Tuke's Quest: February 2015

Night: Floral Jumpsuit

Hey Guys,

Remember my day look featuring the Floral Jumpsuit from Bella Cosa. Well, here's the night one!

I split the post into 2 as there were too many great pictures and I didn't want a picture overload. The jumpsuit is pretty versatile, might pair it with a white shirt like in this post next time I rock it.

I wore my faithful Bershka sandals (as seen here) for the day look and switched to my lovely KG Carvela strappy sandals (as seen here) for the Night look. I added a Pink Blazer from Republic too, rocked it in this post, which was a recap of one of the best nights of my life. Which look do you prefer? Day or Night?

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Tuke's Quest at 1

Hey Guys!

So my blog turned 1 on the 8th of February 2015. I didn't put a post up as that day did NOT go as planned. I have written a post on the 24 lessons I've learned in my 1 year as a blogger though. It was published on Bella Naija earlier today, check it out here. Hope you learn something from the recap of my experiences.

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Restaurant Review: BBQ & Cravings

Hey Guys

I tried out this new restaurant over the weekend. I discovered them on Instagram and read a review by Morenike of Lilac Tinted Views. It's in Lekki, 4th roundabout, really close to House on the Rock Church. If that's too far for you, order online from citychops.

It's a very Chilled spot, outdoor seating, not too fussy, wet wipes and hand sanitizer on the tables (very essential), reasonable pricing and really goooood Food!
My friend got a Burger and it came with 2 sides, he got wedges and curly fries. I'm not a Burger Fan so I didn't have a bite but he loved it and had a smile plastered on his face while he devoured his meal, it was really fun to watch. I didn't know food could make him so happy and giddy.

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My Kente Crop Top

Hey Guys!

Happy Pancake Day! Check out my Pancake Party Post to tickle your taste buds, hehe :)

I was gifted this vibrant kente crop top and some Palazzo pants from Iconola about 2 weeks ago. I wanted to wear the top to church and I was in a slightly tomboyish mood too so I paired it with a white shirt (like in this post) and my trusty Bershka jeans.
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Warm colours x Nikon

Hey Guys

Happy Thursday!

It's really weird that my first post this week is coming on a Thursday but things have been very odd since my last post, wasn't even able to celebrate my blogversary but Thanks to everyone who remembered. 

I won't tell you everything that's been going but one sad thing that happened is my Iphone screen cracked on Tuesday, posted it on Instagram so if you don't follow me on there you should. I finally decided to try Repairam as people kept recommending them to me on Insta. They picked my phone up today, I miss it so much.

A piece of glass from the screen got stuck in my palm so I had to go to the hospital this morning to get it scraped out. I was given a tetanus jab in my upper arm to prevent infection so my left arm is heavy. It's all good though, it could have been worse. No more doom and gloom, Sunshine Time :)
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Day: Floral Jumpsuit

Morning Folks

Guess who hit 100,000 views on her blog yesterday, TUKE'S QUEST did *dancing dancing* *turnup turnup* No long speech yet but I just want to say I'm grateful for the love, support, shares and comments. Like I mentioned earlier, the blog is 1 on Sunday and presents are welcome *wink*

So, I got this jumpsuit from Bella Cosa sometime last month. They are having 50% off from now till the 13th of February so hurry on over there, no dulling. Their store is opposite Domino's Pizza/Coldstone Creamery on Admiralty way, same building as Jerry's Bakery.

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Peach Charcoal....Peacharcoal.....Pitcher coal?....Pitcher Cold...
Shows how one phrase can transform as it is said from one person to the next, a bit like chinese whispers, you have to figure out who spoilt the flow

So, you all are going to be seeing a LOT of this skirt on the blog. I’ve worn it twice already and I’ve had it for less than a week. My mum was going for a family friend’s wedding over the weekend and she said the colour was peach so I got out my H and M tunic like shirt. I paired it with my trusty strappy sandals (as seen in this post) from Bella Cosa. You should stop by their store in Lekki this period as they are offering 50% off selected items from now till the 13th of February.

I took the first set of pictures at church and then took some more at home as the sun had come out.
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