Tuke's Quest: 2023

Best French Curls Extensions Brand for 4c Natural Hair

The Trending Black Girl Hairstyle of 2023 is French Curls and they are so Beautiful & versatile.

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I finally tried out Burgundy French Curl Braids & I'm really Loving them!

Burgundy French Curls Braids on Natural Hair
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Micro Kinky Twists Hairstyle with Extensions

Micro Twists are such a versatile protective hairstyle that give off that sister locs/micro locs vibe. With Microtwists, it looks like Faux Sister Locs & they can be styled in a variety of ways.

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Revlon One Step Volumiser Plus Blowdry Brush on 4c Natural Hair

I recently got the New Revlon One Step Volumiser Plus Hot Air Brush to stretch out my 4B/4C Natural Hair.

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Copper Ginger Knotless Braids on 4c Natural Hair

Knotless Braids are all the rage because they are so Light & don't hurt like Normal Braids. I tried out a Unique Ginger Copper colour and they have gotten so many compliments!

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