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About me


Welcome to my Blog :)

My name is Adetuke Morgan, I'm the first child of 3 and I'm popularly known as @TukeMorgan on my various social media platforms.

This Blog was created in February 2014 while I was completing the mandatory one year service in my country, Nigeria. It's commonly referred to as NYSC and you can read more about this youth scheme here.

Tuke's Quest documents my adventures and experiences in life on my journey of discovery. There are many phases to me and you can read more about them by exploring the different categories of posts on this blog. Also, check out my personal website www.tukemorgan.com for a general brand overview.

My 100th post provides a quick summary of my blog and highlights my favourite posts from the first 100.

This blog is my way of documenting my different stages in life so that when I become a great success, you'll be able to learn from my experiences, take note of the pivotal moments and realise that it wasn't a smooth ride. You'll see how I overcame the challenges and know that Rome wasn't built in a day.

This blog is my story, I'm on a quest, a journey to fulfill my purpose. I'm not exactly sure what it is but I do trust that with time it'll be revealed to me.

Happy Exploring!

Please note that Tuke Morgan holds copyright to the materials (images and words) published on this blog. If you would like to use any images, please email tukemorgan@gmail.com to ask for consent, otherwise legal action will be taken.



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beautifully written...

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Nicely put together!


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Great one, Keep on the good work.

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