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RESTAURANT REVIEW: The Foundry and Piccolo Mondo

Hey Guys!

Hope you’re good. I had a pretty packed but interesting weekend and my week has been super busy, hence the lateness of this post. My mum’s car got spoilt so she’s using the one I drive . Thus, I had to take a taxi to VI on Saturday. I think my pricing skills are improving J

My friends were shocked that I just flagged down a taxi instead of calling red cab or using the easy taxi app but I was running late and I haven’t used the app before plus red cab is a little more expensive than the normal yellow taxis. Apparently, you have to be extra careful when using Public Transport as Elections are round the corner and “they” are looking for bodies. Anyhow sha I’ll be more careful next time, dey don warn me. For safety reasons, I didn’t take my DSLR as I was using a Taxi so didn’t want wahala.

Back to the story, it was my friend, Ore’s birthday on Saturday and she decided on the day to have Lunch at this place called The Foundry on 288B Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island. For the clubbers in the house it’s where Rehab was, in between Skye Bank and Conoil. Ore said the other girls were wearing heels so I followed suit, didn’t want to be the shortest.

To get to the Cosy Restaurant you walk past a pool, nice trees, got a bit of an exotic feel to it. It’s a pretty small restaurant to be honest, less than 10 tables and there is a bar too.
 I don’t drink alcohol so I always look at the Non-Alcoholic section of the menu first. They had the usual Chapman and some pretty interesting mocktails and they also had Virgin Daquiris, Virgin Mojitos and other drinks in a variety of flavours. I ordered the Virgin Strawberry Daquiri (N1,500), they had Mango and Pineapple Virgin Daquiris but I just chose the safest option. It looked so beautiful as it was arriving, it had that slushie like consistency so I was pretty excited to taste it and it did not disappoint in anyway. It was soooo sweet, not the sick kind of sweet but the perfect kind of sweet, the kind of sweet that gets one all giddy inside.
It went round the table and got positive reviews. I enjoyed my drink so much that I forgot to taste their chapman. (My favourite places to drink Chapman in Lagos are Ikoyi Club, the one with no bitters o, N140 and Swe Bar, City Mall, N1,500)

Now unto the food, I am adventurous when it comes to ordering food at restaurants. I like to experience new flavours and I Love Seafood so I almost always get something with Prawns, Yummy. I was torn between two options, the Jamaican Jerk Chicken and the Atlantic Heat (N4,800) .

I like to ask questions, asked the waiter, Esther to illustrate how big the prawns were and I also had to confirm that it was a proper chilli sauce not just obe ata. She said it had bell peppers. The wait wasn’t that long and we had birthday cupcakes on the table to keep our mouths busy.

I liked the presentation, it was Jasmine Rice with parsley sprinkled on it and a side salad. It wasn’t too hot but it had enough pepper to cause me to look for water, would have liked a bit more sauce though. The prawns were delicious, I enjoyed the meal.
The birthday girl Ore ordered a Thai curry dish, she really liked, I found it a bit nutty, not a big fan of nuts. Everyone has different taste buds sha, the others thought it was Scrumptious.
Olamipo had oxtail and Mash Potato, I didn’t try it though because I don’t like Mash or Oxtail but she said it was tasty. Dami had a burger, she said it wasn’t the best burger she had ever tasted but the presentation was appealing. The twins ordered Creamy Cheesy Pasta, Buki’s own with prawns and Bunmi’s own with chicken. I don’t really like Cheese with Pasta, I only like Cheese on Pizza but surprisingly, this was quite yummy.
As you can tell, there was a pretty nice variety to choose from. Plus, the Chef went the extra mile and baked a cake for my friend as a Surprise. There is no dessert on their menu as there is a Cake shop in the same complex but it was closed that day.  So he surprised her and made it while we were eating, extremely sweet.

I had to rush off to another friend’s dinner so didn’t have time for seconds but that cake was the bomb. The other celebrant of the day was Hadeeza and her celebration was at Piccolo Mondo which is on Idejo street, off Adeola Odeku. 
Now I’ve been there a number of times before but the only thing I remember eating is Lebanese bread and Hummus. I was pretty stuffed from Ore’s and so was everyone else so we only ordered finger foods and Drinks.

Like I mentioned earlier, the first thing I check on a Menu is the non alcoholic drinks section, they didn’t have as much on offer as the foundry. I ordered the Fruit Punch which wasn’t bad, there was foam at the top though and it was served in a basic tumbler, presentation wasn’t great. Dara ordered Foreplay on the Beach (Non- Alcoholic) and Hadeeza ordered Sex on the beach (Alcoholic) but they mixed up the orders. So, when Dara gave me her drink to try, I spat it out, it was soo bitter (I really don’t see the hype about Alcohol, no one should attack me o).  The foreplay wasn’t too bad but I could taste the Cranberry and I don’t like Cranberry. I’m glad I chose the Fruit Punch.

We ordered Spring Rolls, Bufallo wings and Suya. They were okay, nothing Fantastic, the sauce that came with the Spring rolls was delicious though (didn’t get round to asking what it was). The Suya was the nicest and best presented, sadly I didn’t get a picture as I had stepped out to get a Scarf when it arrived (The place was cold o!!). 

They were having Salsa classes there which was pretty interesting to watch. If I had to choose my preferred restaurant out of the two I would definitely choose The Foundry.

It was an enjoyable day though, bonding with my Lagoon Girls and my Notts Crew. I’m a people person and I like gisting and catching up with friends so intimate dinners like the ones I attended are enjoyable.

This is my first restaurant/food review so it will get better with time. I’ll make a conscious effort to take pictures of the menu, dish description, toilet, exact price, etc and i'll take my camera or Linguini along, hehe.

Got some special News coming up tomorrow, Don’t Miss it!


  1. Lmaoo at “they” are looking for bodies.

    1. Apparently o, so people have to be more careful!!

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