Tuke's Quest: March 2017

A Pretty Purple Bridesmaid Dress

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday,

Hope you had a Lovely Weekend. I was a Bridesmaid at #TheMadeWedding on Saturday and had an Awesome time. Congratulations to Dotun and Mimi!
Bridesmaid in a Pretty Purple Dress
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Green Midi Skirt x White Off Shoulder Top

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a Great Weekend!Green Midi Skirt and White Off Shoulder Top
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Weekend Gist: Awed by Moni Masterclass, SMWLagos & IWD 2017

Hey Guys,

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you had a Wonderful Weekend :)

Mine was really Busy, like everyday from Wednesday was busy.
Top Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Monica Awed by Moni and Tuke Morgan
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Blogversary Giveaway

Hey Guys

Happy Monday :)

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

Mine was stress free and relaxing which made up for the busyness of last week which was social media week.
Blue Blogeversary Cake with Glitter
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Is Black Truly Slimming?

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!

Hope you had a Great Weekend :)

Mine was fun and fulfilling, shared a lot of what I got up to on Insta Stories & in my Newsletter.
Fit Black Blogger rocking Black Riding Pants and Roshe Runs
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