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Restaurant Review: 355 Restaurant and Lounge

Hey Guys

I seem to be putting up a lot of food related posts nowadays. I owe you guys theatre reviews too, they've just been chilling in my drafts folder. Feel free to let me know what you would like to see more of in the comment box below. I'm definitely going to play Lawn tennis this week, gotta stay healthy and I ain't a gym or walking or crunches or squats or swimming kinda girl. 

I went to 355 for the third time last week Friday. The first time I went there was on the 12th of August for my friends, the twins birthday. Confession: I sat in a corner with some girl friends and we ate like grubbidos, I proceeded to socialise when my tummy was satisfied (Don't Judge me). My mouth waters when I reminisce on what I ate day, it was mostly finger food.

Started off with Southern Fried Chicken Wings

There were Honey BBQ Wings too
Then Chicken Tenders and Dip
Spring Rolls
Yummy Mini Donuts from Chocolate Royale
The second time I went there was 2 weeks ago for an event called Food, Fun and Business. The food this time wasn't as great and I didn't take any pictures, sorry. There was
  • Beef in sauce with bell peppers
  • Chicken in sauce with bell peppers
  • White rice( no one can really screw this up)
  • Fried Rice
  • Spaghetti bolognese 
  • Some other pasta dish with chicken 
To my surprise, the pasta was nicer than the rice and sauce. I found the sauce kind of bland to be honest but the pasta dishes were delicious.
P.S. The first 2 times I went the food was already ordered and paid for by the hosts. 

The third time I went was last week Friday with 2 of my girl friends, we've been buddies since secondary school and we decided to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air. Mosope ordered the honey BBQ wings which tasted as delicious as they did the first time I tried it, it cost N2,200.

She had a wahalarita margarita (N1,650) which she said was yummy

If you have read my past reviews you would know I have a thing for prawns so it would come to no surprise that I ordered a dish with prawns. They call it the prawn aiol and the dish is described as  Mediterranean style prawns sauced in garlic olive oil and toasted with a blend of special herbs served with spaghetti.

To be honest, it wasn't amazing, the prawns were delicious but I expected a bit more from the pasta, like it was nothing special, just pasta with parsley, I wasn't blown away. The chilli sauce was nice and spicey though so it added a little something to the dish.

I ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri (N1,200) which was misspelt as Strawberry daguise. I was confused o, but it was sweet and refreshing, just the way I like it, would have liked a larger portion though. 

You know how some restaurants in the states give free refills, I wish it was the same in nigeria, I'm sure people will milk it sha. The waitress wasn't rude in any way which is good and she gave me 7 prawns instead of the usual 4 that come with the dish, Thanks Tabitha :) The pos machine worked too which isn't always the case in Lagos. 

So would I go back there? Yes, but not anytime soon, I've been there thrice in the past month and there are many other restaurants I would like to try out.

If you have been there before, I would love to hear what you have to say.



  1. Yum let it rain me some food! hmm! *salivating*

    Really Nooooiiiiiccceee post

    Kindly head on to my blog...tagged you in my recent post "20 Things About Me" Please take up the challenge, Sisi Tuke! :)

    1. LOL, Dami, you're a funny girl o

      Hehe, Thank you :)

      I deffs will. I've written my facts out already but I like to make all these interview like posts/blog tags significant/memorable numbers so it'll be my 70th post.

  2. I love seafood....especially prawns....yum!

    I'm taking down the names of these restaurants that you and Sisiyemmie are reviewing oooo! It's good to know exactly which restaurants to visit when we want to eat someplace nice.

    1. Yayy, Prawns for the win! Crab is yummy too o!

      Hehe, good good, glad to be of service :)

  3. I'm a fan of prawns and shrimps any day. You're sure enjoying Lagos. Wouldn't mind the Margarita tho. BTW, you know any budding photographer on the mainland? Referrals please.

    1. Lool, gats enjoy life o, Life is too short to not enjoy it, abeg.
      Hmm, send me an email and tell me where on the mainland you're based and what sort of photography work you want done.