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Workflow: Cobalt Co-ordinates

Hey Guys!

So, I wore this outfit to the Beauty Expo but decided to do a separate outfit of the day post so that when I do revamp my blog it'll be easy to categorise the posts. I was featured on my friend, Tolu's blog, it's called Cocophemie so check it out. She's hosting a giveaway too, so if you want to win some hot heels click here.

Now, this outfit was slightly inspired by Eki, The Chamaleon Blogger as seen here. I wore this jacket the last time I was in Abuja and the skirt has been featured on this blog before. I was actually on the phone to my friend Mosope when I was getting dressed and I was saying I don't know what to wear o, then voila, I discovered this skirt at the back of my cupboard and this outfit was made.

I think this outfit is Smart Casual so will be permissible at some organisations thus it's the second outfit in the workflow series :)

Cobalt Bow: Forever 21
Ankara Bow: Aima's
White Leotard: Forever 21
Necklace: New Look
Skirt: Forever 21
Black Pumps: Bershka
Cobalt Jacket: New Look (Same one from this post)

Just realised that I get a lot of stuff from Forever 21 :)

Photo Credit: Harira


  1. This outfit is so corporate chic. Love it.

  2. Blue looks good on you.My favourite colour.

    1. Awww, Thanks Fidelia. It is one of my favorite colours too :)

  3. I love the outfit sometimes i wonder why we cant have these clothing stores here or at least get to buy online and they deliver it here like Asos.


    1. Thanks Gracey.
      I wonder too o, if forever 21 was in Lagos, I know where most of my money would go.
      I saw one Forever 21 shop on Opebi road sha but I never went in sha so I don't know what kinda stuff they sell there.

  4. You are gorgeous :) spice alert

    1. Awww, Thank you Aramide.
      Your comment just made me super duper happy :)