Tuke's Quest: August 2014

Guest Post: Decisions by Niyi Onikute (Niyi Sax)

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! Hope your weekend has been great, mine sure has and it ain't even over yet :) ;)

I was talking to my friend and Oga in the Saxophone Industry on Friday and he was telling me how his mum gave him her Ipad Mini and he's started writing/documenting his random thoughts. I said he should send me what he's written so far and I really enjoyed reading it. He's a Mr. Talented o and he can cook too *wink wink*. He's been featured on this blog before in picturesvideos and a mix of both in the NYSC post. Hope you enjoy reading it, remember feedback is very much appreciated.

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The time I wore a Fascinator

Hey Guys!!

Remember how I said I went to 5 cities in 8 days in this post. Well, I flew into London which was our base, the engagement was in Stevenage, wedding was in Peterborough, Reception was in Huntingdon and my cousin's bbq was in Ascot. I've been to over 20 cities in the UK which is why I can't go back there for my masters, there isn't much left to explore, I'll rather go to America or another European Country.

There wasn't really a dresscode but the colours for the engagement were Burgundy and Champagne so all the other members of my nuclear family wore champagne while I wore red. My mum and aunty suggested I wear a fascinator to glam up my dress, I actually enjoyed wearing it. 

My sister bought this dress for me last Christmas but I never wore it because my brother was sick on christmas day so we didn't go to church, we were at the hospital. It's my first item from Asos and it's a size 10, now I know I'm a size 8. The earrings and necklace belong to my mum, fascinator is my Aunty's own and she got it at BHS, shoes and clutch are from Peacocks.

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60th Post: The Sunflower Blogger Award!

Hey Guys!

Do you remember my Goal Audit post, one of my goals was for my blog to be nominated for certain awards and this is the second one it's been nominated for, Yayyy to Goals being achieved. The first one was the Liebster award and now this, maybe one of the Nigerian Blog Awards next, ayy?! It's better to dream big than small, innit!? Thank you Mide Coker for the nomination, check out her blog people, she is such a cool kid!

Before you continue, you should know I'm currently taking part in a Competition organised my Guaranty Trust Bank, it's on Instagram (@gtbank) and the 3 pictures with the most likes proceed to the next and final stage. I'm number 4 of at the moment which kinda sucks, please vote by liking the picture and get your friends to like it too, Thank you :) By the way, it's the jumpshot picture of me from the Prints make me happy post!

I actually finished editing this post on Wednesday and I was so pleased with myself, was really excited to put it up too. I Love it when I post everyday and in my mind, I was on a roll as my 61st post is fully ready, waiting to be shared. The thing I wrote didn't save and when I realised this, the motivation just disappeared and I was like till tomorrow y'all. Tomorrow was yesterday and I went for an Impromptu Pancake Party which was really fun. At the end of the day, I was too tired to even put on my laptop so you will be getting 2 posts today. I am such a Story woman though, did I really need to say all this, of course not, but it's my blog so I can do as I please. Yayyy to Freedom of Expression. Anyways, back to the award...

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What do you Smell Like?

Hello People!!

Happy Tuesday!!

I can't believe it's last week in August already, make it a good one, the months are really flying by o!

So over the weekend, I almost left my bottle of Perfume in a friend's car and the person was like leave it in the car na so I would be smelling like you. Then the person was like, I don't even know what you smell  like and I responded that I smell like Raspberries. Another friend hugged me this weekend and was like I know that scent, what perfume do you use? I said Calvin Klein and he guessed in2u. I never really started using perfume until this year to be honest, I got 3 bottles for my birthday, Thanks Friends!!

I love the smell of Jergens Cherry Almond Body Lotion. I used it for many years and switched to Body Shop Body Butters sometime in Uni. My friend, Tiwa, used the Satsuma one and it smelt sooo yummy. I only bought Body Butters when they were on sale for £5 though and I would always buy more than one (It's the Economist in me).

Before I moved back, I bought 5 tubs of them, all on sale. In order of preference, Raspberry > Papaya > Lemon > Passion Fruit > Pink Grapefruit. These 5 packs have more or less lasted for a whole year and I replenished my stock at the beginning of August. Moisturisers are super important, without them you will have Ashy skin and that ain't nice. Ashy feet are the worst, that's why I always have a pocket sized body lotion in my bag.
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Day out with T: Ikoyi Club and The Scarlet Lodge

Sometimes I get a blog itch, like I'm so eager to upload a post because I've seen something on someone's blog and I remember I have something similar in my drafts folder that I haven't finished editing so I rush over to edit it and then share it with y'all. Yeah, this is one of such posts and it's inspired by Mide's latest food post (Food is good o!)
How True is this quote!?
 So, we started off with Ikoyi Club Suya as an appetiser. I can't go to Ikoyi Club and not get Suya, like, that's just wrong. The Suya was DE-LI-CIOUS, very YU-MMI-CIOUS, so FAN-TAS-TIC, THA- BOMB-DI-GGI-DY. I'm sure you get my point that their Suya is Amazeballs and it's really cheap too, only N100 a stick. The chicken is too much, like, you might think I'm overhyping it but I'm not. If you have had their Chicken Suya before and you didn't like it, please a comment below and let's have a chat. 

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Guest Post - 7 Lessons Learnt at 21 by Ifeoma Halim

Hello People!

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend, I sure have. You'll find out about all the cool stuff I got up to soon enough :)

My friend, Ify Halim turned 22 yesterday. She is a fellow corper and the brain behind Our Stories Inc, remember them? The spotlight was on me over at Our Stories last month and you can read all about it here. Ify wrote this interesting article about 7 things she learnt during her 21st year on Earth.

Read and Enjoy!!

Hey Guys!

In case you don’t know me, my name is Theodora Ifeoma Ebitenye Ibiere Halim… but you can call me Ify for short. *big grin* Lol.

I’m the latest 22 year old on the block and wanted to share from what had to be the most intense year of my life (and life has barely even started yet o lol). In my mind, I’m writing to myself 365 days younger, a fresh young graduate who’s clueless about this thing called NYSC and anxious about the journey ahead as an independent woman in the mad jungle that is Lagos. Detuke was nice enough to let me post it on here and to her, I say thank youu. And to you my dear reader…. stick around and you just might learn a thing or two ;)
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NYSC Lagos Brigade Band

Good Morning Folks!!

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, who remembers this Rebecca Black Song?

I love Fridays and today is extra special because an article I wrote got published on my favourite website, Bella Naija. The comments so far have been 'interesting', we'll see how things go as the day unfolds.

This post is dedicated to my NYSC Brigade Band members. Our time is almost up, like I mentioned here and I have absolutely loved being a part of this Special Community Development Service group. My love for music and the saxophone has grown even stronger and I've learnt a lot hanging around every single one of my Band Members.

From making sure I was on the parade ground at 4:30 am to play the national and NYSC anthem to practising from 4pm to 7pm in camp everyday, discipline is necessary.

Remember how I said I wanted to put the NYSC band on the map in my goal audit post, this video shows a little bit of what we do. It is a video of the NYSC Lagos Brigade Band at the Closing ceremony of the Nigerian Special Olympics which held at unilag sports ground on the 13th of August 2014. We started with slow march and then proceeded to play sequence 1-6.

Lagos corper no dey carry last especially band members

#Band Corporation

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The Engagement: Burgundy Velvet & Champagne Lace

Hey Guys!!

This post is long overdue. Remember the time I went on a 2 week hiatus, no one even messaged/commented to say they missed me/asked why I disappeared, but it's all good, I missed you and I missed blogging too. Like I mentioned, I was doing a lot of travelling, my cousin got married and I visited 5 cities in 8 days. I've finally gotten round to sharing the Engagement pictures with you. 

A little history lesson: my dad's side of the family is pretty symmetrical. My Grandma had 4 children, each of her children had 3 children: 2 boys and a girl or 2 girls and a boy. So, there are a total of 12 Grandchildren, 6 boys and 6 girls. All but one grandchild were present at the first Morgan Wedding in our generation. I'm the second grand-daughter and Detola is the first. I've arranged the pictures in order of age. All the girls touched the camera at one point or the other this day so Photo Credits go to them. They think I'm vain sha but I disagree, I just like pictures, there is a difference y'all!

Detola, the wisest!
Evita, Remember her from the Monochrome post
Dolapo, my sister, a Certified Fronter, the others let me Peck them but she had to be different.
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Prints make me happy!

So I decided to do a seperate outfit post because the previous one was getting pretty long. I wore this on my day out with Gbemi, a few of the pictures were taken at Centro mall at Night and Gbemi caught a pretty cool Jump shot!

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Day out with Gbemi: Ice Cream Makes So Much Sense!

Hey Guys!

Happy Tuesday!

Do you know that facebook/Social Media is good?

I met up with one of my primary school friend's recently and we had such a Fun Day, we hadn't seen each other since she left primary 5 in 2001. Yup, 13 years, no be small thing o!
We were friends on facebook so she knew about my blog and asked me a few questions on google+ which led to a really nice conversation. We have quite a few things in common and I was pleasantly surprised when she messaged me saying she was in Nigeria for a few weeks.

I asked her where she had been to since she arrived from the UK and also asked her if there was anywhere she really wanted to visit. She said she had been to Coldstone, thought it was really nice and wanted to go to Sweet Kiwi. I'm not really a fan of Coldstone, Chocolat Royale and Ice Cream Factory are my favourite. She said she had never tried either so I suggested we go to all 3 as they are on the same road, Admiralty Way. We had this conversation on Sunday the 17th and the date was set for Monday the 18th. I picked her up and our first stop was Sweet Kiwi.

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Weekend Round Up!

Hi Guys!

So, this not knowing what career path I want to follow has really been causing me to worry. I stayed in on Friday night doing research and freaking out a little, to be honest. That’s why I haven’t posted in a while. Some people might say one week isn’t a while but when you have 16 posts in your draft folder, waiting to be edited and shared to the world, one week is definitely a while.

I’m supposed to be updating my CV and deciding where I want to apply. I spoke in an earlier post about the reasons why I didn’t want NYSC to end, well, there’s 2 months to go and I still don’t know what’s next. Diarris God sha! My friend and blogger, Feyi Adesanya, said worry is a wasted emotion and that I should trust that God will direct my path and present me with a perfect opportunity so I will know without a doubt that this is the next step I should take. Not just having faith in a passive way though, in an active way, because Faith without works is dead. Enough of the gloomy talk, on to better things.

Happy Monday People!

Hope you had a great weekend!

I had a pretty interesting one, I started make up classes last week, that’s why I woke up with so much enthusiasm in my last post. It’s a 2 week course at Doranne Beauty in Opebi, I will put pictures up when I’m done with the course so you can see the progress I’ve made.

I went for a Natural Hair event on Saturday, it was organized by Naija Naturals and it was such a classy event. Attendees had to register before hand as there was limited space for 30 people, we were all given goody bags, courtesy Loreal and Oma26, check out her blog, sociotectonic.

There was small chops and chapman which made me really happy as those are two of my favourite things, you would know if you’ve read this post. The powerpoint presentation was also printed out for us so we could make notes as the day went along, very helpful. As it was a small gathering, people really got to meet, greet and interact with each other which I loved. I finally met some of my blog friends, Mide Coker and Leez nijis. Plus, some of the attendees knew who I was from my instagram afro pictures, this got me really gassed.
I didn’t have my camera with me as it was being used at my beauty school, however, Mide took some amazing pictures and put them up that day, please she should get an award for the world’s fastest upload (I haven’t even put up pictures from my cousin’s wedding which happened 3 weeks ago).
Photo Credit: Mide Coker
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Red and Yellow, Black and White

Good Morning Readers!

Happy Monday!

I'm really excited for the week ahead, woke up this morning with sooo much enthusiasm and decided to put this post up before I headed out.

I wore this over the weekend to RCCG Camp. I really Love this Ankara print, someone gave my mum for her 50th and she lovingly blessed me with it, Thanks mummy :)

The colours of my outfit are the same as the colours mentioned in the song, Jesus Loves the little children. I got super excited when I realised this. I watched this Cedarmont kids video a lot when I was a child. I really wanted to be in one of their videos or a Barney one, but that never happened, Oh Well!

So in my previous outfit post, I mentioned how I was struggling to get my box braids in a bun. Berry Dakara commented and said she could do it without looking in a mirror. This challenged me to learn so I practised, in front of a mirror though and I don't think it came out too badly.

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50th Post:The Liebster Award!!!

Hey Guys!!

I'm currently at the Redemption Camp for the Holy Ghost Convention and signal here is terrible because there are sooo many people so the masts are working over capacity. My airtel sim finally started working and I'm using the personal hotspot for my laptop, it's pretty quick too. My sister is saying it's too good to be true because it's moving so quickly, I guess our prayers were answered. Life without internet is not the one, Thank God for 3G!!

So Tuke's Quest was given the Liebster Award by 2 bloggers in the past few weeks. Thank you Bolaji and Elizabeth!! I feel quite honoured as I always saw the award on other blogs before I started mine and it was something I aspired to get one day. This is my 50th post too so I think it's pretty befitting, plus it's been 6 months since my first post, Yayyy to Progress and over 15,000 views!!

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From Day to Night: Denim and White!!

Hey guys!

Happy New Month!!  

I apologise for the unannounced 2 week hiatus. I have been doing a lot of travelling, my cousin got married and I visited 5 cities in the UK in 8 days. Loads and loads of pictures/posts to come, not even sure where to start from. I'll make this welcome back post short and sweet. I wore this to my cousins house in Ascot for a leaving BBQ they had.  

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