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My experience at the Experience 2013

Hey Guys!

So I attended The Experience for the first time last year and it was an amazing event. I actually wrote about it so that my friend's who couldn't make it would know how it went. This year's own is happening at TBS today and it's free. I have some extra VIP tickets so leave a comment or send an email if you're interested. (

I recently read my recount of last year's event. It was interesting to read and I noticed my writing style has changed slightly, I don't think I am as descriptive as I used to be.

As we drove into TBS, I was pretty impressed at how organised everything was. I went with my Uncle, Pastor Sola Fola-Alade, his PA and my cousin, Teni. We walked towards the VIP entrance, and the protocol people welcomed us eagerly, then informed the Protocol people at the stage that Pastor Sola was being escorted over with 3 guests. 

We went through a security turnpike then proceeded to the main arena and I was overwhelmed by the size of the crowd. I have been to TBS a number of times, particularly for RCCG programs but I have never seen it sooo full. There was literally no space in the bleachers, the stage was wonderfully lit, everything was On Point!

I sat down and thought to myself that if anyone came there with evil intentions (to rob, cause havoc or just look for wahala) they would undoubtedly be changed, Gods presence filled the place. 
About 10 minutes after we were seated, the ushers passed round chilled water and soda, please note that this was a free concert so this was a very sweet and considerate gesture. 

We got there as Reverend Sam Adeyemi was leading prayer. When he was done, the MC said that even though it wasn't yet midnight (it was round 10) next on stage we have MIDNIGHT CREW. They were dressed in Asian inspired Kaftans and they definitely owned the stage. Performing Hits like Igwe, the night started on a great High. The MC sometimes spoke incognito (so we couldn't see his face), he gently ignited our systems by making statements such as 'Donnie McClurkin can't wait to come on stage', 'Don Moen is sitting down excitedly', 'I just bumped into Yolanda Adams', etc. He really kept the excitement levels up, past and present corpers will understand that Morale was Highhhh!

Next up on stage was a man from the South South region of Nigeria, none other than Sammie Okposo. His choir got on stage before him, dressed in impeccably white attire. This was my first time hearing him sing, even though I've seen his picture, CDs and name round town. His voice has such a powerful and commanding tone to it, Beautiful.

Chigurl was next on stage, she cracked some jokes and sang some of her famous hits. She kept on saying 'Don't tape me o, make u no go spoil my market' in the strongest igbo accent. If you don't know about her, google 'I don't want to be a weist' hehe. She introduced the Lagos Metropolitan Gospel Choir in a pretty convincing American Accent, transforming her voice was a piece of cake to her. The choir led us in our second hymn for the night and as they were walking off the stage, the instrumentals for Tye Tribbet's 'Bless the Lord' started playing in the Background. 

He then ran/flew/hopped on stage with his singers who were dressed in white tops and jeans. Their energy level was electrifying and Donnie McClurkin jokingly called him a terrorist because he's got that much energy. They were all bouncing/jumping round the stage, crip walking and giving us some Funky moves, you could tell they had practised a lot and they were genuinely excited to be there. One of his female back up singers led us in an Amazing worship song, her voice was soooo soothing and calming, the atmosphere changed in a dramatically good way. 

Eben was next, his voice reaches keys that ladies would find difficult. He sang Imarama Babaa, and kept on smiling, I like him.

Akpororo the comedian was up next, his voice is quite similar to Sammie Okposo, but not as strong. He dey wear skinnnny jeans sha, joke about Vampire needing blood was funny.

Tudor Bismark followed and he led the word. I must admit that sleep crept up on me at this point, I tried to fight it by licking a lollipop but when I woke up, Pastor Paul Adefarasin was just leaving the stage.

The MC then called up the don of music whose songs have been used to lead worship in the different states of Nigeria, Don Moen. Its sooo cute how he still ministers at his old age, he sound checked his violin and then sat down at the keyboard. He started with 'Thank you Lord' moved to 'Arise', 'God will make a way' and many other great hits.

I went to the toilet at some point during his ministration. The queue shortened quite quickly as people were tired of waiting for the water to be pumped. The dmt facilities were quite clean, it wasn't the average blue dmt toilet, this one had a mirror, hand dryer, sink, etc.

I bumped into some familiar faces on my way back e.g. Rere's mum, aunty Ronkus, Miss Oni, IB volunteer and Tara:) 

Frank Edwards was singing when I got back to my seat, Mma Mma Eh. He looked quite dapper in his bowtie, suit and glasses & he plays the keyboard in a very calm way. 

Yolanda Adams was up next, she was the only one who didn't have back up singers and she sang soooo effortlessly. She's quite tall, rather graceful and her song ' I've got the victory, sweet victory in Jesus' brought back fond memories.

The people on the protocol team were given small chops and I was hungry o, the smell was soo tantalising. I was really pleased when the protocol guys next to us gave Teni and I their chops. I didn't even follow the hierachy, just moved to the spring and the Sam. Teni and I like food shaaa, we traded puff puff for mosa. I realised that I can be quite easy to please, give me small chops and I'm your friend :) hehe

Donnie McClurkin was my favourite minister of the night, my uncle moved us to the second row just before he came up and the small chops we had eaten proved a great energy boost. He ended with 'Hail Jesus you're my King', I haven't heard that song in soooo long, Love it Love it Love it. I remember it was on one of them Kidz Praise CD's I had as a young girl. 

He sang stand, I call you Holy, Days of Elijah and even invited Frank Edwards on stage so he could sing Holy in Igbo and Yoruba. You could tell that Frank Edwards was deeply honoured and humbled to have had the priviledge of sharing the stage with an amazing Gospel Legend. It made me realise that your gifts/talent will make room for you and I wasn't utilising the gifts I had been blessed with. When they sang Great is your Mercy, I remembered the RY Praise Night Drama, and my sax was my gift.
I would like to watch that play sha and would love to have a convo with Donnie, he seems like such a chilled and down to earth guy.

Pastor Agu Irukwu prayed and we were heading out but then Pastor Paul stopped Pastor Sola and asked him to lead the closing prayer so we stayed till the end, hehe, Yayy us, his first time staying till the end o. 

Mike Aremu's band members were on stage as Pastor Agu was praying and you could tell they were sooo gingered to play. I have watched his performance at last year's The Experience sooo many times and I sort of preferred it to this one cuz he started with worship last year. 

Pastor Bimpe Mfon was near us at this time and we were moving on our seats. She said we should stand up and dance so even though we were slightly tired we boooogied down, hehe.  Anyhoo, Kingsley Ike was the last to minister, and its quite amazing how the crowd reacted to him, wamilele wamilele, was sooo good. People were obviously tired but still lifted their chairs and waved their hankies. Pastor Sola ended with the closing prayer and then we made our merry way home.

I have been looking forward to attending 'The Experience' for 6 years. I was geared to attend the 2nd edition but my Grandma (dad's mum) passed away that night (May her soul RIP) and I was schooling in England when the next 5 ones occured. Thus, I had great expectations as everyone I asked about previous ones said it was amazing/stupendous/wonderful but no one gave much detail. 

I have tried to verbally express my experience at 'The Experience'. Trust the pictures and videos will provide another viewpoint. Till next year, tata



  1. wooww, so interesting, pls i do care for a VIP ticket ooooo

    1. Send me an email if you haven't already. I've given 4 out, there's one left.

  2. I remember that "terrorist statement" from
    I had an ama-mazing time last year too..