Tuke's Quest: September 2015

The "She Leads Africa" She Hive

Hi Guys, Happy Monday!!

Hope you enjoyed the Long weekend. Mine was fun and busy, I'll put the Weekend Gist post & vlog up at the end of the week but for now catch up on all the other Vlogs and Weekend Gist Posts.

So last week I was a part of She Leads Africa She Hive and it was a Great Investment. The picture below was taken by Mohini.
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Weekend Gist: Vlogs, TedX Gbagada & The She Hive

Hi Guys,

How are you? Hope you had a great weekend. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will know I played the Saxophone at Ted X Gbagada. If you don't follow me, then what are you waiting for? :)

I played my Single Trust and I will put the video up on the Blog once it's out.
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Tuke's Garlic Bread Recipe

Hey Guys,

So I decided to learn how to make Garlic Bread when I ate at Smokey Bones and the Garlic Bread there was made from regular Sliced Bread. I was extremely disappointed with the Garlic Bread I ordered from The Secret Garden in Abuja (pictures here), that's why I decided to share this quick and easy recipe.
The picture at the top is from a Restaurant, the one below is homemade

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Restaurant Review: Jevenik, Secret Garden & Sheraton Abuja

Hey Guys,

Like I mentioned in this post, I was in Abuja for the ICAN conference at the beginning of the month. On the first Night, we had dinner at Jevenik. I have eaten at the one in Lagos once before but it was my Dad's first time there.

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Weekend Gist & Tuke's Trips: Sheraton Hotel, Abuja

Hey Guys :)

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a Great Weekend. Mine was busy, it was Saxophone filled. The whole of last week was Sax filled tbh. I played with the Jazz Band at Muson on Thursday after attending a Jazz Master class for most of last week. It was actually featured on BBC, I never expected it, I saw the BBC guy interviewing people but I didn't think much of it, listen to the interviews and some of the music here. Can you spot me in the picture below?  I put up a cover of Adele's Someone like you that was recorded during one of our lunch breaks, Check it out here.
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Have you heard of Jiji

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Creative Collaboration with Grace & Sarah

Hey Guys,

Thanks for showing me sooo much love in my last post :D

Some people have told me they only check posts with pictures, or they only care about style posts or food posts or hair posts but it's good to know that the wordy posts are read and digested by quite a lot of people. Hope you've dropped your details here to subscribe to the blog, many goodies await you ;)

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My 200th Post

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month :)

Hope September has been good so far. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was in Abuja for the ICAN conference. I had a Great time, it was an enlightening trip, I met up with some bloggers and we had a mini shoot :)

I saw some old friends too and we had fun gisting and catching up on life. Free, open, honest conversations, no judgement, it's nice to have friends you trust who support you. I can't wait to start travelling to play btw :)

If you didn't notice, this is my 200th post! I'm Grateful :) I remember writing the 100th one last year, how time flies.
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