Tuke's Quest: December 2014

2014 Goal audit

Hey Guys

How are you? Have you done an end of year review? How did you fare?
I started off my year with 10 goals, I did a review in May and now I'm doing the final year review.
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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hey Guys

This post is LONG OVERDUE.

Ugo of The Beautiful Eagle nominated me for this award aaaages ago, on the 11th of September to be precise and Amaka of Seyon Hundeyin nominated me for it on the 28th of October.

The award is passed from sister blogger to sister blogger and there are just 4 conditions you have to meet when you accept the award

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Restaurant Review: Petit Paris

Hello People 

Happy New Year's Eve, Aahhhhhhhh, 2015 is a couple of hours away, how are you feeling about the New Year? I'm excited, very excited tbh, you'll find out why once my end of year goal audit post is up.

I'm not sure how many posts I'll put up today, it might be 2, 3, 5 or 10, just keep refreshing this page. Oh yeah, I've got a couple of spare tickets for the lagos countdown concert so if you are interested in them, simply send me an e-mail (tuke_morgan@hotmail.com). I got my screen fixed yesterday, whoohoo, my laptop is looking all fresh and clean :)

Now to the koko of this post, I mentioned here that I had dinner at a wonderful restaurant over the weekend. It is a cute, cosy and quiet spot in Lekki called Petit Paris. I went there sometime in October to play the sax with Niyi for a surprise birthday dinner and I promised myself that I would go back and try out their food.

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Flower Power

Hey Guys!

How was your weekend? Have you rested from all the christmas activities? I attended two amazing shows this weekend and had dinner at a wonderful  restaurant, posts about them coming soon.

Happy Monday by the way, it's the last one in 2014, make it count!

 I wore this dress to my cousin's wedding in Uganda. It's from Matalan, shoes and bag are from peacocks like in this post and this post

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Restaurant Review: Cafe Javas

Sup peeps?

Ever heard of Cafe Javas. it's a pretty popular food chain in East Africa and I went there on my last day in Uganda.
I expected it to be similar to starbucks but it ended up being way better. I got a Caramel Milkshake which was absolutely delicious, it was definitely made with Expensive Ice cream like Ben & Jerry's/Blue Bunny, not the cheap Value range stuff.

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Make up brushes

Hey Guys!

Happy Boxing Day!!

How did you spend your day? Resting or turning up? I did a bit of both :)
I got a longed for present from my family members yesterday, perfect present too. A set of 12 professional make up brushes and a beauty blending sponge, Yayyy Me :)

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Merry Christmas Folks

Merry Christmas Folks, Hope you are all enjoying your day! My laptop screen spoilt last night which kinda sucks but yeah, I managed to edit this post somehow. Spent my day at home with family and we are heading to my cousin's house in a bit for banga and fire works :)

I haven't got a Santa Hat or any Christmassy props but I did try and incorporate some red into my outfit. My necklace is from the Abuja arts and Crafts Market, I wore it in my first ever photoshoot with Linguini and it only cost 1k. My shift dress is from H and M, I would never wear it out with heels though. I'm more comfortable wearing short dresses overseas, anyone else feel the same way. Heels are from Forever 21 and Bag is from DKNY.
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The Marble Arch x The Green Swing

So I wore this outfit on my last day in Uganda, we went to the arts and crafts market and I got some really nice earrings and a couple of presents. My cousin's took the piss out of the way I take pictures and change my poses so easily. Magazine editors and ad agencies, come and use me o, I'm ever ready for the pictures!

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Christmas Beauty A'fair

Hey Y'all

I'm back in Lagos and it's good to be home. I'm going to be posting quite a lot till the end of the year. I want to put up at least 16 more so I end the year with an even number of 130 post or maybe I'll just do 6 and end with 120, we'll see. I really don't want any unfinished articles in my drafts folder.

So I'm starting off with my Haul from the Christmas Beauty A'fair. I had a budget of 10k, that was all I took out of the atm and I didn't go over it, Yayy me! The fair happened the same day I wore my orange dress.
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Olori 'Damage Be Gone' Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hey Guys

So, this is my review of the Olori Deep Conditioning Treatment which I was gifted at Naturals in the city 9, it got a little mention in my wash day post too. The owner, Toyin Odulate, was really sweet, she's worked with organisations like L'oreal, Accenture and MTN . Her grandfather invented Alabakun powder, this product creation thing is obviously in their genes.
Love the bag
and the packaging too
So, Olori Cosmetics is a natural African bath and body company. The "Damage Be Gone" Deep Conditioning treatment is an affordable luxury product made using a recipe that has been in her family for years. The ingredients are 100% natural/organic and were sourced from six states namely Kwara, Ekiti, Ondo, Abuja, Kebbi and Kano. (I've only been to one of these states o, imagine!)

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First Things First

I'm the realest, something something something something something. I really don't know the lyrics to all these American rap songs and I'm not interested in learning but I heard a lot of them yesterday which is why this blogpost is titled so.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you should know I'm out of the country at the moment. I'm in Uganda for my cousin's wedding, all the wedding celebrations ended yesterday, today is a day of rest. It's 5pm and one of my cousin's is still sleeping, much needed rest.

It's my first time in this part of Africa, the only other African Country I've been to is Ghana and that was in 2003 so I'm really glad that my parents sent me here to represent them. I went to Seme Border in secondary school for excursion but I'm not sure that really counts as going to Benin Republic or does it?

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Orange Twirl

Hey Guys,

How are you doing? My play, Band Aid is tomorrow at Muson, I must see some of you there o!
I  wore this outfit on Sunday to the Christmas Beauty A'fair, haul post coming soon, I got a lot of much needed makeup goodies :)

I went with Teni (from this post)  and Mosope (from this one). Wore my hair in a puff but I thought it looked slightly boring/plain so Mosope kindly gave me 2 of the Bobby pins in her hair. I put one on each side to create that frohawk effect. I think it came out nicely/added a little spunk to the outfit, what do you think?

This dress used to be one of my favourites, I bought it from Dorothy Perkins sometime in 2012, you might catch a glimpse of it in my birthday timeline post. Heels are from Zara via Kampke as seen in this post.

Oh, yeah, this lip colour isn't one I own but  it is LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Coy. Shop Sisi matched my foundation at the Beauty Fair and tried it out on me, it's very lilacy and different from any lip colour I've ever tried.

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Printastic :)

Hey Guys!

Remember the skirt from this post, well it has to be one of my favourite fabrics, I made many items of clothing from it and this top is one of them. My Riding Pants are from American Apparel and my flats are from Kampke.com (really affordable and comfy). I wore this outfit to the Block Party on Saturday. Pictures were taken by Mosope (from this post & this post) and Teni (from this post).

Oh yeah, the top was made by Eniola (from this post), send me an email tuke_morgan@hotmail.com if you would like to make something similar. Check out Kampke too, they've got some really nice printastic items.

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Wash Day!

Hey Guys

I took my weave (from this post) off about 2 weeks ago, had it in for 3 weeks. I got tired of straightening the leave out. Even though the ORS Straightening and Strengthening Treatment leaves my hair in a stretched form for 3 weeks, it isn't bone straight so my hair wasn't blending in with the weave the way I wanted as seen here and here. If you check out this post, you'll see the transition in texture over the 3 week period when I had the ORS treatment in.

Back in Uni and A levels, I used to keep my braids in for 3 months, I would keep them in for the whole term, how things have changed. I was really excited for my first wash day after the weave as I was extremely eager to try out the Olori Deep Conditioning Treatment.
My Coconut Oil has almost run out which is why I got some at the block party
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Block Party with some Cool Kids

Hey Y'all

I had a really busy/fun weekend. Started off with The Experience on Friday and then loads of activities on Saturday. Mosope (purple lips) and Teni (headscarf) slept over and Harira lives in my estate so we hit the streets together.

Our First stop was a make up store in Lekki as they were  doing 50% off and it was ending on Saturday. Sadly, they didn't have many of the items on my list and there were no foundation samples either so I ended up going for the Christmas Beauty Affair the next day (i.e. Sunday).

Our next stop was a Garden Party organised by Harira's church, The Waterbrook and it was held at Bistro 7. It was a really cool initiative, we got there towards the end of the event, they had already eaten. It was a strictly female party, free pedicures and manicures. Ladies were split into groups based on their age and were having discussions. My group spoke about purpose, relationships and other life issues, We left as the cooking competition was about to begin.

The whitespace creative agency in Ikoyi had a block party and the Kinky apothecary had a stall there. I restocked on my coconut oil and whipped shea butter. One of my friends DJ-ed too, his name is Obinna and he is a cool kid (Follow him on instagram @pretty_coool). I bumped into a lot of old and new friends and took loads of pictures.

Mosope and Harira
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The Experience 2014

Hey Guys :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

I had a pretty busy one and it involved a sleepover too. In my previous post, I mentioned that I had a couple of spare tickets for the Experience and a number of my readers emailed me saying they were interested.

I just want to say a big Thank you to all of you who read my blog, I wasn't really sure if anyone would email saying they wanted one. It was a nice feeling knowing that some people I haven't seen or spoken to in years, my senior's and junior's in Secondary school and even a mother read my blog.

There's a difference when someone says "I read your article" and "I read your article and the phrase about fishes climbing trees really resonated with me". I'm glad my words have some sort of impact, no matter how little, the person was referring to this NYSC post on Bella Naija by the way.

I wasn't actually planning to write about The Experience but my dad asked when it was coming out and I found it sweet that he had actually read the previous one.

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My experience at the Experience 2013

Hey Guys!

So I attended The Experience for the first time last year and it was an amazing event. I actually wrote about it so that my friend's who couldn't make it would know how it went. This year's own is happening at TBS today and it's free. I have some extra VIP tickets so leave a comment or send an email if you're interested. (tuke_morgan@hotmail.com)

I recently read my recount of last year's event. It was interesting to read and I noticed my writing style has changed slightly, I don't think I am as descriptive as I used to be.

As we drove into TBS, I was pretty impressed at how organised everything was. I went with my Uncle, Pastor Sola Fola-Alade, his PA and my cousin, Teni. We walked towards the VIP entrance, and the protocol people welcomed us eagerly, then informed the Protocol people at the stage that Pastor Sola was being escorted over with 3 guests. 

We went through a security turnpike then proceeded to the main arena and I was overwhelmed by the size of the crowd. I have been to TBS a number of times, particularly for RCCG programs but I have never seen it sooo full. There was literally no space in the bleachers, the stage was wonderfully lit, everything was On Point!

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My HSF Spa Experience

Hello Readers :)

How are you?

I had a really amazing experience at HSF Wellness Centre in Ikoyi last week. Remember Feyi Adesanya, she took the pictures in this post and blogs at The Modish Method. Well, she messaged me one day in November and asked if I would be interested in a free spa day. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. I haven't gotten a professional massage since I went to China in 2012. Read on to get the lowdown :)
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It's December, Baby!!

Hey Guys

Happy New Month!

2014 is almost over, it isn't too late to achieve those goals you set at the beginning of the year. I'm working on mine and would do a final goal audit post on the last day of the year. But check out my 5 month audit here. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know I'm going to be in a play next week, It's called Band Aid and I'm really excited for it.

My readers, you must come and watch it o, I'll be acting and playing the sax too. If you want a 1k discount for the 6:30 show, send me an email (tuke_morgan@hotmail.com) and I'll let you know how. Tickets for the 1pm and 4pm show are being sold for 2k on Dealdey at the moment so buy yours ASAP as the offer expires in 5 days. Also, if you love to shop at Mango and would like a N25,000 giftcard at a 20% discount, send an email to tuke_morgan@hotmail.com and I'll holla back.

I went for the Eloy Awards on Sunday with my friends, the twins from this post. Sisi Yemmie won blogger of the year, whoohoo, Big Congratulations to her!! Would you like to read about my experience there? It was pretty different from what I expected. My best friend, Mosope, who was also featured in this post is going to be a year older in 2 weeks and 2 days, she's a December Baby.

Hope you enjoy her style feature!

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