Tuke's Quest: May 2014

My Birthday.June 1st.Over the Yearss

So I turn 22 tomorrow, not really sure how I feel about getting older. This year’s birthday is different as I haven’t celebrated my birthday in Nigeria in 5 years. I was reminiscing and decide to show you all a timeline of my birthday celebrations from 2008 till now.

June 1st 2008
The last time I had my birthday in Nigeria, it was on a Sunday and I turned 16. I didn’t have a big Party, 2 of my closest friends slept over the night before, we went to Church the next day (Excel at TBS) and my Dolphin girls came over during the day. My brother was new and I don’t remember any presents or anything but I do remember my Aunty saying Sweet 16, never been kissed. I kinda was a Tomboy at this point in my lifetime.
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Happy Democracy Day!!

So it's Democracy day today, whoohoo, public holiday and it's Berry Dakara's Birthday, Happy Birthday Berry!!! I've been on half term all week but I'm happy that my friends are free to chill. A friend of mine just said he’s bored and I don’t understand how that is possible as there are way too many events happening in the forthcoming days.

Fela Durotoye and Jimi Tewe are 2 people that I admire and respect. I first heard of Fela back in Secondary School when I read his inspiring book "17 secrets of High Flying Students". I would recommend this book to every student out there, it will ginger you in ways you cannot imagine and you can get ithere(Nigeria) or here (UK). I saw Jimi Tewe speak at the inaugural votive ball in December 2010. Both of them and a number of other inspirational speakers will be speaking.
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GOAL AUDIT: How far with your New Year Resolutions?

So at the beginning of the year I wrote down 10 Goals. I made the list of my goals my lock screen image for a while as a reminder but changed it after this photoshoot because I absolutely love the pictures Linguini took. My Wallpaper, Screensaver, BBM picture and Whatsapp picture are from this shoot, shows how much I Love them. If you haven’t got in touch with him yet, I don’t know what you are waiting for o! If you are shy, just holla at me and I’ll holla at him for you.

Anyways, back to my goals, I’m pretty pleased with the progress I’ve made so far and I’m excited for what is to come. I urge you to look back at your New Year Resolutions/Goals for the year and take the necessary steps to complete them.  Have a look at mine!
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What You Can Do This Weekend!!!

Thank God it's Friday!!!!
I am sooo Happy :)
My School's on Mid-Term
I'm going to Sleeeeep :D
And it's my Birthdayyy
In Niiine Days,
Yayyy Me!!!

I actually sang that while typing it up, i'm pretty excited for the days ahead!!

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Band Aid: Review and some Exciting News!!!

Hey Guys!

I talked about Band Aid in a previous post, it’s been showing all May and the last showings of the play are this Sunday the 25th of May at 3pm and 6pm. My friend, Demi, from here  is in it and there’s a girl in the play who plays sax. I was really looking forward to watching it and meeting her, haven’t met a female saxophonist in a really long time.

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Side Hustles and Give Away: Mak Nisy Bag

Hi Guys,
Guess what?
It’s National Small Business week, I know, slightly random, who knew such a week even existed. So in the spirit of small businesses this post is all about Side Hustles and there’s a little giveaway at the end.
Yayyy, exciting right?
Jullien Gordon who is a High Performance coach and consultant defines a side hustle as a business that allows you to use your unique gifts, talents, strengths and skills to create and capture value in the world through who you are and what you do. In simpler terms it is something other than your main job that brings in cash.
I've realized that in a city like Lagos, a side hustle is necessary. You can't just have one source of income, you need multiple streams. I'm a corper so I'm getting allowee (Monthly allowance) and the school I work at is paying me but that is not enough. My parents have recently made it clear to me that the pocket money I stopped receiving when NYSC started is gone for good. Thus I am thinking up new ways of making money, NYSC ends soon and being unemployed when NYSC is over is not on my plan.
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Sax Chronicles

Hi Guys

Sorry about the dearth of posts, my mum turned 50 on the 12th of May so my time has been spent planning the event and ensuring it's success. It went really well and I'm extremely grateful to God for her life. I'll probably do a post with pictures from that day later on. Now, to the matter at hand.

When I first moved back to Lagos, I struggled to find fellow musicians to play with. I knew Musicians but they practiced at inconvenient places and odd times. Now, I've found the perfect sax buddy and I’m really pleased.

We have a similar mentality and are at a pretty similar stage in our life. I met him in NYSC Camp as we are members of the NYSC Brigade Band. The world is really small, we have a number of mutual friends, it's really weird/cool.

Anyways he came to my house last weekend to practise for my mum's 50th and we ended up making some videos and finding a drummer that rehearses a few houses away from mine. It's quite exciting, the drummer we met is part of a band called amuntu and they've been playing for decades. I can't wait to learn from them!!

Here are 2 of the songs we messed about with. I know I look different, my afro puff is gone and the weave is here for my mum’s 50th. If you've got any songs you would like to hear us cover, do leave them in the comment box below.


Banky W- Yes/No
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Ankara Inspired

So one day I told my really good friend, Busayo of Linguini that o boy we gotta take pictures mehn. I needed them for some applications and I really didn't have any recent studio shot potraits. We set a date and I told an upcoming Mua, Bukola Popson, that I met at Live Your Dreams Africa to come for the shoot and do my face. 

He was supposed to pick me up at 3 but came much earlier at 1:30. I sha rushed and packed different outfits, accessories and shoes into a bag then we headed off to his friend, Dipo's studio in Yaba. The make up took about an hour and then the shoot started. Bukky had to rush off to church so I did the touch ups/addition of colour to the face.

It took about 3 hours, shouldn't have taken that long but I was sweating quite a bit because I was getting really excited. Thus had to stand in front of the fan or be fanned by Busayo with the reflector. The following set of pictures are from the last look.

Black and White Serene African with Ankara Headtie
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