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Beauty Expo Haul

Hey Guys!

Happy New Month.

Make this November one to remember, the year is almost over, gotta make it count. This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while, hope you enjoy it.

Oh, by the way, did you guys notice something? The previous post was my 90th one and I hit 50,000 views over the weekend too. Thanks for reading and liking and commenting and sharing, I appreciate y'all, Mwaahhh!!

So I'm sure you heard about the Beauty Africa Exhibition which took place exactly 4 weeks ago, it was all over the blogosphere. I went on the second day which was dedicated to hair and I got there about 10 minutes before it ended for the day.

It was advertised that vendors would sell products at discounted prices so my first stop was the Zaron stand. I got 3 lip pencils at N708 each. I got an eye shadow/blending 2 in 1 brush for N1,000 and Black Opal Concealer in Truly Topaz for N1,500 from Kuddy Cosmetics. 

There were loads of freebies left even though the event had more or less ended for the day. Check out my Dark and Lovely Goodies, i'm really excited to try out the Cholesterol Conditioning Mask.
The guy spelt Tuke as Tuhe, need to work on my letter K

Red Vine on my lips
I really do like these Zaron lip pencils, stallion was on my lips in my previous post and Red Vine in the picture above, just pencil o, no lipstick. I got their cream to powder foundation last week and their gel liner in jazz, was tempted after reading a product review post on Chinazor's blog.

I've got a number of Zaron and Tara products and I love the fact that they are indigenous brands tailored to our climate and skin. I really want the gilly flower and red lip stain from BM pro by the way and I want to try out the Jordana lip pencils that Mide rocked here.

Do you guys patronise Nigerian Make up Brands?


  1. I love the Zaron lip pencil, I usually just use it alone. Love your outfit, really classy