Tuke's Quest: June 2014

Black Beads, Lemon and Paisley

Hi Guys

I haven't really done a post like this because I ain't really a fashionista like Feyi and co! I did something different to my hair last weekend and as the days have gone by I'm becoming to like it more and more. Plus I'm styling it in different ways. Naturalistas would call this a protective style with flat twists on the side and two strand twists in the middle.

Took these pictures at church last Sunday. I was feeling experimental with myself that morning hence the blue eyeshadow. Wasn't sure if I wanted to put these up but I decided to after reading Cassie's post.

Random Fact: If I changed the title of this post to Black Beans, Lemon and Parsley, na food be that.


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My Natural Hair Journey

Let’s start from the very beginning, a very good place to start! When you read, you begin with ABC, when you sing, you begin with Do Re Mi.

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My Freedom Hall Experience!!

Hello People!

I haven't really done a music related post since the Kaline one which is kind of bad as I'm always discovering new musicians.

I attended Freedom Hall at Bogobiri on Friday the 20th and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wondering why I haven't been for one in the 11 months since I moved back. It's an amazing avenue/platform for skilled musicians and spoken word artists to show their talent and mingle with like minded people.

It happens every Thursday at Freedom Park and on Friday at Bogobiri from 7 till 10 (No African Time).
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How i'm feeling at the moment

So, I don’t think this blog is making as much progress as I would like it to, especially when compared to other blogs that have been running for over a year or more. I would like more views, more comments, a wider reach, more subscribers and more followers.

I know Rome wasn’t built in a day and building a followership ain’t easy but this is taking forever and I sometimes get discouraged. I have 5 word documents open, waiting to be edited but the ginger isn’t really there. I need my writing mojo back, sigh, didn’t think it would hit me this early.

I gotta pick myself up and keep on writing though. Like Ofili said at the Writers conference, just keep at it, hit publish, some will be hits and some will be misses.

I tend to share my posts on social media after publishing, not gonna share this one though. I’ll probably take it down soon but that’s how I’m feeling about le blog atm.
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Sunday Sessions with Sam: Perception

Hey Guys

Hope your weekend was Fabulous!! 

So I might be starting a new feature on le blog. A friend of mine read the guest post by Ihinosen and said he writes and would love to share his words with my readers. Please comment and let us know what you think! I think it's a nice motivational piece to start the week with.

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Maybelline: Maybe you'll win

Hey Guys,

It's been a while. I've missed blogging, been typing on phone but I don't like uploading until I get my hands on my laptop.

So, Maybelline launched some products in Nigeria earlier this year and I commend them for all the good work they have done. I mentioned them in an earlier post, I attended a make up fair they organised sometime in March. There's another Makeup Fair this weekend and it's going to be bigger and better with loads of discounts and giveaways.

Do you know I Love Giveaways? I mean who doesn't Love to win.
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The Best Night of my Life!

Hey Guys!

So Open Mic Theatre was amazing last night, if you missed it , ntooo *tongue out smiley*. I’ll be nice and tell you that if you want to feed your Theatre cravings then be at For Colored Girls. It’s not free like Open Mic Theatre was but I’m sure the price would be worth it. It’s showing for one day only at Eko Hotel, 3 o’ clock show is 5k for regular and 15k for vip while the 7 o’ clock show is 7,500 for regular and 20k for VIP. I heard from the grapevine that you have to buy your tickets in advance so call the number on the poster below and reserve your ticket.
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Guest Post: I’m getting tired of defending this country

So I absolutely love it when people message me or tell me when they see me that they read my blog. It’s like my baby and I’m pleased with the progress it’s making, hit 5,000 views over the weekend and I trust that it’s only going to move onwards and upwards from now on.

I’m one of the very people that is actually enjoying my NYSC year, I’ll talk about the benefits of it in an upcoming post. But a very obvious benefit is that it’s an opportunity to increase your network. I have met a wide variety of people through NYSC, in my platoon, my room, the band, the local government, random people you meet in camp, even before NYSC started I was making new friends because of the scheme.

Anyways, I met Ihinosen in camp, he was my Close Friend’s Bunkie and we had a lot of fun times in Mammy Market (Bimpe’s tent) and on the parade ground (under the canopy). He messaged me earlier today and said he writes and will like to feature on my blog. I was pleasantly surprised, a hidden talent, it’s a pretty opinionated piece with very relevant and necessary words.

Hope you enjoy it!
African Orator with Microphone
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RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Foundry and Piccolo Mondo

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re good. I had a pretty packed but interesting weekend and my week has been super busy, hence the lateness of this post. My mum’s car got spoilt so she’s using the one I drive . Thus, I had to take a taxi to VI on Saturday. I think my pricing skills are improving J

My friends were shocked that I just flagged down a taxi instead of calling red cab or using the easy taxi app but I was running late and I haven’t used the app before plus red cab is a little more expensive than the normal yellow taxis. Apparently, you have to be extra careful when using Public Transport as Elections are round the corner and “they” are looking for bodies. Anyhow sha I’ll be more careful next time, dey don warn me. For safety reasons, I didn’t take my DSLR as I was using a Taxi so didn’t want wahala.

Back to the story, it was my friend, Ore’s birthday on Saturday and she decided on the day to have Lunch at this place called The Foundry on 288B Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island. For the clubbers in the house it’s where Rehab was, in between Skye Bank and Conoil. Ore said the other girls were wearing heels so I followed suit, didn’t want to be the shortest.

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Weekly Roundup: What's happening, What I'm watching!!

It’s been a pretty busy week, I’m so glad the weekend is here, now I can finally rest.

I only have 2 events on Sunday, my friend's confirmation party and a Saloon Day Out, more information here. I'm really looking forward to it, I think I need to revamp my hair regimen and there would be a lot of information available, tutorials, products on sale and freebies too :) :D

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The Power of a Teacher

I saw this on my friend's brother's facebook page and I thought to share. I'm a teacher and sometimes the children can be frustrating but this served as a reminder that actions have consequences and teaching for NYSC is an opportunity to inspire my kids and set them on the right path/help them build a solid foundation.
African Teacher with Students Happy
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Twenty Two!!

Hi Guys!!

So this is a picture heavy post from the latest 22 year old on the Block!

Decided to share 22 + 2 pictures from my 22nd birthday with you all (because everything na double double, na double double). My personal person, Linguini of the Ankara Post, took the pictures and they are ready already (Less than 24 hours, sharp guy!)
Black Girl gazing away on her birthday monochrome
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