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My HSF Spa Experience

Hello Readers :)

How are you?

I had a really amazing experience at HSF Wellness Centre in Ikoyi last week. Remember Feyi Adesanya, she took the pictures in this post and blogs at The Modish Method. Well, she messaged me one day in November and asked if I would be interested in a free spa day. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. I haven't gotten a professional massage since I went to China in 2012. Read on to get the lowdown :)

So the wellness centre is on number 2, Raymond Njoku street, which is off Awolowo road, the first left when you're coming from Falomo. It's a really nice Mint green building with warm and polite staff. I was supposed to meet up with Feyi but sadly she couldn't make it so I enjoyed the process on my own.

First thing was to fill a form with my contact and health details. The next step was to drop my shoes off and wear some waterproof slippers. I was taken to a room upstairs and given a towel and shower cap. I put all my belongings in one of the lockers, then headed to the shower. I had a nice, warm one and then it was time for my scrub.
Kinda awkward, I didn't think I would have to be in my birthday suit but yeah if I hadn't stayed in NYSC Camp, I definitely wouldn't have been comfortable lying naked. The scrub was a mixture of milk, Shea butter, honey and some other secret ingredients. My therapist for the day, Lilian massaged it into the back of my body and then the front.
I headed into the steam room and boy, was it toasty in there?! I've been in a Sauna once, in Nottingham but a steam room is a completely different experience/level, you can't see anything. My body released soooo much sweat, I'm sure all the toxins are gone.
I got into the shower once more and then headed downstairs for my aromatherapy massage. The ambience in the room was very nice. Lilian used a mix of lavender and grape seed oil. It did wonders for my body. My skin felt so soft, like a baby's buttom and I really felt pampered like my name implies. Adetuke- Crown is worth being taking care of/ worth being pampered/ worth being nurtured.
You too can experience all this for only N6,000. I think that is super affordable plus they have some really cool offers. You get a free treatment when you become a member, treats on your birthday, a free treatment when you refer 2 people and couples discount too.
They have a gym and a personal trainer on ground. That will definitely be my spot if I was a gym nut as it is super accessible especially for those that work on Awolowo road. Plus, they close at 10pm on weekdays so you can exercise till the traffic dies down.
Let me know if you've ever gotten a massage in Nigeria and where you got it done/if you've been to a spa in Nigeria before. I've always wanted to try one of the places offered on Dealdey, at least you know HSF wellness centre is a tried, true and trusted one.


  1. BMS spa :) magbon close ikoyi! Can't remember the price but the cake that comes with the tea they give you! So nice x

  2. At the end of your massage if I recall!

    1. Oh, nice! Ain't nothing like cake to get one coming back!