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What's in my Bag Tag

Hey Guys

So Ekene of the Kink and I tagged me to do this post a couple of weeks ago and I'm finally getting round to doing it. I'm not tagging any bloggers specifically but if you would like to do it, feel free to do it and then leave a comment with your blog link so I can check it out.
This is my go to bag which I rocked in this post
Contents of my bag
I'll start from the Top left corner and move in a roundabout manner
1) Bottle of Water: This is necessary for life

2) Copies of my First Single "Trust" which is available on itunes, CD Baby and at Laterna Ventures: I always have this in my bag because you never know who you're going to bump into

3) A pack of orbit gum because nobody likes Bad Breath, Spearmint is my favourite flavour. During NYSC I used to buy my gum in Bulk from Shoprite in Surulere because it costs N150 there and N200 on the road. I was at shoprite in Lekki last week and the price has gone up to N180 which kinda sucks

4) A blue pen because you never know when you're going to have to give someone your autograph, lool, i Kid. Pen because of forms that need to be signed.

5) Power Bank because no one wants their battery to die

6) Portable Speaker 

7) Different earrings because my natural hair is out and earrings really change my face. My choice of earrings depends on my destination.

8) Paloma Tissue Pack because Lagos is hot and we sweat

9) Business Cards for networking (Remember my Printivo Experience)

10) Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss: It's got a really nice tingly feel

11) Revlon Moisture Stay Lip Colour in Crimson: Very deep red

12) Lip Balm from the Airplane: I couldn't find my Maybelline baby lips. Cherry is my favourite flavour

13) Mac Lipstick in So Chaud: It's such a beautiful Orange colour

14) Notebook : I have different notebooks depending on where I am going and what I am doing that day. I have one for music, one for advertising, different colours for different subjects

15) Michael Kors Wallet: I've had it for almost 2 years and I love it

16) Hair slides: I like to play around with different hairstyles. I typically always have bobby pins too

17) Tights which I use to do my Afro Puff

18) A Sax Reed because you can never have too many

19) USB Cord to go with the power bank 

20) My Phones: They were charging when I took this picture

What's in your Bag?


  1. Yay you did the tag! ^_^

  2. Your bag is quite full though. You carry that many lip products around? You are my kind of girl.
    You're doing a great job. Please keep it up.

    1. Yeah, it is, sometimes I don't have the speakers or notebook but I typically have everything else.
      Mehn, the lips are important o, I might just do a What's in my Make up Bag post, that will be fun to write.
      Thank you Desire, I appreciate your sweet words :D

  3. Paloma tissue ... Word! too needed in this Lagos abeg, Nice post

  4. Lool, and I usually have more in my car too. It is very important o, very very important!

  5. Yes! Someone else that carries a speaker around

  6. I'd say we are twinning on certain items. Lip products(the red i always say shows i put in an effort to look nice. LOL), Earrings, Water, Tissue ( i even add wet wipes, no thanks to my highly oily and sensitive face).

    Funny i didn't see sun shades in there!

    1. Niice, lool, I only have blotting paper in my bag when I have foundation on.
      I actually don't have a pair of shades that I love and I really don't wear them that often.

  7. oh dear! oh dear! how well I can relate! Nice post!