Tuke's Quest: November 2014

Feeling Peachy

Hey Guys!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a bit of a throwback post, maybe because I'm missing my fro too. These pictures were taken on the 31st of August, about 3 months ago. I wore this to church and got my cousin to take pictures when we got home as I was feeling like a ballerina. The pastel colours made me feel super girly, hehe.

The skirt is super old and it's from Primark. My fellow blogger, diary of a fashion enthusiast has rocked it here and here. The top is my trusty old leotard as seen in this post and this too. Flats are from Bershka as seen here and here & the necklace is from Forever 21.

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My Kampke Experience

Hey Guys!

So, I don't know about you but I've got big feet, especially considering the fact that I'm 5ft4. I'm a UK size 7, 7.5 or 8 depending on the store. I got an email from kampke 2 weeks ago asking me to join their fashion affiliate program, I gladly agreed. However, the thing is I'm trying not to buy any more clothes this year but I am allowed to buy shoes as I need some. I don't own any open toed sandals but Imma get some soon.

So, I ordered 3 pairs of shoes at about 11am last week Friday: Zara T-Bar Sandals, Zara Court Shoes and then some Rax Max Ballerina Flats. I got a call almost immediately confirming my order and I got the shoes before 6 that day. The dispatch guy went to my house first but I was still at work so he brought them to my office. I tried them on, the flats were too big and so were the Zara T-Bar Sandals but the Zara Court Heels fit perfectly.
I stressed him sha but he's still smiling
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NYSC Series III: My Camp Experience Day 1

So, a lot of my friend's have been posted to Lagos Camp and their journey as an Eko Kopa begins tomorrow. I'm pretty excited for them, I know they'll have a blast as long as they embrace the experience. I started a group on facebook before NYSC started where I shared tips on surviving camp and stuff we needed to get, in terms of camp prep. Plus people made friends with other people posted to their state before they got to camp. It was a closed group before (quality control reasons), so I had to accept people or they had to be invited by a member of the group, I've made it public now so anyone can read the posts.

Okay, so while in camp I wrote down notes about each day on my phone. I had a bb torch at that time (I still have it but I have my Iphone as an add-on) and I didn't take my camera with me so sadly, I haven't got many pictures to share. Try and visualise as you read sha.

Day 1

So, the first day of Camp has been rather interesting, got to the venue at about 10 O'clock. Was accosted by people selling buckets, soap boxes, ID Card holders and people offering to take passport photographs at the gate.
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Naturals in the City 9 x M & F Designs

Hey y'all

So I split my weekend post into 2 because  it makes categorisation and organisation easier & there are a lot of pictures too. I put up a post on Instagram about Naturals in the City 9. I went for the 8th edition and blogged about it here. If you read my recount of the 8th edition, you would realise I was still new to blogging then and I was kinda shy too. Now, I've been for more blogger related events so I'm not as shy when people recognise me and I'm a bit more comfortable with the socialising.

I went there with a number of my friends, some of my closest friends from Secondary School and one of my blogger friends, who won one of my old giveaway's and was my plus 1 for the Savvy and Chic floral party. Her name is Dami, she blogs here and you'll see a picture of her soon.

So, we got there pretty late, at about 4, the event was billed to start at 1:30, but I had other commitments first, like the Family Fun Day. There were stalls in the gallery of the social place, didn't even take any pictures there, sorry. Alice did though, check out her blog, you might just spot me there *wink*, Sisi Yemmie took some pictures too. African Naturalistas, Olori, Midas Naturals and many other hair vendors were there. Shout out to Olori for gifting me a sample of their deep conditioning treatment. I can't wait to try it out, I've heard so many good things about it. Expect a review once my weave is off.

The talks were happening in another room. I got in at the end of the last talk by Adura and people were asking loads of questions. The giveaway was held too, the prizes weren't as plentiful as the ones from the NITC 8. I think I preferred NITC 8 as an event, probably because it was the first Natural Hair event I went to so I learnt a lot and I missed most of the talks at this one.

Plus I had other things I had to get done at this event. Do you remember my friend Bunmi, from this review, Well she blogs here, is a twin and I've known them since 2002, 14 years. They launched their business yesterday and I took pictures of the designs. Mosope took the pictures that I am not in.

Lamide and Zainab Balogun of the Spot were at NITC9 too but I didn't feel the need to famz with them/say hi. If I bumped into them last year, I would have been such a groupie, but that's life I guess, you grow and little things don't faze you anymore.

Sandra of Naija Girl Next Door
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My 100th Post

Hey Guys!

This is my 100th post and it's pretty exciting. I wasn't even going to make this post special as I have a backlog of posts waiting to be edited and published. One of my lovely blog readers even sent me a DM on twitter that she can tell work's been keeping me busy as blog posts have been few and that's the truth. But, I'll choose quality over quantity any day and like I said I'm learning to prioritise.

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Family Fun Day

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a good weekend.

Well, I did, my Saturday was very busy. My church organised a Family Funday and it was my first time going for one at this church as I was in NYSC Camp last year and Uni for the 3 years before that. I was placed in Red house, never been in red house before. I was in Yellow House (Topaz) in Primary School, Blue House (Opal) in Secondary School and Yellow House (Barat) during A-levels. That is why Blue and Yellow are my favourite colours, like I mentioned in this post.

So I wore my dad's fila (cap), haven't worn one in ages, wore my sister's polo shirt as I didn't like the other red shirts I found, my jeans which I cut off into shorts aaaages ago and my flossy's (same as this post).

I look really sporty, but I'm not really that sporty. I can play Lawn and Table Tennis confidently, won medals for those sports back in the day, but I'm not an athlete, I no dey run. In secondary school, I marched every year and I Loved it, probably because in primary school I wasn't allowed to March as they said my legs and back weren't straight :(
They wanted me to do relay at the fun day sha, I took part in the trial run and came second but I had to leave before it was time for the relay race.

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ORS Hair update

Hey Guys!

This is a follow up post to the Hair Experiment and a review of the ORS Strengthening and Straightening Treatment.  Read the first post so you understand the process.

An anonymous reader left a nice question filled comment on the post so I will be addressing all her questions and sharing pictures of my hair during the time period.

Day 1
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A day at the Beach

Hey Guys!

How are you? Hope you've been good. An article I wrote was put up on Bella Naija last week Thursday, it brought in a lot of views and new readers too :) Welcome to my blog folks, all aboard, hope you enjoy the journey!

I don't go to the beach often because
1) I can't swim
2) My parents don't like my siblings and I going due to their experiences e.g. loosing friends at the beach
3) I didn't grow up doing it so now I don't really go unless I have to

You all now I started a new chapter of my life a few weeks ago. My office had a little community event which is like a day of bonding for all the staff. This year's own was at Ilase Beach.
Now I've been to Ilase once before, when I was much younger, well in 2009. I went with my cousins, aunty and uncle. I can count the number of times I've been on a boat/ship.

One time in London when I went on a River Thames cruise with my mum, dad, sister and cousin. I think it was 2006/7, it moved really slowly and the tour guide was just telling us about the different tourist sights we were going past. I remember he said if you wave at people on one of the bridges you would have good luck for 13 years or maybe it was 7, I waved sha.
The second time was a paddle boat at some park in london, it was a little pond and we rowed with our feet, nothing scary
The third time I went on a boat was the first time I went to Ilase, the wind was in our hair and it was a pretty small speed boat

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Polka Dot Party in my Twenty Six Skirt

Hey Guys!

Awon outfit post lovers, Ba wo ni? So wa pa? Ise nko? Aye nko?
My Yoruba isn't the best but at least I understand and I try small small.
Oh yeah, the translation of the words above = How are you? Are you good? How's Work? How's Life?

I Love this Polka Dot skirt and there is a story behind it, GIST TIME!
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Food Fiasco

Hey Guys!

As I mentioned in this post, I am now a working class chick, remember my first workflow post?!. My colleagues and I typically order food from a local Buka and this costs between N300 and N500 depending on my order. Their Jollof Rice isn’t great so I typically get White Rice or Pasta. You all know I love good food, that's why I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 posts which focus mainly on food/restaurants, Wow, I thought I only had like 7.

I budget 3k for food per week, Buka food 4 times a week and then a treat like Tantalizers or Chicken Republic once a week, typically on Friday. I really wanted something different yesterday, was bored of the buka food already so I went on Hello food and City chops. I was slightly overwhelmed by the wide range of options available and my colleagues aren’t too adventurous with food so we decided to go with safe ol' Chicken Republic.

Took this picture sometime in August, I love their wings too.
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NYSC Series II: Attachments

Hey Guys!

I know you have been waiting to read about my camp experience, it's in the works. I didn't have an Iphone at that time so I need to scan all the hard copy pictures I have and upload them to my computer before I put the post up, long thing, but Imma do it soonish. Batch C has started camp in most states but most people I know got Lagos and they don't start camp till the 26th. By that time, my NYSC posts will be up, tips, experience, pictures, the whole she bang. Until then I've got this really interesting post for you. Oh yeah, if you haven't read the first part of the series, start here

Bimpe sent me an email saying she loves my blog and would love her article to be shared on it. I got really excited because it's nice to know my blog is read by people I haven't met personally. It makes me happy :D 

I read through her post and realised we had three mutual friends, small world and she found out about my blog through Niyi Sax on twitter. I'm pretty quiet on there but it's good to know that the little activity/noise I've made on there has had an impact. She has a tumblr page which y'all should check out and there's a little bio about her at the end too.

Enjoy :)

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Day to Night: Double Denim

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday :)

If you follow me on Instagram, you would realise I got a new look, haven't done a weave since May and I only did it then because it was my mum's 50th. I can count the number of times I've done a weave on my fingers. I've always been more of a braids girl but yeah, a little change is always good.

My sister and I traded weaves since September but I lost my closure and I didn't want to leave my hair out so that's why I was just rocking my fro. I left a little hair out this time around but I used the ORS straightening and strengthening treatment on the section of the hair I left out. I'll do a review/update post on the product soon, but just so you know, it lasted for 4 weeks :)

I got my hair done on Saturday and took these pictures after church on Sunday. I wore it with my flossy's from this post to church but I never really wear my Loafers so decided to give them some love. It's weird but I tend to express my tomboyish tendencies when I have long hair because I know the hair makes me look girlyish so I can dress like a guy and people won't be asking questions, you feel me? Someone said I look like a Lioness when the hair is out, imagine that!! Do y'all agree?

I haven't done a day to night post since the first one in August so here's another one for you :)

Hope you like it!!

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Workflow: Cobalt Co-ordinates

Hey Guys!

So, I wore this outfit to the Beauty Expo but decided to do a separate outfit of the day post so that when I do revamp my blog it'll be easy to categorise the posts. I was featured on my friend, Tolu's blog, it's called Cocophemie so check it out. She's hosting a giveaway too, so if you want to win some hot heels click here.

Now, this outfit was slightly inspired by Eki, The Chamaleon Blogger as seen here. I wore this jacket the last time I was in Abuja and the skirt has been featured on this blog before. I was actually on the phone to my friend Mosope when I was getting dressed and I was saying I don't know what to wear o, then voila, I discovered this skirt at the back of my cupboard and this outfit was made.

I think this outfit is Smart Casual so will be permissible at some organisations thus it's the second outfit in the workflow series :)

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Beauty Expo Haul

Hey Guys!

Happy New Month.

Make this November one to remember, the year is almost over, gotta make it count. This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while, hope you enjoy it.

Oh, by the way, did you guys notice something? The previous post was my 90th one and I hit 50,000 views over the weekend too. Thanks for reading and liking and commenting and sharing, I appreciate y'all, Mwaahhh!!

So I'm sure you heard about the Beauty Africa Exhibition which took place exactly 4 weeks ago, it was all over the blogosphere. I went on the second day which was dedicated to hair and I got there about 10 minutes before it ended for the day.

It was advertised that vendors would sell products at discounted prices so my first stop was the Zaron stand. I got 3 lip pencils at N708 each. I got an eye shadow/blending 2 in 1 brush for N1,000 and Black Opal Concealer in Truly Topaz for N1,500 from Kuddy Cosmetics. 

There were loads of freebies left even though the event had more or less ended for the day. Check out my Dark and Lovely Goodies, i'm really excited to try out the Cholesterol Conditioning Mask.
The guy spelt Tuke as Tuhe, need to work on my letter K
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