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Tuke's Trips: Food in Orlando

I like food I really do, I had 7 pieces of Chicken for dinner tonight, it was my Dad's birthday yesterday so it's allowed. I tried skipping at some point today as my producer said it'll help with breath control.The most I could do without stopping was 13, poor right? That number will be different at the end of next month, I promise.

So Leeznijis commented on the previous post and said she wanted the food in Orlando post next. Sogie said she wanted the Disney one so that will go up on Thursday :)    

 I have soooo many food pictures on my laptop it's ridiculous, it's nice to see how my photography game has improved over the years. These pictures were taken in 2012, Thank God for Technology. The Bulk of them were taken at a Japanese restaurant called Kobe. Read about my experience at a Japanese restaurant in Lagos on the Fayrouz blog.

So, it was my first time at a restaurant like Benihana in the UK, where food is cooked right in front of you. It's called a Teppanyaki dining experience.
Oil is put on the table
The Veg is cut up
Check out the fire in the background, we had no clue what was going to happen on our table
Our Chef was extremely skilled and very quick in the use of his utensils
Some more oil
Then BOOM...Fire!!!
It will calm down slowly
Giving us the impression that "that was it"
Before you could say, "I like Food"
More Fire
I wonder what would happen if we had a restaurant like this in Nigeria
I wonder why his mouth was open
And then there was smoke
I love this picture even though I've got a red eye. He was scared of the fire so ran out of the restaurant so fast. He only agreed to stay in the room if he was seated at another table.
Noodles and soy sauce
The Egg that was cooked earlier was mixed with the rice to create a delicious dish
Isn't the heart shape so cute?

Grilled chicken

End of my Kobe Experience
I clearly remember that the cinamon sticks and frosted brownies were yummy. Plus it was a buffet so we ate as much as we could :) It was from a place called Cici's Pizza and the buffet only cost $5, correct awoof!
I can't remember the name of this Mocktail but I know it was delicious
This dish and the drink above were gotten from Bahama Breeze (As seen here) I remember that I really liked the Naan
I Love the Illustration of the food pack, can you tell that Bahama Breeze was a very fun restaurant
How good does this look?
I remember it tasted heavenly, my mouth is watering. It's a Vanilla Bean Profiterole from Maggiano's Little Italy :)

If you ever go to Orlando, International Drive is the place to stay. There's a bus that takes people from one end of the drive to the next. There were sooo many restaurants on that long street and we didn't have enough to explore up to a quarter of them, nevertheless, it was a great experience. 


  1. Food!
    Enjoying Tuke's Trips so far.
    Your brother is so cute.
    Nigerian and Natural

  2. Yaaaaaay! Foooooooooood... those brownies and Vanilla Bean Profiterole are looking yum yum. Beautiful pictures. Bet ur brother would still remember that experience. U both look cute together safe in ur hands.

    1. Loool, I didn't know you liked food like this o, but they tasted as Yummy as they look.
      Yes he still remembers it o, I was pretty shocked that he could remember places he went three years ago.

  3. The veggies... yum. And that dessert lordamercy!

  4. There IS a restaurant with the hibachi grill in Lagos - Sakura.

    1. Thanks for the notification, I had read about it somewhere randomly but I didn't want to mention it until I had verified it.