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Olori 'Damage Be Gone' Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hey Guys

So, this is my review of the Olori Deep Conditioning Treatment which I was gifted at Naturals in the city 9, it got a little mention in my wash day post too. The owner, Toyin Odulate, was really sweet, she's worked with organisations like L'oreal, Accenture and MTN . Her grandfather invented Alabakun powder, this product creation thing is obviously in their genes.
Love the bag
and the packaging too
So, Olori Cosmetics is a natural African bath and body company. The "Damage Be Gone" Deep Conditioning treatment is an affordable luxury product made using a recipe that has been in her family for years. The ingredients are 100% natural/organic and were sourced from six states namely Kwara, Ekiti, Ondo, Abuja, Kebbi and Kano. (I've only been to one of these states o, imagine!)

The instructions came on this card which was in the bag
These pictures were taken at 6am after The Experience, The earlier I wash my hair the earlier it dries plus I took advantage of the fact that my cousin, Oyinade was there to take the pictures, instead of mirror reflections.
Dry Hair
This time round, I applied the treatment in smaller sections and twisted it instead of using clips. My eyes look tired because I was tired, peep the experience VVIP band on my wrist :)
For me, now that I've gone natural, I can never go back
All twisted up :)
Chunkier twists at the back
My hair was supposed to be covered for 15-30 minutes, however I kinda fell asleep and woke up at about 9 then washed it out so I had it in for about 3 hours

This is what my hair looked like after it had dried
I used the side clips from this post to achieve the fro hawk

This is what my hair looked like the day after I DC'd using the Olori 'Damage Be Gone' Deep Conditioning Treatment
I used 1 bobby pin on each side for this look, tres simple
Happy Hair = Happy Tuks
P.S. The Olori Cosmetics Brand is not related/affiliated to Olori.com.ng (the online retail store) in any way.

This product shall now be added to my regimen, I love the thickness, the smell and the fact that it's filled with so much natural goodness plus it makes my hair feel soooo good.

You can purchase it at KL's Natural's in Dolphin, the owner Kemi, did a review of it here.


  1. your hair looks so healthy. I love that your are promoting Nigerian hair products.
    Es x x

    1. Thank you Esther :) the products are worth promoting, I'm glad good things are coming out of Nigeria :D

  2. Your hair looks lovely. For a while I've been thinking of going natural and seeing how good your hair looks....i'm still deciding tho.

    1. Thanks Sogie
      Yayyy!! Feel free to ask me any questions you've got.

  3. Dear Tuke, thanks very much for this lovely review of our DamageBeGone porduct, but more importantly we're glad that your hair loves it. We're coming out with our co-wash/cleansing shampoo product in January, so will keep you posted on that. Wishing you continued #HappyHair & Happy Holidays! xoxo

    1. You're welcome :)
      Oh, nice, I'm excited for the new products, looking forward to trying them!
      Thank you :D
      Enjoy the holiday :)