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Red and Yellow, Black and White

Good Morning Readers!

Happy Monday!

I'm really excited for the week ahead, woke up this morning with sooo much enthusiasm and decided to put this post up before I headed out.

I wore this over the weekend to RCCG Camp. I really Love this Ankara print, someone gave my mum for her 50th and she lovingly blessed me with it, Thanks mummy :)

The colours of my outfit are the same as the colours mentioned in the song, Jesus Loves the little children. I got super excited when I realised this. I watched this Cedarmont kids video a lot when I was a child. I really wanted to be in one of their videos or a Barney one, but that never happened, Oh Well!

So in my previous outfit post, I mentioned how I was struggling to get my box braids in a bun. Berry Dakara commented and said she could do it without looking in a mirror. This challenged me to learn so I practised, in front of a mirror though and I don't think it came out too badly.

Which look do you prefer? Hair up or Hair Down?

Outfit Details
White Tee: Primark
Skirt and Bow: Made by Eniola, mentioned him in this post
Contact Details: 07089032799
Wristwatch: Michael Kors
Bangles and Earrings: Peacocks
Shoes: Bershka
Photo Credits: My little cousin, Ife
Thanks Cuz!!


  1. I love both looks! But if I had to choose hair up.... because of the bow lol

  2. Love your hair down and the skirt very beautiful.
    Es x x

  3. You looked really beautiful. I'll go with hair up as well, love the bow.
    By the way, the picture quality is excellent.

    1. Thank you Tomi :) the bow does make a difference, will definitely incorporate it into other looks :D

  4. Hey Tuke,
    Im glad you got the 50mm
    Your pictures are alot cooler now
    I especially love the ones where you are sitting in the grass.
    Also, thank you for the flower crown, I was sk excited when I saw the comment. Maybe you could give it to Uche Ani for me

  5. Thanks Mide, I appreciate the recommendation! Hehe, sure thing! I'll look out for her on Sunday!

  6. Yay, you did good! And you look very lovely!

  7. Lurrrrrrrrve all the photos!!!!!! This is where I envy naija residence. Being able to get local tailors at great steal prices. Here? That skirt would cost about 10grand and I'm too much of a cheapskate( but hey, we call it thrifty!!) Something cute about white tees with anything Ankara!!! Lovely pics Tuke. I was pretty excited when I learned to bun my braids!!! Gorgeousness doesn't like the bun(he's all for let it down) but I'm a huge fan of buns and would bun anything bun-able!!!! Hehe

    1. Thank you :) I never actually tried a tailor when I was in the Uk, i made everything in NIgeria but I do recall a friend saying they were really expensive.
      Yeah, white tees are great, they sorta brighten up the look, hehe
      Loool, Bun anything Bunable, Love it!

  8. Love the bun, for a first timer girl that's good. Love the outfit

  9. nice pics. wot camera do u use tuke?

    1. Hey Fola, just seeing this comment, sorry for the late reply. I use a Nikon D3100 and a 50mm lens :)