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Day out with Gbemi: Ice Cream Makes So Much Sense!

Hey Guys!

Happy Tuesday!

Do you know that facebook/Social Media is good?

I met up with one of my primary school friend's recently and we had such a Fun Day, we hadn't seen each other since she left primary 5 in 2001. Yup, 13 years, no be small thing o!
We were friends on facebook so she knew about my blog and asked me a few questions on google+ which led to a really nice conversation. We have quite a few things in common and I was pleasantly surprised when she messaged me saying she was in Nigeria for a few weeks.

I asked her where she had been to since she arrived from the UK and also asked her if there was anywhere she really wanted to visit. She said she had been to Coldstone, thought it was really nice and wanted to go to Sweet Kiwi. I'm not really a fan of Coldstone, Chocolat Royale and Ice Cream Factory are my favourite. She said she had never tried either so I suggested we go to all 3 as they are on the same road, Admiralty Way. We had this conversation on Sunday the 17th and the date was set for Monday the 18th. I picked her up and our first stop was Sweet Kiwi.

I've only been there twice before, the first time for froyo and the second time to pick up my ticket for the Stage Play, For Coloured Girls, I won a free ticket through instagram and I wrote about it here. The first time I went there my froyo cost over N1,500 which I thought was kinda pricey but now I know how to work it, this time it cost me N570 and Gbemi's was N580.

I tried out a few flavours before I decided which one I wanted. I finally settled on a mix of Blue Raspberry, Blood Orange and Tangerine (Yummy!!) My choice of toppings was Frooty Loops, Delicious!!

Gbemisola had Blue Raspberry, Original Tart and Peach with Oreo, Cashew Nut and Granola bits as her topping.
Sooo many toppings to choose from

Healthy Options too!!

Chocolate, Coffee, Kiwi or Honey, if you please.

The guy behind the counter asked why I dey take all these pictures, I said for my blog, u wan make I take a picture of you, he agreed, nice chap. He said my serving was too small, he had no clue that Sweet Kiwi was my first stop of many for that night. Sisi Yemmie has a picture of him too, her review is pretty in-depth so check it out.

The guy at the gate said I should snap him and I did, he's got a nice smile and is a pretty interesting poser.

The next stop was Ice Cream Factory, Gbemi loves Chinese, so we went to Ying Yang first (they are both in the same building), the lighting there isn't the greatest so my pictures ain't got that Wow Factor, hehe. I had Fried Rice with Honey Garlic Chicken. She had Special Fried Rice, Ribs and Shredded Beef in Green Pepper Sauce. We also had Chicken spring rolls which were nice but had a bit too much Veg. My fave spring roll is from Tawa in NYSC Camp, Iyana Ipaja, her Small Chops and Chapman = The Best Combination and it only cost N500 for both, Shalla to Tawa!! New corpers, her number is 08172931296, tell her I sent you, you won't regret it.

With Flash
Without Flash
Okay, so back to the topic at hand, we went down to ICF for Ice Cream but the tasters weren't really hitting the spot. All my usual flavours felt too creamy like they overdid the milk. In total, we both tried out at least 10 flavours, I hope they don't hate us, there wasn't a queue there so no customers gave us bad eye. The white chocolate just tasted like milk, the brownie one was too creamy, not enough brownie, the caramel fudge cookie was also too creamy so we just ex'd and  headed to Chocolate royale at Centro Mall. Plus they didn't have my favourite flavour, Hokey Pokey! I think I prefer their Waffle Cone to Chocolat Royale sha!

Now, Chocolate Royale is my zone, my place, I love that place A LOT, and I have loved it since I was a child, Brownies, Glazed Doughnuts, Muffins, Cigarettes and Ice-Cream, them too much. I remember one time when I was still in A-Levels, I went to the one at The Palms with my cousin and that holiday I sha always got free stuff. My words worked wonders and not only did I get free Ice-Cream, the oyibo guy now offered me a job, but I was still a student, oh well!

Now, back to the story at hand, I tend to digress quite a bit. We got there and I already knew what I wanted, 2 scoops and a Waffle Cone. I tend to have a chocalety one at the bottom because it blends better with the waffley flavour of  the cone and then a sorbet flavour on top,there is a method to my ice-cream madness. My choice for the day was Kiwi on top and Hazelnut at the bottom, a combo toh BEHD!!!! Other flavours I love from chocolate royale are Apple, Coca Cola, Black Currant, Lemon, White Chocolate, nom nom nom, I'm actually smiling as I type this up, Food makes me really happy. Even their madagascan vanilla is really good, remember the ice-cream I made, e never reach Chocolat Royale's level and that's a fact. Gbemisola had one scoop of Chocolate Chip in a Waffle Cone which had been dipped in Chocolate and has sprinkles on the side.

I'm very adventurous when it comes to flavours, I like to experiment and mix and match. I have cousins who always get Stracciatella and I really don't understand why, they are so predictable when it comes to ice-cream. The VI branch has a much wider variety than the Lekki one and the prices are pretty reasonable too, N300 per scoop and an additional N150 for a waffle cone. If you ever want to treat/surprise me/make me happy/get me in your good books just take me to Chocolat royale, Easy Peesy Japanesy.

Thank God I don't live in Lekki, a lot of my money would just be spent on food/dessert

Random Gist:  On my way to Opebi today, my cousin and I were listening to Rhythm 93.7, it was some sort of game show and they were giving out 9 cinema tickets. My cousin and I could answer most of the questions that were asked so we decided to call in. I was a bit too excited when they picked up as it was my first time ever calling a radio station. I got even more excited when we answered 2 questions correctly and were told we won 2 tickets, Yayyy Us!!  Shalla to 93.7, the Rhythm mehn!!

Tuke and Gbemi after a scrumptious day

Oh, yeah, Verdict
In first place, Chocolat Royale and Sweet Kiwi are tied.
Ice-Cream Factory comes second.

I love the fact that Sweet Kiwi is self serve, you know your fro yo is fresh and you determine how much you want. I've been to some Ice-Cream joints and the Ice-Cream is so hard you wonder how many months it's been sitting in the freezer for.

If you know any other great ice cream/dessert joints, do let me know, I like a wide variety of flavours!



  1. Need to visit this Sweet Kiwi sometime.

  2. Typical Nigeria to charge extra for cone ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sure it's a good price but upsetting. I remember a friend in portharcourt complaining about a restaurant she went to that charged extra for garri/pounded yam and my question was when you order for say afang soup, are you expected to just pick a fork and be done? Garri isn't part of the meal? Haba.
    Dude sure has a great smile....a budding model that one!!!!
    I should get my photography skills on. You take quite good hating on you right now.

    1. Lool, they gotta make their money somehow, the N300 scoop comes with a normal basic cone but I Love the waffle ones.
      The behaviour of that restaurant in Port Harcourt is a bit ridiculous to be honest!
      Yes o, a model in the making :)
      Awww, Thank you :D :D

    2. are you not supposed to pay for your pounded yam/garri and beef/chicken then get your soup/stew free.
      that's how it works in most restaurant i go to.
      except you are ordering for all these orishirishi soups.

    3. I thought it worked the other way round. Well, that's how it works at Yellow Chilli, you order your soup and get to choose and accompaniment like Pounded Yam, Semo, Amala, Eba or rice. I guess different restaurants have their own style!!

  3. Ive never been to chocolat royale...
    this your review has gotten them a new customer.
    sweet Kiwi has always been on my go-tos list.

    1. Yayyy, Try it out and let me know what you think!!!!

  4. I love love sweet kiwi!
    Now you have to explain how you work your servings in that medium cup and pay below 600!
    Their attendants are always very nice & helpful
    New blog reader here!

    1. Yup, they are the bomb and I agree, the staff are very pleasant compared to many other places in Lagos.
      Well, one tip is that I taste all the flavours before I choose and that reduces my consumption capacity significantly .
      Awww, I'm glad you discovered my blog, you've left me such wonderful comments :) do you have a blog?

  5. Glad i did as well, such a breath of fresh air. I do have a blog albeit abandoned (I haven't blogged in over a year). You can check it out though

    1. Thank you Abby :) Running over to check it out!! You should revive it o!

  6. Adetuke!! I've finally found my claim to fame.... well famzing in this case. Gbemi, her younger sister and I went to the same secondary school!! :) Would you look at that? Lol!
    I discovered your blog tonight and I usually don't leave comments but this is worthy of one. It's super exciting to know we have a (maybe more sef) mutual friend. Anyhoo let me resume snooping through your blog. ;)

    P.s Check out my YouTube channel.


    1. Loool, it's not famzing Jo, it's networking, hehe, small world.
      Awww, Thanks for leaving a comment, they make me really happy :)
      I'll definitely check your youtube page out!
      Happy Snooping :D

  7. Hey Detuke !! so after reading this post, I dragged my friend to sweet kiwi and it was amazing!!! He hasn't stopped talking about it. Next stop... Orela.. Keep it going. To think i have lived in Lagos all my life and never gone out because i just tag some places "too expensive" and you're making me appreciate all the things I've missed out on. Thanks a lot!! Keep it up!

    1. Awww, WOW, That makes me really happy!!
      Glad I helped you make the right choice :)
      Many places aren't as expensive as they seem, all na packaging, hehe
      Thank you Ibukun, I will :)

  8. Sweet Kiwi is AMAZE-BALLS!!! aka AMAZING lool. My experience at sweet kiwi was quite pleasant .. Ive been eyeing Ying Yang, their food is so affordable , gosh, im such a foodie lool.

    Heads up, I've fallen in love with your blog

    Check out review on sweet kiwi on

    1. LOL, it is pretty delicious and ying yang is very affordable for what they offer.

      Awww, Yayyy!! I'm glad :) will definitely check it out!

  9. Lovely post. There's nothing like reunions and yummy treats. I also visited Ice-cream factory too and I agree with your verdict. Sweet Kiwi comes first, lol. Didn't try Yingyang, but I'm hoping to try more Chinese this year, so I may just go there. Keep visiting nice places and sharing dear. Hopefully we'll do a collabo soon. Cheers :)

    1. Awww, Thanks for checking out my blog. I love the fact that you love to travel, left some comments on your IG page sef. I should probably subscribe to your blog so I know when next you're planning a trip. Yes o, Collabo Collabo!