Tuke's Quest: April 2016

Beetroot at the Palms Mall Lekki

Hey Guys,

So I was at the Palms a couple of weekends ago and I bumped into Ehime, the owner of Sweet Kiwi.

I met her at Live your dreams last year as she was a panelist. The next edition of Live Your Dreams is round the corner o! May 14th, Save the Date! Register Here!!!

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Workflow: School Girl Chic

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday

Hope you had a Great Weekend :)
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The Perfect Surprise from The Chocolate Fairy

Hey Guys,

I received the cutest package from the chocolate fairy last week.
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A Printastic Evening Dress

Hey Guys,

Long time No Style Post!!

I know you guys have missed them. With the help of the Cassie Daves Blog Planner, I plan to put up one style post a week, every Monday maybe, what do you think?
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Tuke's Trips: Mahjong house in Ningbo

Hey Guys,

This is the Third part in the series, isn't somebody on a roll, woohoo!

If you are new to series, catch up on the first and second parts before reading this.
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Restaurant Review: Villa Medici Lagos

Hey Guys, 

Hope your week is going well, The Blogversary giveaway is finally over, whoohoo! Massive Thanks to all the brands I worked with. Deliveries will be made to the winners by Circus Prime Logistics next week :)

Like I mentioned in a recent newsletter, I went to Villa Medici last week to celebrate my Parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary. If you don't get my newsletters, make sure you subscribe here so you don't miss out on important updates & sweet gist.
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Tuke's Trips: The China Series has begun

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a great weekend.

Mine was enlightening and filled with surprises. A surprise Bridal Shower, A surprise Send Off Party and I got a New & Better Smartphone as a surprise from my Dad. Someone gave it to him sometime last month and I was jubilating that it will mine but he said he wants it. I was looking through Kitchen Butterfly's Instagram page at 3am on Sunday morning and was impressed when she said she uses her phone for all her pictures. I was thinking to myself, choi, this is the same phone my dad has chilling in his cupboard. I fell asleep and got woken up by the phone, isn't that a Great Testimony :)

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Restaurant Review: Pizzeriah

Hey Guys.

So this post has been sitting in my drafts for wayyyy too long. I took these pictures way back in September when I was attending the She Hive.

It was one of those days that the traffic in VI was ridiculous, the only good thing about Fuel Scarcity is that the traffic during Peak times is reduced.
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Easter Holiday Weekend Gist: Lagos Underground with Keziah Jones & Nneka

Hey Guys, 

I can't wait to kick back the frequency of posts, I'm stretching myself a bit too thin so many things  I love to do are suffering, it's only for a season though, can't wait till the season is over.

So I attended a concert at the Omenka Gallery during easter weekend. I put a picture of my ticket stub on Instagram, check it out here.

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Tuke Morgan x This is Ess

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!

Happy New Quarter too!

Hope you've reviewed your goals for the year and started making intentional decisions to help you achieve them. The first quarter might have been the time where you tested the waters, now it is time to dive right in.

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