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Flower Princess I

Hey Guys

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So, I had a shoot a few weeks ago with some amazing creatives. I met Gloria Etim at the natural hair meetup and she commented on my instagram that she wanted my contact details. We spoke and she said wanted to do a shoot with flower garlands. I have a flower crown and Mide has a similar one so it became a creative collaboration. 

I love shoots and pictures too so I did research via Instagram of girls wearing flower crowns. Many of them wore white and had long flowy hair so we followed that approach. 

One of my fave photographers, Linguini, joined in on the shoot. If you don't know him then you must be a newcomer to this blog. He took the pictures in the Ankara Inspired Post and my birthday post too. We took a lot of pictures that day so I'll make this a series and start with the ones he took.
There once lived a Flower Princess
Her name was Tuksy Bee
She sometimes hid behind a fan

Or pouted her lips like a Queen
Her Skin was smooth
Her hair was long
She loved to wear dresses, sometimes short
Sometimes Long
White was her favourite colour, you see
But sometimes she got bored, just sitting by the sea

She spotted a girl by the sea one day
Tuksy Bee got so excited
Her Flower crown almost fell away
They swung on the steel

And pouted like queens
Played games together
Acted like Greek Godesses

Outfit Details 
Short dress - Boohoo 
Sandals - forever 21 
Maxi Dress - random shop in Nottingam. I bought it for £10 2 years ago but I never wore it because it sorta looks like cele cloth (no offence to followers of the religion) it was finally put to good use though 
Flower Crowns- Aldo
I did my makeup myself, Yayyy 

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  1. Really beautiful tuskyy...very creative tooo...

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I love the dress and your hair and everything else!!
    Es x x

  3. I dunno why, but I love this post!
    Maybe it's the pictures
    Maybe it's the story
    Just love eeeet!

    1. Awwww, Yayyy, I Love the fact that you appreciate my story *dancing*

  4. Really good pictures and the story is really cute too:):) xxx


  5. So beautiful cuz :)

  6. Awww, this was cute!


  7. Love this post ,you look really good tusky

  8. Beautiful pictures! Welldone :)

  9. Awesome photos Detuke!

  10. lol. but ur skin IS smooth sha!

  11. These pictures are so gorgeous :)

  12. Gorge pictures! I want me a flower garland too! Where did you get the flowers you used?

    1. Thanks Titi :)
      I bought it that way from Aldo in the UK, I know you can get something similar from Mr. Price at the leisure mall in Surulere though!

  13. Beautiful post, I'm so loving the pictures. Liked your feature on African naturalistas, didn't know you were a blogger too. You have a new blog stalker ;-)

    1. Awww,Thank you Adaezenwa :D
      Yayyy, Welcome to my Blog!!!