has only been there once. I haven’t really travelled around Nigeria and it’s a big shame. I’ve been to 19 cities in the UK but only 4 states in Nigeria, can you imagine?! I’ve been to Ibadan (Oyo state) once for a wedding, Olumo rock in Ogun state for excursion, Idanre Hills in Ondo State for excursion and I go to Redeemed Camp on the Lagos Ibadan Expressway at least twice a year.

You see why I was so excited to go to Abuja. At that point in time I was an IJGB (I Just Got Back). From the pictures my skin was looking so fresh and smooth. Now the sun has had its cool fun and darkened me. Anyways I went to Abuja with my camera in tow and took a lot of pictures.

The first thing I noticed when I got to Abuja was that there was a lot of  land and many natural rocks. It wasn't as noisy as Lagos and the traffic wasn't as bad too.

Oh, yeah, let me warn you, the following pictures have the date and time imprinted on them. My friend, Linguini, who took pictures on my 22nd birthday and the Ankara inspired shoot, thinks the date/time stamp spoils the beauty of the picture and I kinda agree now. Oh, well, it's a little too late to change that.

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Music: Food for the Soul

Good Morning People

I woke up pretty early this morning (4am to be precise), was having lady pains and I needed a Hot Water Bottle. Finally got one around 6 and the pain has now subsided. I listened to a lot of good, soul lifting music this morning and thought to share.

Enjoy :)
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