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Spotlight on some Things I've Done

Hi Guys

I'm in the mood to play my sax but I didn't take it out of the car when I got home today so I won't get it back till late. I decided to watch some Sax Videos on my phone and came across this one.

Playing the National Anthem with Niyi at Live Your Dreams Africa 

I've been featured on Linguini's blog, he took these Ankara pictures and shared some of the other pictures he took that day.

I write for Our Stories and I've written three pieces so far, I would appreciate some feedback :)

This was pretty random but yeah, Happy Humpday!!

The weekend is almost here!!


  1. I had to hotfoot it here from the comment you dropped on my blog :-) I actually screamed when I saw your gravity defying fro in your profile. I loved the shots Linguini took of you especially the ones on his blog. I would love to feature you on my blog sometime!

  2. Awww, Yayyy!!! Thank you!! I would love that 😊 learning a lot from your blog btw