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Christmas Beauty A'fair

Hey Y'all

I'm back in Lagos and it's good to be home. I'm going to be posting quite a lot till the end of the year. I want to put up at least 16 more so I end the year with an even number of 130 post or maybe I'll just do 6 and end with 120, we'll see. I really don't want any unfinished articles in my drafts folder.

So I'm starting off with my Haul from the Christmas Beauty A'fair. I had a budget of 10k, that was all I took out of the atm and I didn't go over it, Yayy me! The fair happened the same day I wore my orange dress.

I studied Economics and I have this habit of going round the shops and comparing prices before I finally make my purchase. I did that on the day of the fair and ended up getting different things from different stalls.
Mosope trying on Sleek's Duke

By the way guys, Pops Concepts, the organisers of the make up fair series are hiring. They are looking for Executive Assistants and Interns who are passionate about make up/beauty, Social Media Savvy, can use Microsoft Office and have good Communication Skills. If you're interested, send an email to

4 Milani Lip pencils at N400 each, the fuschia one is my fave
 I got the Davis pencil for N100

Milk of Magnesia-N1,300 and some blotting paper N500
These cost N250 each from @makeupmavennyng on Instagram
I got these for free in my goody bag from makeupmavennyng, Yayyy me
A blue Eye Liner, Sun screen, pocket primer and lip gloss
Trying to figure out my foundation shade at shop sisi's stall

Shop Sisi  on Instagram, she's really sweet
Revlon Colourstay foundation in Cappuccino, I think it might be too dark though as the lighting in the hall wasn't the greatest. I haven't used it since the fair sha N2,700
Got this wet and wild lipstick complimentary
Elf Primer N2,000
Sleek Blotting Paper N800
That's it folks. Have you got any new make up products lately?


  1. I think it's a good idea that you mentioned the company was hiring because it'll help people that are interested in a career in makeup

    1. Thanks Tunrayo
      It'll be lovely if one of my readers starts working with them.

  2. Lovely post. Thanks for the job info. Wud love to apply. Compliments of the season

    1. Thank you Elizabeth
      Compliments of the season to you too! Good Luck with the application, I hope you get the job!

  3. Well done Tuke. Compliments of the season! I am hoping for the sax play in 2015 :) . Get in touch *wink*

    1. Thank you Traycee, same to you! Yes o, me on the sax and you on the stove!

  4. I didn't study economics but I have the habit of comparing prices too...its the reason why I don't like shopping...
    Too much trekking..waka waka to check for better

    1. Loool, it's necessary o!
      In Economics, they call it shoe leather cost as the leather on your shoe wears away/disintegrates as you walk from shop to shop :)
      Thank God for all these online shops sha, you can compare prices and order from the cheapest one!