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The Best Night of my Life!

Hey Guys!

So Open Mic Theatre was amazing last night, if you missed it , ntooo *tongue out smiley*. I’ll be nice and tell you that if you want to feed your Theatre cravings then be at For Colored Girls. It’s not free like Open Mic Theatre was but I’m sure the price would be worth it. It’s showing for one day only at Eko Hotel, 3 o’ clock show is 5k for regular and 15k for vip while the 7 o’ clock show is 7,500 for regular and 20k for VIP. I heard from the grapevine that you have to buy your tickets in advance so call the number on the poster below and reserve your ticket.
Funke Akindele AKA Jenifa AKA Suliat kan, Ayetoro kan is going to be in it and I’m excited to see her because it’s a deep play. I watched it when it was done in 2011  at Muson Centre but I’m going to watch it again. The cast is very talented, a number of new age/new generation actresses, I am certain that it’s going to be a Fabulous show .
Old picture with Mosope, Inikpi and Peace after watching For Colored Girls in 2011
I won free tickets, Thank God for Instagram and Sweet Kiwi o! They posted a picture and said comment saying “I love Froyo”, 4 people would be chosen randomly. I commented and of course I added 5 hearts for effect (for jara). The owner decided to give out 10 tickets and I was one of the lucky winners, Yayyy me!!! Follow companies on Instagram o, this is the 2nd time I’m winning from Instagram this month. I’ll pick up the 2nd  prize next week and dedicate a whole post to it, it’s Maybelline relatedJ
Oh yeah, a parent of one of the student’s in my class is organizing this event tomorrow. I went for the last edition and I’m certain that this one will be better. It’s at GET Arena so bring your children or younger siblings. All of the information is on the flyer below, loads of freebies and goodies. 

So the reason I actually picked up my laptop today wasn’t to talk about Theatre or events o! A saxophonist  friend/former teacher messaged me this morning and said he wanted to get some tracks from Mike Aremu’s most recent Album. I went for the Album Launch in London last year May and the CD was recently introduced to the Nigerian Market. It costs 20GBP for 2 CDs in a proper glass like case. In Lagos, it’s being sold in those little envelope packs and it costs N500, you can get it from Laterna Ventures. 

The launch was the Monday after the Friday my dissertation was due so it was supposed to be my reward for completing that part of my degree. I stayed with my friend, Oghosa and here are some pictures from the event. Now I Love Music, especially anything Sax related. I was soo excited afterwards, it was like I was high on Music, I was just chatting away, I actually couldn’t stop talking when we got back to Oghosa’s house. I called Mosope up and was gisting her about the whole event, I actually recorded myself because I had never felt that way before. 

Wow, I just watched the video, I was a bit too excited, I said some weird things, I was talking to my best friend so it was a bit explicit/raw, no sugar coating.  Plus I talk really fast when I’m excited, I cracked up watching it. I was star struck that night, definitely. I couldn’t really express myself in words at some point during the conversation but it was the best night of my life. I would have put the video up but I wasn't dressed appropriately and I'm struggling to convert it to an audio format. I'll add it to this post if I do sha.

Now, let the story begin....

The event was held at the Jazz Cafe and it was my first time there
London Jazz Cafe
The event started off with a guy on the trumpet and he could play percussion too. The rest of the band backed him up
African Trumpet Player

African Conga Player
The guy on the guitar was soo good
Black Guy playing a Red Guitar
The guy who did the introductory performance then moved to back up and Mike Aremu started playing from upstairs (the VIP section)

He played sooo effortlessly
Mike Aremu on his sax
That's Vidal from 4 Kornerz on the right and Mike Aremu's father has his hand's clasped together
When a Saxophonist closes his/her eyes, he's either really feeling the song or trying to concentrate or doesn't want to get distracted or is in the spirit.

Mike Aremu Nigerian Saxophonist

Mike Aremu is very expressive on stage, like he has some interesting dance moves

Oshey, see the way he beremole's! 
I love call and response when watching Live Music, especially when the percussion gets involved.
He played Ki le o le she (What can you not do?) I love the Youtube version, i've listened to it too many times to count.
I think this was my favourite picture of him that night
I think this picture is pretty cool
Get ready to dance if you ever have the opportunity to see Mike Aremu Live
This guy was Amazziiiiiing and he has such a calm persona, I can't remember his name though but he sang too and his voice was unique

The saxophone is such a beautiful instrument, you can't look at this picture and tell me otherwise 
Black and Gold Saxophone
Mike Aremu changed when the other Saxophonist was playing, the girl is soo pretty. My friend saw a video from this day on OHTV (Open Heavens Television) and was like that light skin girl was soooo fine, i agree
That's Ruth Oluwatosin Smith, i've never seen her play live but I know I will someday. 
Female Nigerian Saxophonist
That's Uncle Wole Oni, he's an award winning producer with songs like Kosobabire and Igwe under his belt
Tuke Morgan and Wole Oni

With Mike Aremu :D Yayyy meee
Tuke Morgan and Mike Aremu

With Dayo Bello, if you don't know about him, google is your friend. 
Tuke Morgan and Dayo Bello
That's us at the end of the night, shining teeth, our smiles weren't going anywhere
That's the end of my Story :)

The album is called Coat of Many Colours and you can buy it on Itunes.

I have actually seen him once since then at The Experience organised by House on the Rock Church at TBS. I will talk about that event in another post, it's a story for another day.

So, was it the best night of my life? (That's what I said in the recording I made that night) I'll have to think about that, I've had some pretty good ones but it's deffo in the top 10.

Have a Great Weekend Guys!!!

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