Tuke's Quest: September 2014

The Kinky Apothecary x Tuke Morgan Shea Moisture Giveaway!!!

Hey Guys

How are you?
Independence day holiday tomorrow, I'm sure you people are excited. I'm using internet explorer to type up this post. My google chrome and Mozilla Firefox are messing up so back to basics. Anyone ever tried opera?
A few weeks ago I got an Insta DM from The Kinky Apothecary, they noticed I was almost at 1,000 followers and were wondering if I was interested in holding a giveaway to mark the launch of Shea Moisture products at their store. Of course I was interested, it ain't a small feat for a brand to seek one out for a collaboration. I mentioned it on the blog that a giveaway was forthcoming and now it's here, whoohoo!!

I sent one of my friends this poster when I first saw it and she was like, ayyy blown, LOL. My first reaction was that I felt humbled, honestly my eyes started to water but I didn’t let the tears of joy flow. Not every time, cry cry, sometimes just chest it, hehe. 
You lovely followers/readers would be able to enter into the competition by following these simple steps:
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Creative Collaboration: The Garment Factory & Aima's

Hey Guys!

Remember how I mentioned that I met up with a friend and blogger in this post. Well, now you find out what we got up to. It was a wonderful lazy Tuesday afternoon and Feyi messaged me that she was at my dad's office. I invited her over and she was like, in fact I should come meet her at Aima's and be their model. I quickly showered, shaved my legs and hurried over to their flagship store on 32 Alexander road, Ikoyi. (It's like a walking distance from the link bridge) The owner was really sweet and filled me in on the concept of the shoot. She also gave me two really cute hair bows like the one I'm rocking below.

Butterflies & Stars
Aima's is collaborating with The Garment Factory, which is a Nigerian Based Textile Company that specialises in Unconventional Ankara and Adire Prints and Fabrications. The prints are in luxe Crepe, Jersey and Soft Fluid Georgette fabrications.

This fun, vibrant and contemporary collection is called the 'Mix and Match' Olekus. You walk into the store, pick from one of the beautiful fabrics, choose a style and your outfit is ready with a seamless finish in no time. The wonderfully talented Feyi Adesanya took the pictures and it was the fastest shoot I've ever been involved in, 30 minutes tops.

The red one is definitely my favourite, I love the sleeves and the colour too, which one is your favourite?

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Giveaway Winner!

Hey Guys!

Happy Humpday :)

I'm blogging from my phone because my laptop is acting weird so I can't attach the image from the number generator, I will update this post when my laptop is back to normal though.

First of all, I would like to say a huge Thank you to all 23 people that filled in the survey, I really appreciate the fact that you took out your valuable time to give me some feed back. All of you that didn't fill it, Diarris God o!!!

So, yeah, the survey has closed and the Giveaway winner as chosen by random.org is the First Entrant.......Damilola Ogunnupebi. Congratulations!!!

I look forward to meeting you on Sunday and I hope you've gotten your floral outfit ready o :)

Details would be sent to you by email shortly.

The next giveaway in collaboration with The Kinky Apothecary goes live on Monday, so keep your eyes peeled people!!!
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Restaurant Review: Casa Lydia

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday!

Hope you all had a restful weekend. School has started for me even though I had hopes that the resumption date would be moved back to October, Oh Well, everything happens for a reason.

I was on NaijaHairCanGrow last night and I found out that a lot of popular, well established, big name bloggers will be attending the garden party on sunday. I got a bit nervous to be honest as I'm still a bit of a newbie blogger but yeah, I feel quite honoured that I was invited. Bloggers like Sisi Yemmie, Berry Dakara, Ez of Beauty in Lagos, Stella of Stella's Addiction, Barbara of Barbara 1923, Daks of Third World Profashional, Yagazie and many others will be at this party. So, if you are interested in being my plus 1 for this party, please fill in the survey, leave a comment on the post with your email address and get your floral outfits ready. The survey closes tomorrow evening  and the winner will be announced on Wednesday. He/she will be selected using a random number generator so get your survey responses in people!!

So, back to the matter, I met up with my friend and blogger, Feyi Adesanya sometime last week. It was an impromptu date and it was so much fun, you'll find out what we got up to in due time :) We went to Casa Lydia for dinner and it was my first time there.

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Flower Princess I

Hey Guys

If you haven't filled in the Reader Survey, please do so before you read this post and take part in the giveaway if you're interested in meeting some other bloggers at the Savvy and Chic Floral Themed Garden Party. Thank you :)

So, I had a shoot a few weeks ago with some amazing creatives. I met Gloria Etim at the natural hair meetup and she commented on my instagram that she wanted my contact details. We spoke and she said wanted to do a shoot with flower garlands. I have a flower crown and Mide has a similar one so it became a creative collaboration. 

I love shoots and pictures too so I did research via Instagram of girls wearing flower crowns. Many of them wore white and had long flowy hair so we followed that approach. 

One of my fave photographers, Linguini, joined in on the shoot. If you don't know him then you must be a newcomer to this blog. He took the pictures in the Ankara Inspired Post and my birthday post too. We took a lot of pictures that day so I'll make this a series and start with the ones he took.
There once lived a Flower Princess
Her name was Tuksy Bee
She sometimes hid behind a fan
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What's your favourite Snack?

Hey Guys!

So I went somewhere recently and it was supposed to be a short visit, maximum 2 hours. I ended up staying for 5 and I was sooo peckish but there was no Mallam or shop nearby. I knew I just needed a cookie or a drink or something sweet to revitalize me/keep my mouth busy but I didn't have anything edible, just chewing gum and water. 

Now, I am a snacker, a self confessed junk food lover, I really am. I have 4 fillings which isn't anything to brag about but that's life. Back in Uni, I got most of my snacks from poundland or lidl, I’m talking Haribo’s, Vimto sweets, toasting waffles, brownie mix, ritz crackers, muller corner, Doritos chilli heat wave, walkers sensations thai sweet chilli, plantain chips I brought from Lagos, Kinder Bueno white, yummy.

Now, when I moved back, a lot of adjusting obviously had to be done and the snacks I loved were unavailable or more expensive or sold at exorbitant prices. These are my top 5 snacks at the moment in no order:

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70th Post: Reader Survey and a Giveaway!

Hey Guys

Happy Humpday!

It's my 70th post, Yippee and I'm pretty excited.

I met two readers over the weekend, one of them is a corper in Agege and the other is a blogger. It made me really happy to meet readers I didn't know personally.

I've been wanting to carry out a survey on the blog for a while now and I finally got round to creating it (Say No to Procrastination, folks). It's 25 questions long, some of the questions are multiple choice, some are simple yes or no's and there are open ended ones too. It's your chance to give feedback and also an opportunity for me to make some changes. Please answer the questions, the survey will only run for a week and it'll make me really happy if you do so.

Thank you :)

Now, on to more interesting things. My female readers on Healthy Hair Journey's should know who Dabs is, she blogs at Naija Hair Can Grow and has inspired many ladies to take better care of their hair. She also has a salon called Savvy and Chic Hair & Beauty Hub which she started due to the demand she received from her readers. I have been there a few times and the customer service was great. I got Crotchet Braids done in Easter, I have bought their whipped shea butter and I ordered my Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner from them when they had a blogversary sale.

Remember this post? I told you how I went for a Salon Day out and I won a Secura steamer but I had left when the raffle draw was being held so someone else got it. Well, here's a picture of Dabs and I from that day.

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20 Facts about Me!

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday :)

I was tagged to write 20 facts about me by Dami of Scribbles and Realities. I was also tagged by Xclusive Mic the comedian/MC on Instagram. At first I thought I wouldn't have much to say because I have written a lot of facts about myself on the blog already and I don't like to repeat information. I've written 20 facts though and they are pretty different from the ones in the Sunshine Blogger Award Post, the Liebster Award Post and the Blog Tag too. Yayyy me

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My Printivo Experience

Hey Guys!

Hope you've had a great week, Whoohoo, it's the weekend.

If you follow me on Instagram you would know I received my business cards earlier on in the week, if you don't follow me... what are you waiting for though? My handle is @tukemorgan. The Kinky Apothecary is hosting a giveaway in collaboration with me once I hit 1,000 followers so follow me so you're kept informed (Hint hint: We'll be giving away Shea Moisture goodies so Naturalistas and ladies on Healthy Hair Journey's, this one is for you *wink*)
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Throwback Thursdy: Oleku Obsession

When I first moved back, I was more or less obsessed with Olekus, I used to wear them almost every Sunday because they were so easy and convenient. Nowadays, I don't wear them as often, the fad has been replaced by the Silk Iro and Buba. I only have one of those but my friend, Tosin sells the Fabric Express ones on her newly launched website, Zere Fashion House

She also stocks Eve and Tribe clothes (formerly called Rukky Simone) and Slippers by Kene, Femalepreneurs Rock!! I spoke briefly about Zere in the Giveaway Post and I'm really pleased that they've moved from being on etsy to having their own Website. They deliver worldwide, the customer service is spectacular and the prices are really reasonable too so check them out for your fashion needs.

Apparently, the name Oleku is derived from the movie Oleku by Tunde Kelani as the main character Asake wore a short sleeved buba and a mini wrapper (Iro). I've watched the movie and I found it really interesting so if you've got free time and you want to learn a bit more about Yoruba culture, Youtube is your friend (Part 1 and 2).

I'm sharing pictures of my 2 favourite Oleku Fabrics. These Pictures are from Last Year and at that point in my lifetime I wanted the date and time to be imprinted on my photos so I would never forget when they were taken. I realise now that the date and time stamp takes away from the aesthetic of the picture.

I really like my Side Profile btw
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Restaurant Review: 355 Restaurant and Lounge

Hey Guys

I seem to be putting up a lot of food related posts nowadays. I owe you guys theatre reviews too, they've just been chilling in my drafts folder. Feel free to let me know what you would like to see more of in the comment box below. I'm definitely going to play Lawn tennis this week, gotta stay healthy and I ain't a gym or walking or crunches or squats or swimming kinda girl. 

I went to 355 for the third time last week Friday. The first time I went there was on the 12th of August for my friends, the twins birthday. Confession: I sat in a corner with some girl friends and we ate like grubbidos, I proceeded to socialise when my tummy was satisfied (Don't Judge me). My mouth waters when I reminisce on what I ate day, it was mostly finger food.

Started off with Southern Fried Chicken Wings
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L'aviye Lookbook: Three ways I rock Kente Accessories!

Hey Guys!

So, a friend of mine started her business while I was in my final year of University. I bought some accessories from her and wore them to an Africultural Society Event in the Summer of 2013 as seen below.

The business was originally called Accessories by Abiye but now the name has been changed to L'aviye. The accessories featured in this post are from the Spring/Summer 13 collection. Check out her website and order stuff from her newer collections, the designs in the Autumn/Winter 13 and Summer/Fall 14 collection are exquisite. 

I Love that the brand has evolved and now stocks a wide range of bracelets, triangle necklaces, loop earrings, rings, triangle earrings and even strappy heeled sandals in a different prints. The design of the clutch has changed with the times and I can't wait to feature the new collection on my blog, plus her customer service is spectacular.

Isn't this Kente print so beautiful
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Pancake Party and Indomie too

Hey Guys

So, last week, after General CDS, one of  my friends invited a few of  us corpers to her house for a mini pancake party. I jumped at the opportunity as I kept on missing all the parties she threw at her house and I knew it was going to be fun girlie bonding time :)

She made the pancakes from scratch and there was a wide variety of toppings/fillings to choose from. They were more like crepes to be honest and they were delicious. She just eyeballed everything because she makes them so often but there are pictures of all the ingredients used.

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The Gratitude Challenge

Happy New Month Folks!
The Ember months have begun which means the end of the year is getting closer and closer each passing day, it'll soon be 2015 o, Make this month a Memorable one!

Over the weekend, Aby of Miss Purple Heart left a comment that she had nominated me for the Gratitude Challenge. I was pleasantly surprised when I read that comment, it's nice to know that other bloggers have my blog in mind. It's a bit of a reflective post and even if I haven't nominated you, feel free to take up the challenge.

  1. When nominated you have 24 hours to accept the challenge.
  2. You have to write or say 3 things you are grateful for on any social media platform just once. (I said 4 though)
  3. You are to take a picture of a simple pleasure. A simple pleasure is something that makes (or made) you smile in a day preferably non humans (because I am sure a lot of people would list the humans as what they are grateful for). For example a cup of coffee, a bottle of your favorite soda or drink, a scoopful of ice cream, a butterfly that just perched on a window, something at your work desk, a game…You get the drift. It is something that should be inexpensive. It is not an opportunity to show off cars, watches, shoes and all the things that people like showing off nowadays.
  4. You have to give out at least 5 USD (convert it to your local currency) within 7 days of accepting the challenge to a less privileged person or a cause or a charity organization. That's about 840 naira.
  5. You nominate three people (within your circle) to take up the challenge.
  6. If you don’t accept the challenge you are required to donate at least 20 USD to a charity organization of your choice.

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