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From Day to Night: Denim and White!!

Hey guys!

Happy New Month!!  

I apologise for the unannounced 2 week hiatus. I have been doing a lot of travelling, my cousin got married and I visited 5 cities in the UK in 8 days. Loads and loads of pictures/posts to come, not even sure where to start from. I'll make this welcome back post short and sweet. I wore this to my cousins house in Ascot for a leaving BBQ they had.  

My sister asked me where I got my clothes from and was like we get our clothes from totally different shops. 

I get a lot of stuff from H and M, Bershka, Forever 21 and Matalan. I buy different things from different places depending on what it is I want. I don't discriminate when it comes to shops, I do a lot of mixing and don't often wear outfits with each item bought from the same shop.

On the other hand, my sister likes American apparel, Zara, pull and bear, urban outfitters, Topshop, and a lot of retro and hippie stuff. Our style is completely different even though we came from the same womb. I like the fact that we are our own person, unique and one in a million. 

Oh, by the way, I could have probably switched my hair into a bun for the night look but I have trouble getting my bun to look perfect. This half packed, half down style is my go-to, everyday look when I have braids on.

It's good to be back Smiling face with smiling eyes 

Most of my younger cousins are taller than me and the ones that aren't are still growing, choi!! I love my height sha, not complaining but it's just odd that the tiny tots are all grown up. When my little brother becomes taller than me then I will know that agba tin de (I am getting old).

Top: New Look
Jeans: Bershka 
Tan Sandals: Bershka
Tan Bag: Catalan
Nude Clutch:Peacocks
Nude Heels: Peacocks


  1. Ooh, I can teach you how to make a bun! I do it without even looking in the mirror!

    1. omg, yes please!! I find it wayy easier to style my hair when it's in its natural state than when I've got braids. When and where shall this teaching be done?

  2. with the heels you look super cute!!.

  3. Happy New month! Ohh wow that's some traveling right there. On that fine note, that kebab looks take-away. I think that sibling thing, most people go through. I saw my brother last week after 5 years , younger sibling, I was looking up the entire time. I was like, okay I'm gonna put on my lifters(heels), I cannot do this! ( I kent)

    I completely agree, I do a lot of mixing from stores especially thrifts , you will be amazed at the finds there are :))

    Tukes! I see a new lens :p I look forward to getting my soon , I love pretty photos

    Your braids look so good too. I noticed, yes ;)


    1. Same to you! Yes oo, a lot of travelling but it's all good, I like discovering new places.The kebab was yummy, took soo many food pictures, might dedicate a whole post to the amazingness of food, hehe :)

      Woowww, 5 years is such a long time, why the long break?

      I've actually never bought anything from a thrift/charity store, need to try them out, loads of people find designer goodies at bargain prices.

      Yes oo, the lens makes such a huge difference in the quality of pictures, can't wait to share all the amazing pictures I've been taking :)

      Aww, this comment brought joy to my life.

      Thank you :)

      Looking forward to seeing your pretty pictures too :D

  4. You and this your leg poses sha.Lol.

    Meanwhile, I want that bag. Thanks.

    1. Lool, special legs mehn!! If you're talking about the brown satchel then you are in luck. I bought the same bag in April but the lock on it came off and I never got round to fixing it. When I saw it on sale last week, over 50% off, I sharply bought myself another one so yeah you can have one of them! :)

  5. The chicken. love it. love your outfit too and the quality of the pictures...amazing.

    1. Thank you Estee!! I've taken sooo many pictures since I got it, loads of pictures to come :)

  6. You look really pretty. Tuke where is my chicken?
    Love the bag

    1. Thank you Sogie 😊 it's all finished now, Sowiii, hehe