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The "She Leads Africa" She Hive

Hi Guys, Happy Monday!!

Hope you enjoyed the Long weekend. Mine was fun and busy, I'll put the Weekend Gist post & vlog up at the end of the week but for now catch up on all the other Vlogs and Weekend Gist Posts.

So last week I was a part of She Leads Africa She Hive and it was a Great Investment. The picture below was taken by Mohini.

My church was having a Prayer conference every morning last week and the traffic in the last 7 days was TER-RI-BLE too so this meant I couldn't attend all the activities on the program or I arrived late on certain days. Here's a video of me playing at the vigil at my church on Friday.
So all the activities happened at a Co creation space called Crea8, which was launched the weekend before the She Hive began.
This cool art was done by Yvonne and she has been comissioned to decorate the walls at all the other Cafe Neo Branches. If you don't know about Cafe Neo, read my review of it here.
 On Monday Night, there was a Legal Session by Udo Udoma & Bello Osagie
The lady speaking became a Partner after 12 years. It was a very informative talk and we had one on one sessions with the lawyers who were knowledgeable about our respective industries.
A representative of Pal Pensions spoke to us on thinking long term about our money. I hope you get monthly alerts from your Pension fund Administrator. If you work a 9 to 5 and you don't get it, better talk to your HR or Finance person to avoid stories that touch.
If you're an Entrepreneur, start doing voluntary contribution. From the picture above, you can vaguely see how much you will accrue if you set aside a certain amount every month for a specific number of years.
 Cool Badges
  The Bag had a notebook and pen in it
 Some of the Female Entrepreneurs that were part of the She Hive

We had Wilson's everyday, Delicious.
 The few guys who  came made reasonable contributions
 Paint the Night Tuesday (@ptnafrica on Instagram)
 Mr Soji, a talented artist
 All the artwork you are about to see was created with a mixture of  these 6 colours.
 The Task was to draw a map of Africa with a face on it
 Gbemisola drawing the outline of the Map
 Barbara of Barbara & 1923

 Nanci & Miss Techy, Nancy came all the way from Abuja and her Partner, Laiza came from Aba

This is my painting, what do you think of it?
 My Final Masterpiece, I had to include a Sax somehow
 Afua Osei, She Leads Co-Founder
 Esther of Ayaoba Beauty
 Ore of Honey's Cupcakes
 Isioma of Brelunds
 Melody of Crochet and Wool
 Batya- I think she's sooo pretty and I love her contact lenses
 I really liked her artwork
 Done by Jumie Colada who is an illustrator. She managed to incorporate the She Leads Africa Theme into her art.
 The one on the right is by Afua, the Co Founder

One of the 6 Finalists, her company is called Insta Health & she is from Uganda. She pitched to potential Investors the Friday before the Final Showcase.
 Afua rounding up on the Final Day!

It was a Great Experience, I met some Amazing People, formed New friendships, learnt a lot about business, especially from the Legal Clinic by Udo Udoma & Bello Osagie.
I was encouraged, motivated & refreshed by Wilsons Lemonade

I didn't attend the Entrepreneur Showcase on Saturday but Berry did so you can read up about it here.

P.S. I'm going to be ministering at Glowreeyah's The Expression on the 11th of October, Save the Date!!

P.P.S. I didn't attend all the sessions so you can search the hashtag #SheHiveLagos, #SheLeadsAfrica and #MotherlandMogul on Twitter & Instagram for more pictures and information about the She Hive.



  1. Very nice photos you got! Yay to all your sax gigs!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Loved all the paintings, looked like you had quite a week...!

  3. Wow! I'd seen photos on instagram but this event truly does look nothing short of inspiring and amazing! I'm so proud of Nigerian women for creating such an innovative initiative, and hope it's supported enough to sustain itself for the forsee able future


    1. It was very inspiring and I'm glad initiatives like this are popping up.
      I have a pretty good feeling She Leads Africa is here to stay as they've got some very influential partners/sponsors and they have been featured on a number of international publications and international TV stations too. Plus, the founders are very passionate about the work they do and I'm sure the entrepreneurs they have helped and supported would ensure it stays supporting female entrepreneurs.

  4. You didn't upload Berry's painting. It was really beautiful. Nice seeing you at the SheHive.

    Words designed to Intimidate

    1. It was lovely seeing you too!! I didn't take any pictures of it sadly, but I loved the 2 face effect and hearts around it!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! Will look up more info about she leads africa...

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  6. Young women are truly doing big things in Africa.. no doubt about it.
    And it was awesome spotting two friends in this post - Nancy and Batya :)

    @Tuke I would have loved to see your painting lol. How good are you normally?

    1. They are o, No time to Dull!!
      Awww, your Keele girl and I remember Batya from our stories :)
      My painting is there na, the one with the Sax. I don't know how good I am mehn, my sister got more of the art & painting genes while I got the Music ones :D

  7. This is amazing! What a brilliant cause! Wishing all the ladies all the best in their endeavours

  8. This your painting is l'agbara o. But like I always personally say, "Art can never be bad. It can only be an expression".