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Quarter Year Goal Audit

Hey Guys

Today na Today o, everyone I've spoken to today is waiting for the results to be announced. May the best man win. 
Today marks the end of the first quarter, oh, how time flies. I remember sitting in church on the last day of 2014 and now we are 25% way through 2015. 
I put up my 2014 goals on the blog last year, did a 5 month goal audit post and then I did a final audit at the end of the year. This year I've decided to do a goal audit every quarter to make me accountable, so I can see what I have achieved and how much there is left to achieve. So my 2015 goals can be found in this post, here goes my quarter year audit.

1) Grade 5 theory (and a practical exam):
Status Report: The next Grade 5 Exam is on the 7th of November and I have to register by the 11th of September :)  In other musically related news, I released my first single which is available at LaternaVentures, on iTunes and CD Baby.com. Please leave a review if you buy it on any online platform and help spread the word.

2) Feature in ads/editorials, billboards, tvc's,etc: 
Status Update: Remember the shoot I talked about in this post, well the pictures were for a Magazine which is really popular in the East, it is called Xclusive (@xclusiveng on Instagram). I’ve been in Thisday style twice as a guest at events. The first event was my dad’s Liverpool reunion and the second one was the Pandora Mother’s day brunch where I wore this Grey 2 piece. The post on my outfit that day has gotten the most comments this quarter, una too like fashion, hehe (That means you people like Fashion Posts too much)

3) Become a brand ambassador:  
Status Update: So this hasn’t really come to pass yet but I am the face of Ibukun. It’s an album by Femi Leye and Chopstix celebrating women and the first silhouette Linguini ever took of me is the cover picture. Check out other pictures (of me) by Linguini here, here and here

4) More blog collaborations, brand collaborations and creative collaborations: 
Status Update: There have been quite a number of collaborations this quarter.
In January, there was the Bella Cosa Giveaway, The Department Giveaway and The Department Premiere where I met the winners of the giveaway
In February, I rocked my Jumpsuit from Bella Cosa in a Day Look and a Night Look and there was the Iconola collaboration.
In March, I attended the Pandora Mother's Day  and was one of the Judges in the moments_ng giveaway. I collaborated with Kaymu Nigeria for their Kaymu Fashion Week. I also won one of the Hipster Mix Challenges on Skinny Hipster's Blog
Next Month, there is a collaboration with Joellani and one with Thando's, the posts are ready o, so anticipate them.

5) Active multiple sources of income (make money from your passions/talent):
Status Update: So I am making money from my side hussles, Sax (CD Sales, Downloads, Gigs) and writing are bringing in a little income. I have grossly undervalued myself in terms of performance fees but that’s about to change. You can check out my weekly column on the Fayrouz Website and also buy my track at  LaternaVentures, on iTunes or CD Baby.com if you haven't already.

6) Save at least double of what I did last year and invest in something that yields better returns: 
Status Update: Hmmm, Not really happening at the moment, Let’s just say my main hussle hasn’t really stabilised but it’ll change next month and I’ll save what I should have in February and March. I only saved in January :(

7) Take advantage of the many benefits of social media, especially twitter, in terms of transmission of information to people globally: 
Status Update: Nahh, This isn’t happening yet, especially in terms of my music promotion. I feel like only people within my inner circle have listened to my track which is why I beg una people, spread the word and repost the album art on your various social media platforms. My album art was designed by someone that was recommended to me by a blog reader turned friend. The person who guided me through the iTunes process was introduced to me by an Instagram follower so Social media has been useful in that regards.

8)Travel, to other states in Nigeria and other countries in Africa: 
Status Update: The only place I went to this quarter was Ijebu-Oru. At least I went somewhere, The articles on China and Uganda are coming very very soon.

9) Develop a more intimate relationship with God: 
Status Update: Very small progress, not enough

10) Get a Blog Logo, move to the domain name and change the layout:
Status Update: Hmm, so someone actually started working on a logo but was saying there’s a limit to edits. We took a little break also because I thought I’ll be nominated in the Best New Blog category and I assumed that one of the prizes will be a blog makeover. I was nominated in the Best Lifestyle Blog Category though so please vote Tuke's Quest under no.18 of the Nigerian Blog Awards.

P.S. If you've got any suggestions in terms of the layout, logo and the new look in general, don't hesitate to let me know either in the comment box or by e-mail: tuke_morgan@hotmail.com

Now unto my resolutions 

A) Get to church on time for sunday school so I can achieve my goal of drawing closer to God
(I got a new bible from Laterna Ventures during the week, a very nice and easy to understand translation too so I would enjoy reading the bible)
Status Update: Not been for Sunday school once this quarter, bad behaviour

B) Practise sax on a more consistent basis, I haven't set the frequency yet as I'm not sure what the workload will be like at my new job
Status Update: Frequency still hasn’t been determined but I have a Sax Coach in Ibadan who whatsapps me exercises and then I whatsapp him back in the form of Voice Notes. Shout out to Lay Kay Sax, one of the baddest Saxophonists I  know.

C) Try and write One article on another platform other than your blog each month, it could be on paper or online, this will help in expanding the blog reach too
Status Update: Definitely on track for this one. Two of my articles were posted on Bella Naija, one in January and one in February. I started writing for Fayrouz this month, first post here. I also got interviewed/wrote articles for a couple of blogs e.g. Beauty Geek and Editor in Kinks

D) Cook more often
Status Update: I’ve been making sandwiches and I made a pasta surprise dish one day which was quite delicious

So, that's me done. Are you making progress with your 2015 goals and resolutions?


  1. Woot woot on the goals progress! I need to take a look at my goals and assess them too. Is there a way to preview the track before buying? Just asking...

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thanks Berry :)
      Yes o, it's necessary!
      Yup, you can listen to 30 seconds of it on cd baby and 90 seconds of it on Itunes

    2. Oh yes I listened to it! You are a bundle of talents;well done!

    3. Awww, Thank you Archie :) :D

  2. You've definitely done a great job so far with your blog and everything.
    congrats on your album!


  3. Congrats on the goals that are in progress so far...
    I hope you get themakeover when you win the nba awards...but I might actually be able to help with the domain name and your own hosting plan..the one I use is amazeballs.
    But let's see how it goes, hopefully nba awards will help... :-)

    1. Thank you Frances.
      I hope I win because the competition no be small thing o.
      Oh, Yayy, I'll remember that and will get back to you once the winners are announced, Thank you Frances

  4. Congrats on your goals and progress Tuke. I bought your album on cdbaby but was unable to download it. Searched for it too on laterna ventures and didnt see anything or i probably didn't search well. I'll keep trying to downlod it though on cdbaby. have a blessed week ahead

    1. Thank you Hilda.
      Hmm, that's very weird, thanks for alerting me. I'll send their customer support person an email so they can sort that out. Could you please tell me when you tried to buy it so I can give them specific details.
      It's available at the Laterna store in VI, just gave them a call and they said it'll be on the online portal/store by close of business today.

    2. Hey Hilda, it is now available on the Laterna online store, liink below:

  5. Kudos to you on writing your goals down and actually ticking them off as they materialise. Note to self - I must be more organised and focused.....

    Hilarious election memes – HERE

  6. the album is amazing Tuke, i want to be like you when i grow up and you are doing good with your goals. congrats.x

    1. Awwww, Thank you Desola, I'm glad you like it :)

  7. Nice. Congrats on the goals you Have been able to achieve and grace for the ones you plan to achieve. You've done well Tuke. P's..New on your blog and it's a nice one.

    1. Thank you Kenyan Blogger :)
      Welcome to my Blog!
      I'll definitely check yours out, I would love to visit Kenya someday soon!

  8. This is great + inspiring too to people like me who need to set written goals and review them, Go you!! Wish you More achievements this quarter!!!

  9. Tuke, I think I only met you once but I can honestly say I am so happy for you! You are truly are a go getter I love it! In regards of developing a more intimate relationship with God, I try to wake up earlier in the day and at the office tend to lesson to sermons whilst working. Defo check out this website https://www.audioverse.org/english for great sermons! I pray that by the will and grace of God you will continue to achieve great things. :D

    1. Awww, Thank you Rachel. I remember that day, at Nathan's house, we made pancakes with Annake, Araba, Cynthia and Sylvia, Uni days, good times! I will definitely check out the website, Thanks for the recommendation :)

  10. I love, love your blog but this is my first comment. kudos on the achievement of some of your goals, the good thing is you are making progress. keep it up.
    p.s. with a coach like Laykay sax, you are on your way to better-best.com. he's the in-house saxophonist for my church and he is very good.
    p.p.s - sorry for the long comment

    1. There's no need to apologize for the long comments o, I Love comments like this and you should feel free to leave comments more often :)
      Awww, Thank you, it might be slow and steady but it's progress all the same.
      Laykay was pleasantly surprised when I showed him your comment, so was I to be honest, I didn't know I had readers in Ibadan, you should walk up to him next time you see him at church and have a conversation, I'm sure he'll appreciate it!