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White Lace & Peach Gele

My traditional introduction is around the corner so I decided to have a test shoot with my photographer to understand the lighting in my house and so everything goes smoothly on the day.

One of my make up artist friends wanted to shoot so we ended up making magic with traditional Yoruba attire.
I wanted to collaborate with an Aso Oke vendor but she didn't have the colours I wanted available so I rummaged through my mum's Wardrobe and selected a number of Aso-Oke's that I could pair with existing lace in my cupboard.
I brought out loads of different colour combinations like Royal Blue & Light Blue, Wine & Champagne, White & Fuchsia, etc
The plan was that the White Lace & Coral Gele will be the first of 2/3 looks, however, one look was more than enough for us to understand how best to prepare for the actual intro.
Over the years, I have discovered that shoots don't always go as planned. You just need to make the most of the props, costume and environment.

My make up was done by Gift of Proteus Vanity.

The shoot was scheduled for 12 noon but she got to mine at 11:30am, major thumbs up to her for being super punctual.
The pictures were taken by main G, Shutterwave Photography.
He took the pictures in this post, this post, this post and this post too, isn't he so talented.
 The Coral's belong to my mum and the shoes are the same one I rocked in my latest style post here.
What do you think of the colour combination? Do you already know the sort of colour's you want to rock for your own wedding?


  1. You look beautiful and the pictures are so nice!


  2. This is Awesome!!! Congrats Adetuke.

  3. Aww Tuks is getting married!
    Really good idea to test the lighting before the day. I would never have thought of that.
    You look lovely, make up + photos + combo really nice.
    All the best with wedding prep!

  4. Congratulations Tuke. Lovely colour scheme.

  5. Love the colour combo Tuke! You looks so gorgeous, and congratulations on the upcoming wedding.

  6. Congrats girly. You look stunning!

  7. Okpa-Francis Gift ( Proteusvanity12 October 2017 at 13:34

    Thank you hunny, I had an amazing time having your makeover Done������ .God bless your new home

  8. You look so beautiful! Congratulations again Detuke :)

  9. You look amazing! I legit thought it was your actual introduction when I saw the pictures. The photographer is amazing! Congratulations !

  10. You look amazing ��

  11. Awww... you look so beautiful Tuke! And the colours suit you perfectly. Congratulations again baby girl ❤️

  12. Congratulations Tuke

  13. You look so beautiful Tuke, I love this colour combination so much! Congrats on your upcoming introduction! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

    1. Thanks Boo!
      It's a very stunning combination :) :*

  14. These pictures are so beautiful! can't believe it was just a test run. I pray all goes well on the the actual day xx

    1. They really are, Thanks Chinju :)
      My day went Great!

  15. I thought they were introduction pictures when I saw them initially.
    This is a beautiful combination that I wouldn't have thought of per se... But it's absolutely stunning, Tuke!!
    And the make-up is really beautiful,really.
    You'd be such a beautiful bride!!!
    Wishing you the very best in your plans!
    I think my colour would be be powder blue and silver, but we'll wait till then to see 😊

    1. Thank you Desire :)
      Really appreciate the sweet words!!
      Lool, time will tell, you just might change your mind.

  16. Love the colours!!!. Peach looks great on you