Tuke's Quest: March 2015

Quarter Year Goal Audit

Hey Guys

Today na Today o, everyone I've spoken to today is waiting for the results to be announced. May the best man win. 
Today marks the end of the first quarter, oh, how time flies. I remember sitting in church on the last day of 2014 and now we are 25% way through 2015. 
I put up my 2014 goals on the blog last year, did a 5 month goal audit post and then I did a final audit at the end of the year. This year I've decided to do a goal audit every quarter to make me accountable, so I can see what I have achieved and how much there is left to achieve. So my 2015 goals can be found in this post, here goes my quarter year audit.

1) Grade 5 theory (and a practical exam):
Status Report: The next Grade 5 Exam is on the 7th of November and I have to register by the 11th of September :)  In other musically related news, I released my first single which is available at LaternaVentures, on iTunes and CD Baby.com. Please leave a review if you buy it on any online platform and help spread the word.
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Weekend Recap: Ijebu

Hey Guys, Happy Monday!

Trust you had a restful weekend. Did you vote? How was the situation in your area? It was very calm at most polling units in my estate. I wasn't able to register in December but I went to see and observe the situation with my parents. May the best man win!

I didn't get up to much this weekend but I'll gist you about the weekend before. I went to Ijebu Oru for the first time. It was a Family friend's Grandpa's funeral so we went for a couple of hours. It was a short day trip, I really want to explore the different parts of Nigeria.

P.s. If you haven't voted for Tuke's Quest to win Best Lifestyle Blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards, please do so here. My single is now available on Itunes, cdbaby and at Laterna Ventures so listen to it and let me know what you think. Please spread the word about it too, I feel like my friends and readers haven't really supported or helped with publicity, I would appreciate it if you repost the album art on your social media platforms/blogs.
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Kaymu Fashion Week Collaboration

Hey Guys,

Happy Hump Day!

If you read my previous post, you would know Tuke's Quest was nominated in the Best Lifestyle Blog Category for the prestigious Nigerian Blog Awards. Please vote, by clicking on this link and selecting Tuke's Quest under category 18. If you have voted already, Thank you :) Please get your friends to do so too, it won't take up to 5 minutes, I appreciate it!

My Single is now available at Laterna  Ventures in VI, you can also download it from CD Baby for 99 cents. Do let me know what you think of it when you get to listen.

Like I mentioned in this post, I had a shoot two Sundays ago and it was for Kaymu Fashion Week. It was a very impromptu shoot and the pieces I ordered from their website didn't arrive on time so I ended up wearing an alternative. Tomiwa of Style by Ayaba did my makeup using my products and I think she did a great job, don't you? She styled my hair too and she is a Fashion Designer and PR Girl, Talented someborry. It was her birthday yesterday so Happy Belated Birthday to her.
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You Need To Vote

Not just in the elections on Saturday, but in the Nigerian Blog Awards. If you remember my 2014 goals post, one of them was to be nominated for certain awards.

Tuke's Quest was nominated for the Liebster Award, Sisterhood of the World Blogger Awards and Sunflower Blogger Award last year. It's been nominated in Best Lifestyle Blog Category of the Nigerian Blog Awards, whoohoo

Thanks to everyone who nominated me, I really appreciate it :)
There are soooo many Amazing Blogs out there and I'm really pleased that my blog was nominated.

Now, you have to vote so I stand a chance of winning, please click on this link and choose Tuke's Quest in category 18. Get your friends to vote too, Thank you !!

Oh yeah, my CD is now on sale at Laterna Ventures in VI, so grab your copy NOW!!
It's also available online for downloads at CD Baby, I would love to hear your thoughts on it so don't be shy to leave a Review.

Have a Good Day!
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The time I took part in a Beauty Paegant

Hey Guys! 

So I mentioned in this post that I was going to tell you about a little something called FOA. It was a beauty pageant that was organised by the Africultural society of my university. Today marks exactly 4 years since I took part in this competition while in my first year of Uni.
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Life Update Post

Hey Guys

Happy Hump Day!

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week, Bad Behaviour, I've been extremely busy though, trying to sort many many many things out. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know my first single is ready. I've even printed some CD's, just trying to get it on a digital platform. I would really appreciate if you spread the word about it and repost the image below on your various social media platforms, Thanks in Advance :)

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Restaurant Review: 1415 at Eko Signature

The AMVCA’s which held over the weekend have been the talk of the town all week. From Outfit choices to award winners and various performances, the Blogs, Papers and Magazines have provided an in-depth analysis of the event.

I was unable to attend the AMVCA’S as I was out of town on Saturday. However, I stopped by Eko Signature a couple of days before the event and I had an Amazing dining experience at 1415 restaurant.
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Restaurant Review: Brazzerie at Four Points

Hey Y'all 

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was really relaxing, I spent most of it at RCCG Camp, same place I took the pictures in this post. How did you spend yours? 

 Lagos Based Naturalistas, did you go for NITC 10, how was it? If you haven't read my recap of NITC8 and NITC9, check it out here and here.

So, I got to try out the buffet at 4 points last week Sunday, as the Pandora Mother's Day Brunch where I rocked this outfit happened there. The #MomentsWithMom Campaign is running till the 15th so follow @moments_ng on Instagram and post a picture or a video of a special moment with your mum. Different jewelry sets will be won each day, like the bracelet in this post. I'm a judge on the 10th so get your entries in folks! Check out their Facebook Page too!

Now, unto the restaurant review.... 
Nice Table setting
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Pandora celebrates Mothers

Hey Guys

Happy Friday :)

I mentioned in this post that I rocked the Grey 2 piece to a really cool Pandora event on Sunday. Read about the Pandora meets ankara event I attended earlier in the year here

It was an intimate brunch at Four Points with Bloggers, Media Representatives, Successful Business women and some key members of the Pandora Nigeria Team. We were supposed to come along with our mothers but everyone wasn't able to do so. 
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Grey x Tuke Morgan

Hey Guys!

Happy New Month!

Hope you achieve a lot this month! There are a number of collaborations in the works for Tuke's Quest so keep your eyes peeled. I started a Facebook page for the blog last week so please like it if you haven't already.
I got an email from Grey sometime in February inviting me for a blogger event and I got pretty excited as I enjoy all these creative collaborations. It was a pretty interesting session, with Daks of Third World Profashional and Ez of Beauty in Lagos,they were really sweet and friendly :)
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