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Sunday Sessions with Sam: Perception

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So I might be starting a new feature on le blog. A friend of mine read the guest post by Ihinosen and said he writes and would love to share his words with my readers. Please comment and let us know what you think! I think it's a nice motivational piece to start the week with.


PERCEPTION is the ability to understand the true nature of something to be real.

Is the PERCEPTION people have of you your REALITY?

Four major things influence the PERCEPTION people create of you. They are;
1. Your past experiences
2. Your beliefs
3. Your expectations, and the most important;
4. Your ability to communicate

What perception do people have of you?

Well, the greatest determinant and influence on the PERCEPTION we create of ourselves is our COMMUNICATION POWER!


Its how we communicate VERBALLY or how we WRITE!

The VERBAL communication consists of your TONE(38%), BODY LANGUAGE(55%) and MESSAGE(7%), while the WRITTEN communication consists of writing REPORTS, PROPOSALS, LETTERS, MEMOS and composing MAILS.

Let's start with the VERBAL communication, good verbal communication is required in almost every field of life, whether its at the workplace, at home or to flatter a woman. Well its not that difficult. The art of effective communication is too simple.

Lets answer the following questions, and look at few points which should be kept in mind.

Does your TONE say what your WORDS mean? Does your BODY LANGUAGE ascertain your words?

To communicate effectively, your TONE, WORDS and BODY LANGUAGE must be saying the same thing at every given time, if not you are creating a perception for yourself that might not be your personal reality. Its not about what you say but how you say it.

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your VERBAL COMMUNICATION skills;

1. Always be confident, sure of yourself and what you have to say.
2. Create a mental note of what you want to say, then connect your mind to your words.
3. Be concise and avoid the use of irrelevant words (be clear)
4. You can't give what you don't have, be knowledgeable about many things. The best way to improve on this is to READ a lot.
5. When speaking, let your body language be relaxed/relative to your tone and don't rush while talking so that you don't confuse your listener.
6. Make eye contact, it is often believed that people trust those who can make eye contact with them while talking to them. Don't let the eye contact be more than 5 seconds.

Now to the WRITTEN communication:

In the Corporate world, how we write and what we write says a lot about our Personality. Every little detail; from punctuations, to fonts, to structuring of information (letters), to paragraphs, to remarks all create an identity for you with regards to the Reader.

Let's also check some few tips on improving our WRITING skills

1. Your writings must be concise and brief, but still long enough to say what is necessary and no more.
2. Your writings must be understandable and clear for the reader, and also clearly written in the appropriate language.
3. Your writings must be precise and straight to the point such that you don't digress from the purpose of your message
4. Your writings should be simple and not have unnecessary complexity.
5. Your writings should be well structured, and proceed logically through a sequence that makes sense.
6. In case your writing has be to descriptive, you can attach an image (pictures say a million words)

To sum up all these, we also need to practice good LISTENING skills; always LISTEN with the MIND

I believe that with this few tips, if well practised your COMMUNICATION would improve and be more effective. Never forget PROPER PREPARATION PRODUCES POWERFUL PERFORMANCE (That's my own 5P's)

If you now know that your ability to COMMUNICATE has a lot of influence on the PERCEPTION people create of you, and your LIFE. Take charge and turn your REALITY to the PERCEPTION people have of You.

I wish you the best now and always.

Samuel Akinlotan
Budding HR Professional

Courtesy: Bankole Williams (Life/Career Coach and Senior Partner, Edgeecution Consulting)

Oh, yeah, I wrote an article for our stories, please check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Have a Great Week!


  1. seemed like too long a read, and struggled to understand the message, but can only get better with more writing

    1. Thanks for the feedback Tomiwa, will pass it on to him 😊