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Crowne Plaza Hotel Edinburgh Review

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday!!!

Hope you had an Amazing Weekend.

Mine was fun, super busy, send forth party at Hard Rock Cafe on Friday and send forth surprise at Crust & Cream on Saturday for a friend who's moving out of the country. 
It was my friend's introduction on Saturday too and I tried my hands out at something I haven't done in a whiiiiile (praying for good news)
How was your weekend? Let me know what you got up to.
This post is a review of the hotel my family and I stayed at when we went to Edinburgh last month for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Ceremony. I posted about 16 pictures/videos on Instagram while there so check them out from here to here to understand what the Award Scheme entailed.
They had no suites available at the time of booking so we booked two interlocking single rooms. One with a queen sized bed and one with 2 single beds.
We were in awe when we got to the rooms as they were huge, grand, spacious and the single beds were actually almost double. We ended up sharing one room as it would have been a waste of money to have two.
We ate at the hotel on the first night.
My mum had Salmon which looked really pretty.
She wanted a spicy sauce to add to it but they had nothing spicy, not even Tabasco.
The veggies looked cute though and she really enjoyed the Salmon.
My dad had the Thai Green Curry.
Most curries don't have as many veggies as this so I thought it looked interesting.
My little Brother had Lasagne.
It didn't look as pretty as the one in this post but he seemed to enjoy it.
I got the Pizza which was delicious.
The bell peppers were super fresh and the ham was sooooo good!
Have any of you stayed at a Crowne Plaza Hotel before? 
What was your experience like? 
Have any of you been to Edinburgh before?
What do you think of Hotel Food?
Let me Know!!!


  1. Replies
    1. Awwww, it was good.
      We got complimentary breakfast too, Yum!

  2. The kind of food a hotel is offering...the popularity of hotel majorly depends on really plays a significant role to entice people towards it...Usually I have had a bad experience with service of hotels but the only thing which compel me to go there is their delicious food.

    Keep sharing! I would surely look forward!

  3. Thanks Marlyn, Thanks for the insight too!

  4. I haven't been there before but hopefully very soon for vacation.Really...... I hope this is not raw fruits plus mixed processed meal. Anyway, guess you have a nice time out there. What did you bring for me? Tuke

    1. Looool, no fruits in this post, just veg.
      I brought myself na, is that not enough, lool