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NYSC Series II: Attachments

Hey Guys!

I know you have been waiting to read about my camp experience, it's in the works. I didn't have an Iphone at that time so I need to scan all the hard copy pictures I have and upload them to my computer before I put the post up, long thing, but Imma do it soonish. Batch C has started camp in most states but most people I know got Lagos and they don't start camp till the 26th. By that time, my NYSC posts will be up, tips, experience, pictures, the whole she bang. Until then I've got this really interesting post for you. Oh yeah, if you haven't read the first part of the series, start here

Bimpe sent me an email saying she loves my blog and would love her article to be shared on it. I got really excited because it's nice to know my blog is read by people I haven't met personally. It makes me happy :D 

I read through her post and realised we had three mutual friends, small world and she found out about my blog through Niyi Sax on twitter. I'm pretty quiet on there but it's good to know that the little activity/noise I've made on there has had an impact. She has a tumblr page which y'all should check out and there's a little bio about her at the end too.

Enjoy :)

One hot, idle afternoon the day just after my NYSC ended, with so much excitement in me, I wanted to go throw my Khaki and boots away but… I just couldn’t do it. I tried so hard to get myself to do it, still, I couldn’t. See, I don’t like this Khaki, its ugly and too thick, it brings back some wrong memories of oppression and the boots are so difficult to wear, they hurt. Why on earth couldn't I throw the ugly thing away? This was what I asked myself one hot afternoon and then the word ‘attachment’ came to me.

  • It signifies working with the most creative bullies in the world aka the Staff at Style Mania Magazine

  • I’ve always been more of a hidden ‘attachment barbie’ kind of girl, it doesn’t show on the outside though, don’t mess with me, I’m a good actress and you can never still get me, ha!
    Anyways, its difficult for me to let people go, very difficult, at some point I even used to cry like a child when it comes to moving stages. I don’t understand why people cannot always be there.
    I’ve grown over time though, I’ve learnt to perfect the art of not getting too close but this ugly khaki made me think of something today, maybe being ‘attachment barbie’ isn't that bad, maybe this time instead of crying and making myself look like a fool to no one but myself, let me note the things that this ugly khaki aka the past one year of my life signifies and share it with you people that I love, (nothing cliché so read on)

    This Khaki to me doesn’t signify the nation, service and all that other jazz, naaaa

    Here they are, and this is not even all of them, I’m the tiny one in the middle squatting, oh and the tall lady is innocent, she’s not part of them, She’s Kemi Adetiba, a wonderful celeb I must add.
    • It signifies workless Mondays where I just get an excuse to sit with my really cool NYSC friends and talk about everything and nothing

    Here’s me with one of them, I don’t have pictures of the rest
    • It signifies 3 weeks of no cooking, hanging out with total strangers like Alhaji, using shared toilets and meeting people with names like iroko (a really cool person btw), having partners in crime like Elizabeth, tighter bonds that last till after with people you already knew and bullies like my Chinwe!!

    Chinwe is at the extreme right, she doesn’t look like a bully but she so is and I love her!
    • It signifies a time when I got my childhood wish of being a teacher so I could flog children come true (and I did flog them for just causes of course!)
    • It signifies a time when I got into a ‘friendshionship’ with someone who had a long distance girlfriend! (that was too bad of me and no one should try getting close to any of these type, other than the fact that you’re fooling yourself saying you’re just friends, Karma will catch you one day which is why I ran, lol!!!)
    • It signifies quality time spent with my girls aka my sisters Saida and Sewa, having sleepovers, bonding and fooling ourselves that we’re supermodels, having fun and earning money too! We’re too awesome abeg

    Here’s us!!!! These two girls are the bestest, for real!
    • It signifies getting stranded in front of access bank head office at 9pm with a spoilt car, non chalant driver who wasn't even bothered one bit.  In fact, I was happy sef cos I got to hang out with one of my reeeeeally smart and cool friends who I think is awesome and might also have a multiple personality disorder or more like order, I’m not yet sure, I’m working on a theory
    • It signifies the year I met Maureen!!!, my new and great friend that drove me from work for months till she abandoned me, she makes the most amazing drawings you’ve ever seen. I’m her manager, lol, in case you want to make some nice portraits, contact me!

    That’s Maureen, super artist, start booking now!
    • It signifies a time when I went shopping with Ibukun and Anita for weird stuff and weird spots and learning how to make a delicacy from Ibukun!


    Here’s Ibukun and me, the girl’s a keeper, she’s great, believe me
    • It signifies the year Ayoyinka started watching greys anatomy!!! Ayoyinka is a friend I love and thinks I’m secretly in love with someone but I’m hiding it (I’m not!), she’s also a bully, I seem to have lots of bullies right?
    • It signifies a time when one of my great friends got engaged!!!
    • It signifies a time one of my friends, one I love to pieces, lost love and a lot with it too. It also a time when she picked up the pieces and even though she doesn’t know it yet, has begun to hope again.
    • It signifies the time I started to love my sister more because she just got on a new level of awesome this year
    • It signifies a time that I learnt a valuable lesson and that is Love covers all the crappy faults you can ever think of in anyone (1st Corinthians 13) is not a joke, I just wish everyone learns this too
    • It signifies a time I got to know myself more, know God more, know my family and friends more and appreciate the people I love
    • Lastly, I can’t deny, the free N19,800 was a plus
    So you see why it’s hard to throw my khaki away? It’s easier now though and I have trashed it (it's too ugly please) because I’ve channeled my emotions to a better place and not to my pillow, lol, and so it’s easier to move on now, I have no idea what the next stage holds but I do know I have someone who does and he’s leading me so I’m happy and if you have him, don’t be scared, He’s got you, so you should be happy too.

    Yours faithfully,
    Attachment Barbie

    Bimpe's Bio
    I'm a very happy person that really loves my friends and loves laughing so much, its my knee jerk reaction to everything, I'm a graduate of economics from Covenant University, I want to study law soon too though, in about two years also after working for a bit, hopefully
    I work with Style Mania magazine now but I leave by the end of November,i'm pursuing other leads. It's fun there but its not what I want to do in the long run as there isn't much potential for growth, although I learnt a lot and met loads of beautiful people..
    I like having my time alone beccause I like to think, sometimes too much, and I have a jotter that contains tons of unwritten blog posts.
    I Loooove love stories and I listen to people's love stories and write them too on my tumblr.
    I love Hillsong United and Brooke Fraser and a ton of others but those are my best for now (I'll start guitar lessons soon, I also like singing), I love reading fiction, books by Kenneth E. Hagin and I love happy endings (I cant deal with sad ones)
    I'm uncomfortable and really quiet when I'm in an unorganised crowd even if they all are my friends, I don't know why, but when I get really comfortable I could even be a talkative (been working on that).
    I like black and fashion statements that speak for themselves without making so much noise, I have a very relaxed sense of fashion,
    I Love Maths too, a lot.
    I like so many things, I get confused sometimes
    I Love hanging out with my friends in relaxed environments like quiet restaurants too, and I think Grey's anatomy is the best thing that happened to television after desperate housewives.
    Follow me on Twitter : @Olabiimpe

    Okay, so the NYSC year signified a LOT of things to me, (Tuksy Bee) but I'm not ready to talk about it now (my story is coming soon, I promise!) Wondering what it signified to y'all my wonderful readers :)

    You can read Part one of the NYSC series here and other NYSC related posts here and here.



    1. my NYSC was a year ago, but I had such a mixed experience and I think I need to send in an article.

      1. Will be expecting it, tuke_morgan@hotmail.com

    2. NYSC year signified a weekday every week where I could just chill even if it's hanging out with friends or watching tv in my underwear(although I sometimes had to attend CDS earlier in the day before I could enjoy this luxury free time). It signified exploring teaching and meeting and befriending people I probably wouldn't think about saying hi to on a normal day because they weren't my regular sort of people. It signified being sure that come the end of the month, I would have money to pay for my BIS for sure without hounding my mum. It signified taking one day at a time, not thinking too much about the future(except towards the end of the service year when sh!t got real). It signified people shouting "corper shun" and "otondo" at me as I walked by. It signinfied random strangers paying for my bus fare. Most of all, it taught me patience and endurance and tolerance that I did not have before. Sorry for the epistle. P.s u are so mush prettier in person(I silently stalked u at NITC9)

      1. OMG, Reallyyyyy??!!!
        You should have said Hi :)
        There was a lot of security in the allawee, we were certain it would always come and it always did.
        Things are sooo real now though
        I miss being a corper and living a care free life

    3. I finally found Bimpe's post :)

      Loved it! And miss NYSC small too sha, I can't lie.

      1. LOL, I didn't even know you were looking for it!

        I miss it too!!