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Restaurant Review: Brazzerie at Four Points

Hey Y'all 

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend, mine was really relaxing, I spent most of it at RCCG Camp, same place I took the pictures in this post. How did you spend yours? 

 Lagos Based Naturalistas, did you go for NITC 10, how was it? If you haven't read my recap of NITC8 and NITC9, check it out here and here.

So, I got to try out the buffet at 4 points last week Sunday, as the Pandora Mother's Day Brunch where I rocked this outfit happened there. The #MomentsWithMom Campaign is running till the 15th so follow @moments_ng on Instagram and post a picture or a video of a special moment with your mum. Different jewelry sets will be won each day, like the bracelet in this post. I'm a judge on the 10th so get your entries in folks! Check out their Facebook Page too!

Now, unto the restaurant review.... 
Nice Table setting
Bread Station
Salad Bar
Nom Nom
Tomatoes on fleek
My first round
Fried Rice, Jollof  Rice, Beef, Fish and Spicy Chicken.
The chicken was delicious, it reminded me of Chicken Suya
Lamide of Living in Lekki's first dish
Leslie Okoye's first dish from the Pasta Station.
It was Penne Pasta Carbonara
My combination was Penne with bell peppers, sweetcorn, bacon, ham and sausages. It was a tomato based sauce too.
It tasted as good as it looks
Yummy Yummy
Dessert Time
Donuts with sprinkles

Have you had Sunday Brunch or any sort of Buffet at Four Points before? How did you find it?

Check out Sisi Yemmie and Afrolems review of the same Restaurant, I enjoy reading other blogger's reviews as everyone's experience is different. 

Notice how I've put up 3 different blogposts based on one day of activity, this is a tip I could have added to my most recent Bella Naija article, split posts into different categories.

The following information was gotten from their website and I would like to believe that it is accurate. 
The restaurant is open from 
7am till 10am for Breakfast and the buffet costs N4,700
12:30pm till 3pm for lunch and it costs N5,900
7pm till 10pm for dinner and the buffet costs N6,500

The website also states they have special themed Nights from 7pm to 10pm on certain days.
Asian Night every Tuesday
Mediterranean Night every Wednesday
French Night every Thursday
Seafood Night every Friday 
African Night every Saturday

I need to go there on a Friday. These rates are exclusive of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages.

The Signature Chef Buffet is every Sunday and Monday. It costs N7,500 per person including unlimited select beverages such as Champan, Yummy. It's from 12-4pm and the Sunday Brunch is pretty popular so it's best to book in advance. Children under the age of 12 eat at Half Price and there is a Jupiter playground for them to have fun.

P.S. Chef Tandoh premiere's in Lagos on Saturday, follow him on instagram @oba_tandoh to get a glimpse of the menu, he took all the pictures in this post too, Multitalented.


  1. Food on fleek!
    *Adds to ever growing list of restaurants to try thanks to Tuke*
    Nigerian and Natural

    1. Lol, you're welcome Jen. Do let me know when you try out any restaurant I've reviewed :)

  2. You seriously have me drooling every time. This looks so delicious!