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My 100th Post

Hey Guys!

This is my 100th post and it's pretty exciting. I wasn't even going to make this post special as I have a backlog of posts waiting to be edited and published. One of my lovely blog readers even sent me a DM on twitter that she can tell work's been keeping me busy as blog posts have been few and that's the truth. But, I'll choose quality over quantity any day and like I said I'm learning to prioritise.

So, I wasn't really sure if I could keep this blog up when I started as there were quite a few pitfalls at the beginning.My first blog post was on the 8th of February and my Second one wasn't until the 29th of March as I accidentally stepped on my laptop so the screen had to be repaired. I'm glad I have kept this blog up though, its been an interesting journey of discovery and I've met many wonderful people along the way.
I'm looking forward to more centenaryversaries (just made that up but it makes sense in my mind)
So, I never really explained the reason behind the name of this blog, my blog.
It's my way of documenting my different stages in life so that when I make it in life, when I become a great success, you'll be able to learn from my experiences, take note of the pivotal moments and realise that it wasn't a smooth ride. You'll see how I overcame the challenges and know that Rome wasn't built in a day.
This blog is my story, I'm on a quest, a journey to fulfil my purpose. I'm not sure what exactly it is but I do trust that with time it'll be revealed to me.
Oh yeah, my favourite posts from each month, starting with April as February and March had one post each

Good Music: Kaline-Ololufemi because the world needs to listen to her amazing music

I have four favourites, choi, hehe,
Ankara Inspired because these are my first ever studio shot pictures
Sax Chronicles because I will forever Love anything Sax related
Goal Audit Post because writing it caused me to reflect and make plans
Birthday, June 1st, over the years: I had too much fun putting it together, going through my picture and video library brought back some really good memories

Twenty Two, because I gotta be grateful for a new year
The Best Night of My Life because my life was touched that day
Maybelline: Maybe you'll win because I love freebies and I didn't expect to win so much
My Natural Hair Journey because there has been growth/progress
Black Beads, Lemon and Paisley because it was my first style-related post

Abuja Chronicles 1, 2 and 3 because I'm glad the pictures I took in Abuja came in useful as content for my blog. Plus the 3 posts tell you about my first time in my Nation's Capital
Spotlight on some things I've done because I like to keep track of my progress
We made Ice-Cream because it was my first time making Ice-cream and it was such a fun experiment
The Monochrome Way: Twinning with Evita because I jacked my cousin's style
The Monochrome Way: Feeling Spotty because I had a new hairstyle
Music: Food for the Soul because Music is food for the soul and the playlist of songs I compiled are great

From Day to Night: Denim and White because it was my first Day to Night Post
50th Post: The Liebster Award because it was the first Blog Award I received
Red and Yellow, Black and White because I showed you all my love for African Print and my lens was new and the pictures came out amazing
Day out with Gbemi: Ice-Cream makes so much sense because this blog reunited a primary school friendship
Prints make me happy because Ankara rocks
The Engagement: Burgundy Velvet & Champagne Lace because the sun was our perfect filter
NYSC Lagos Brigade Band because this was a very important part of my life at that point
Day out with T: Ikoyi Club & Scarlet Lodge because it was a very special day
What do you smell like because Body Shop rocks and the empty body butter tubs I had saved came in useful
The time I wore a fascinator because I felt posh that day and I had loads of fun

Pancake Party and Indomie too because food is great and it makes me happy
L'aviye Lookbook: Three ways I rock Kente accessories because I'm proud of the progress the L'aviye brand has made
Throwback Thursday: Oleku Obsession because old pictures come in useful (time spent taking pictures is never a waste)
My Printivo Experience because it signified the fact that I was becoming serious about personal branding
70th Post: Reader Surver and a Giveaway because it was my first survey
Flower Princess I because it was a fun collaboration and I Love all the pictures Linguini takes of me (I need to put up part 2 of this series btw)
Creative Collaboration: The Garment Factory & Aima's because it was a spontaneous shoot yet the results were Fabulous :)
The Kinky Apothecary x Tuke Morgan Shea Moisture Giveaway because it was a big moment to be approached by a brand I Love for a collaboration

Independence Day at Fun Factory because I Love my country
Workflow: Pinstripes because it was my first corporate style post (I really don't wear suits that often)
Change: The Hair Experiment because I tried something new and if things didn't go right I would have been hurt. Thank God they did though
Nothing Better than Free Makeup because I Love free makeup
NYSC Series I: Gold because Akinyemi blew me away (I've never met him, we've only spoken on the phone yet he took time out to write a heartfelt article for my friend and I)


  1. Congrats girl on your journey so far, I always look forward to reading your posts, i'm so excited for the future.

    1. Thank you Sogie :)
      I really do appreciate all your support!!

  2. Its nice to see the journey too... hopefully its gets better ..!

    1. Awww, Thank you Anne, I believe it will only get better. I had no clue you read my blog, I'm pleased :)