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Protective Styles: Brazilian Wool

Hey Guys,

How have you been?

August is almost over, this year is really flying.
So, loads of people have asked questions about the twists I had a couple of weeks ago.
The ones that were featured in this post and this post.

It's a little something called Brazilian wool.
I discovered it for the first time in February and only got a chance to get it done in June. One thing that drew me to it is that it looks like Marley/Havana twists but doesn't cost as much.
The small bundles cost N300 while the bigger ones (which haven't got the label) cost N450.
I used 35 strands per twist and 15 bundles which is wayyyy too much.
It was heavy, really really heavy. It was very long too and I found it hard to get it in a bun unlike the braids I did here.
I only kept it in for a week as it had already gotten pretty rough. My plan was to carry it for a month, while I was in London, but I had to loosen it because I can not go and suffer myself.
I put up a video which shows how the hair is used. I also talk about my experience rocking the hair too.
Have any of you done Brazilian Wool before? What was your experience like? How long did you carry it for?

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  1. But it's so pretty!!!
    Sigh. One should really not kill herself.
    If it's painful or inconvenient, the hairstyle is not for me!
    Thanks for the tip :)

    1. Look, I know right!
      It came out really cute in the pictures.
      One reason I wanted to try this style is because it sorta looks like Marley/Havana Twists. Now that brands have started making cheaper versions of marley/havana hair (I wasn't going to spend 15-20k on jane noir/femi hair extensions) i might just try one out (like the one you used) and do crotchet twists.
      I know it will take less time and won't be as heavy.
      You're welcome

  2. I run away from any hairstyle that needs wool!
    I really cannot kill myself
    The first time and second time I tried it, I took it out the next day. Lol
    Your twists look beautiful though!

    1. Lool, I've learnt my lesson o!
      You're even worse than me, Hehe :)
      Thank you :)

  3. It's nice and really suits you. Lol @you can't suffer yourself, I totally understand. In my own case, I wouldnt even be able to handle it

    1. Looool, Thank you jare, beauty doesn't need to be pain!

  4. Pretty pretty Tuke.. Sorry it didn't last longer.

  5. The hair is nice but heavy and painful? Nah mehn. Try crochet twists next time. Maybe I should try crochet myself.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Asin!
      And it got rough easily, probably cuz it was cut too big.
      Duffs trying crotchet twists next!
      Loads of cute affordable hair brands have popped up.

  6. This looks nice. When I had mine done, I had the stylist pre-twist the Brazilian wool and then crochet it onto my hair. Saved a whole lot of time and stress for me. I have really frizzy natural hair that pokes out of braids easily so crocheting helped with that problem. You should try it. From now on, no more sitting down for hours to braid, I'll just crochet it ;)

    1. Thank you, that would have definitely shortened the time taken to get it installed.
      I've only tried crotchet braids twice, it will most likely be my next hair style :)
      Thanks for the tips :)

  7. 35 strands per braid? Whaaattt? Too much but it sure does look beautiful tho! The half bun style rocks too. I think braids suits you so well. At least all the photos I have seen of you with braids are really beautiful. Just like the last comment said, my hair pokes out a lot with braids and since discovering crochet, that has been my regular hair style. But with cutting off my hair, it's back to braids cos I like to have leave outs with crochet and well twa isn't just possible for leave out!
    How are you?

    1. Yeah, definitely too much!!
      Awww, Thank you :)
      I'm good, how have you been?
      I rocked my Natural Hair for most of September and I might just do it in October too.
      My next protective style will most likely be crotchet braids, there will definitely be a post on it when I get it done :)

  8. oh my!the hair is soooo longgg!but it looks good on you.and the weight,maybe something not too long will work

    1. Yeah, it was really long.
      Thank you!
      If I ever do it again, I will definitely not make it as long or as thick.