Tuke's Quest: April 2015

Tuke's Trips: Food in Orlando

I like food I really do, I had 7 pieces of Chicken for dinner tonight, it was my Dad's birthday yesterday so it's allowed. I tried skipping at some point today as my producer said it'll help with breath control.The most I could do without stopping was 13, poor right? That number will be different at the end of next month, I promise.

So Leeznijis commented on the previous post and said she wanted the food in Orlando post next. Sogie said she wanted the Disney one so that will go up on Thursday :)    

 I have soooo many food pictures on my laptop it's ridiculous, it's nice to see how my photography game has improved over the years. These pictures were taken in 2012, Thank God for Technology. The Bulk of them were taken at a Japanese restaurant called Kobe. Read about my experience at a Japanese restaurant in Lagos on the Fayrouz blog.
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Tuke's Trips: Orlando

Hey Guys!

I'm glad that some of you expressed interest in the "Tuke'sTrips" segment. It will be located in the Travel Section which can be found under the Categories Tab in the Side Bar. I'm trying to make the blog more organised and user friendly, hope you appreciate my efforts :)

So, what actually sparked the desire to start this was a conversation with my little brother last week. He turned 7 on the 22nd and we were going through old pictures on my laptop. We went into the Disney World File and I was so shocked that he remembered particular things we did on that day at Disney, he was only 4. 

I'm starting with a general post on Orlando and then I'll move on to the Disney one...Enjoy the Ride!

We arrived in Orlando and I was very tired as I had literally just gotten back from China. We stepped out of the airport and saw a Taxi with our Surname on it which was a very nice welcome to the States.
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Introducing Tuke's Trips

Hey Guys

I don't know if you know this but I enjoy travelling. I am privileged to have visited a few countries in my short lifetime and I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences. I actually bought my Nikon D3100 in June 2012 because I was travelling to China that Summer and I wanted to document my time there with good quality images. I didn't know much about photography at that time so I shot in auto for the most part. 

The summer of 2012 was a very interesting one as I went to 4 continents in a span of about 6 weeks. I was in school in England, I got a scholarship to visit my University's campus in China for a 2 week Summer School, I went to America with my family on holiday and then I came back to my country Nigeria for Summer job.

I took A LOT of pictures on these trips and I'm finally ready to share them on this platform.

Hope you enjoy this segment :)

P.S. One thing I've learnt in life is that if you show people what you are capable of doing, the kind of work you can produce, you would eventually be paid by someone who appreciates the service you willingly provided for free. Just keep doing you because you never know who is watching.

Like Bankole Williams says, God's greatest desire is for you to charge a fee doing that which you would usually do for free.

Happy Monday :)

Oh yeah, check out Abuja Chronicles I, II and III to get an idea of what these travel posts will be like.
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Protective Style: Crotchet Braids

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday!

What do you think of the new  layout? Have you explored the tabs at the top? I'm glad that I can now cross number 10 off my 2015 goals list :) I'm not sure that I need a Logo to be honest, let me know if you think otherwise.

I did something different to my hair last week, I put it in a protective style, Crotchet Braids. I got it done at home and the price wasn't too bad. Holla if you want details.
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Tuke Morgan x Desire 1709

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The Monochrome Way: Twinning with Jemma

Hey Guys

Happy Weekend!

Are y'all excited that it's Friday? I'm super stoked :)

My friend, Jemma, came in from Abuja earlier in the week. She was my coursemate in Uni and the first friend I ever made that is based in Abuja. Remember the Abuja Chronicles series 1, 2 and 3? All the pictures of me were taken by her and the pictures in the Adventures in Abuja post too. I had a swell time at her house when I went to Abuja to register for NYSC. 2015 Batch A corpers, your time is coming o!

When Jemma got to my house, she was wearing a nice white tee, a bodycon skirt and some cool white sandals so I decided to jack her style. The last time I did a post like this was in July last year when my cousin, Evita, came over. Check out the post here, funny thing is it was a Monochrome way post too :)
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What's in my Bag Tag

Hey Guys

So Ekene of the Kink and I tagged me to do this post a couple of weeks ago and I'm finally getting round to doing it. I'm not tagging any bloggers specifically but if you would like to do it, feel free to do it and then leave a comment with your blog link so I can check it out.
This is my go to bag which I rocked in this post
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S Cubed: Suya Sausage Sandwich

Hey Guys

How are you? Did you vote today or did you just rest? What was the situation like in your area? Mine was super peaceful. I find it interesting that not as many people came out for the gubernatorial elections, any idea why?

Remember how I said in this post that I've been making Sandwiches lately, well, the one I make the most has got to be the S cubed. In England, my favourite kind of Sausages were the Classic and Chicken frankfurters by Herta.

Now that I'm back to Lagos, I buy Chicken Franks produced by Companhia minuano de Alimentos (product of Brasil). They taste a bit different from the ones in England but they are more accessible as I can get a pack of 10 from my local supermarket for N350. (less than $2)
I get my buns from Audreys Cakes and Bakes, Best Bread Fullstop and it only costs N250 for 9 buns. Anyone who has had breakfast at my house can testify of the goodness of this bread.
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Thando's Shoes: Africa's First Foldable Ballerina Flats

Hey Guys

Remember how I said I went for my cousin's Wedding Thanksgiving in my previous post, well my wedding gift to them is this post so read and enjoy :)

I have loads of cousins, my Grandma on my dad's side had 44 brothers and sisters and my mum has a little over 10 siblings. I've been for 4 major family events in the past one week and I love the fact that I discover/meet new family members at these events. A lot of them are doing really interesting things and today the spotlight is on JG and Taffi who own Thando's shoes. 

You might have heard of them, they took part in the She Leads Africa Competition last year and were second runner up. 
Team Thandos in the house
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Weekend Recap, World Health Day and a Sandwich

Hey Guys

How are ya? Hope you enjoyed the Long weekend! How did you spend it?

Mine was very busy, yesterday was my day of rest. I only went to Savvy and Chic to get some Shea Butter Cups. I grabbed a copy of their Magazine too as there was a picture and little feature of me from the garden party. You can also see the letter I sent to them which was the winning entry for the 25K Mac Products giveaway :)

I went to RCCG Camp on Friday and I'm so glad I went, I was slightly upset when my dad said I had to go with him but in retrospect I'm glad he did. It was a great night, was able to give my CDs to a number of people that I really respect and admire :)

Saturday was the Gidi Culture Fest, you can see some of the pictures I took on the Fayrouz Blog.
Don't you just love Berry Dakara's glasses? I finally met her hubby Cakes, Yayy :)
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Fruit Basket

Hey Guys!

Happy New Month and Eku Election Result. I'm not really sure what the appropriate greeting is but everyone I spoke to today kept on saying Congratulations, it's time for change. A friend of a friend was privileged to  interview General Buhari earlier in the year so check it out here and hear what he had to say. She has an NGO called I am change which believes in empowering disenfranchised Nigerians and financially supporting youth growth and development so check that out too.

April has started out really nicely and I am excited for this quarter, it will be better than the previous one, check out my first quarter goal audit to see what's left to accomplish. My uncle turned 60 yesterday and it was a really great party, my extended family is pretty large so it was lovely seeing everyone. My cousins are Amazing people, they helped me sell CDs at the party :)

It was a great day for Trust to be honest, one of my family friend's picked up 10 cds at Laterna, my really close friend from Secondary school transferred money for 5 cd's even though she is a Muslim and one of my uncle's gave me money for 10 CD's even though he only wanted 2. I'm grateful for friends and family members that are supporting me on this Music Journey, they can never know how much it means to me but it means A LOT.

Enough talk, let's get down to my look for the day as this is a style post (Picture Overload). I wore a floral skirt which my friend, Harira, from this post, gave to me. A pink Top which my mum bought for me, I rocked it here but with Riding Pants. My Trusty KG Carvela Gold Heeled Sandals as seen here & here and a gorgeous Maroon clutch from Joellani Accesories (They have a stall at Mente de Moda on Sunday so check them out and tell them I sent you, they are giving out some of my CDs too so get there nice and early).
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