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Tuke Morgan Blogversary Giveaway

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!!

My schedule has been so full these past couple of days, Thank God for growth and progress sha. I exhibited at the Wed Expo over the weekend and I also had a gig on Sunday Night. It was stressful, it really was but my friends and family turned up to support/help me and I really really really appreciate them.

Thank you Inikpi, Jemma, Ore, Tola, Buki, Bunmi, Kenny, Tomi, Ndali, Olamipo, Teni, Ify and Ogochukwu, You guys rock!

I learnt so many lessons this weekend, written them out already, would you like me to share what I learnt?
The giveaway  post is finally here, yippee, this post haas been chilling in my Drafts for a while because:

  • I had to wait for some of the products to arrive from Ibadan. 
  • I had to find time to take pictures of them (didn't bother editing). 
  • I had to make a poster, I felt like something was missing from the ones I made so Ibukun who designed my Tuke Morgan logo made this poster, isn't it cute.

If you didn't know, blogging is a process, like Berry Dakara mentioned in this post, it's worth it though.
So, I'm celebrating a couple of things:

  • Last month, was my Blogversary
  • I finished building my personal website www.tukemorgan.com
  • I hit 5k on Instagram
  • I worked with some cool brands and the blog got the highest number of monthly views :) :D
  • Plus, I hit 300k on the Blog last week, these numbers might be small to some but I'm grateful for little steps :) 

The giveaway has been sponsored by Circus Prime Logistics.
You have to follow them on Instagram @cpl_lagos for your giveaway entry to be valid as they will be delivering the prizes to the winners.
You also have to take a picture of the bike when it delivers your present or share a picture of yourself with the prize on Instagram with the Hashtag #CircusPrimeLogistics #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway.
Ensure you subscribe to the Blog here as only those who are subscribed qualify for the giveaway.

So each day for the next 7 days, this post will be updated with a picture of the item that is up for grabs. You have to post the giveaway poster on Instagram with the Caption:
I want to win a .... from ..... in the #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway  because.....
You have to follow the brand that is sponsoring the giveaway that day.
The winner will be chosen based on their reason for entering the giveaway.

Kindly leave a comment with your Instagram Handle and email address so that your entry is counted and so you can be contacted easily if you win.

The first item to be given away is
3 Bottles of Afroriri Hair Products courtesy @afribeautyhub
Coconut Oil, Detangling Conditioner and Moisturizing Shampoo.
On Instagram, leave a caption saying I want to win 3 Bottles of Afroriri Hair Products courtesy @afribeautyhub in the #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway because.....

So, the winner of the Afroriri Hair Products courtesy @afribeautyhub is @nty.o, Congratulations!
You shall receive a mail from me shortly!

A few things to note:
Many of you didn't use the Hashtag which makes it difficult to track if you reposted the image or not.
Many of you reposted the picture of the product instead of the Blogversary Giveaway Poster
If you don't follow all the instructions your entry is invalid, so please be careful, don't let your efforts be in vain.


The Next item to be given away is this Gold Plated Belt.
I bought it sometime last year but it's too big for my waist so if you're interested in winning this your waist size should be at least 29/30 inches, it's stretchable too.
To win this belt repost the Giveaway Poster with the Caption " I want to win this gold plated belt in the #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway because......
Don't forget to follow @cpl_lagos on Instagram and ensure you subscribe here too!

Congratulations @thealaroro, you won the belt!!

The item up for grabs today is this Beautiful Throw Pillow from The Homeshop by Abby!
I want to win this Throw Pillow courtesy @TheHomeShopByAbby in the #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway because.....
Don't forget to follow @cpl_lagos on Instagram and ensure you subscribe here!
Leave a comment with your email address and Instagram handle too!

Congratulations @dammzz_ You won the pillow

So I've got 3 Ralph Lauren Tops to giveaway. They are like the one I wore in this post except for the fact that they are V neck.

Three people will win 1 top each.

To stand a chance to win one repost the Giveaway poster with the caption, I want to win the Pink & White/Blue & White with thin stripes/Teal & White with Thick Stripes #RalphLauren Top in the #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway because....

Kindly specify which colour you want, two of them are a size small, the third one is an X-Small.
The X-small is fitted on me but the Small is a bit loose.

Congratulations @ojofoluke, you won the pink and white top
@mheez_splinkz, you won the Teal and white top
@hadassah_toks, you won the Blue and white top

Kindly send your phone number and delivery address to tuke_morgan@hotmail.com

P.S. People who have never won a giveaway I've hosted stand a better chance
P.P.S. Make sure you fulfill all the criteria for entry i.e. follow @cpl_lagos on Instagram and ensure you subscribe to the blog here!

The next item to be given away is some Makeup. An Metallic Eyeshadow Quad and a Vibrant Blue Eyeshadow Pot from Banke Meshida Pro.
To win the eyeshadow's repost the Giveaway Poster with the Caption
I want to win  Eyeshadow from Elf and BM Pro courtesy @afribeautyhub in the #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway because.....

Don't forget to follow @cpl_lagos on Instagram and ensure you subscribe here!
Leave a comment with your email address and Instagram handle too!

Congratulations @amaranwakire, you won the eyeshadow's, kindly send an email to tuke_morgan@hotmail.com with your email address and phone number, all deliveries shall be made next week.

The next item up for grabs are the heels I wore in this post.
To win the heels, repost the Giveaway Poster with the Caption " I want to win strappy sandals from Lipsy in the #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway because......"

Don't forget to follow @cpl_lagos on Instagram and ensure you subscribe here!Leave a comment with your email address and Instagram handle too

Congratulations @Mz_teniolade, you won the heels, kindly send an email to tuke_morgan@hotmail.com, with your phone number and email address.

The Blogversary Giveaway is about to come to an end.
The final item up for grabs is this tub of Whipped Shea Butter from @shealoveafrica

To win the tub repost the Giveaway Poster with the Caption
I want to win a tub of Whipped Shea Butter from @shealoveafrica in the #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway because.....

Don't forget to follow @cpl_lagos & @shealoveafrica on Instagram and ensure you subscribe here!
Leave a comment with your email address and Instagram handle too!
If you don't follow the rules, your entry isn't valid.
So, don't miss out because you haven't read the rules properly.

Congratulations@Bukunolami12, you won the final Prize, kindly send an e-mail to tuke_morgan@hotmail.com with your delivery address and phone number.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

You Rock!!!



  1. Congratulations bubba. I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Whoop whoop! Congratulations hunnie!

    Let the fun begin!

    By the way, unless I missed the post, I did not know that you were exhibiting at Wed Expo.

    So, can we win one or multiple? What are the rules beyond follow on Instagram? How will winners be decided?

    1. Thanks Hun!
      I didn't put it up on the blog but I mentioned it on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.
      The winners will be chosen based on the reason why they want/need the item.
      Each person can only win one!

  3. Hawt_ee

  4. Congratulations Tuke, I want to win this 3 bottles of hair product oh, Drenched_grace gracekalu35@yahoo.com

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on 300K and everything great that's happening to you!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  6. I hope it's not too late.

  7. Congratulations!!! I want to win something oooo @joyobiesie morningstar4real@yahoo.com

    1. But you didn't repost the giveaway poster?

  8. Congrats Tuke. I pray for more growth in all your endeavours.

  9. Congrats on your blogversary Tuke! It's mine too this month.
    Your numbers are awesome. Not small at all, a lot higher than mine, which is a lot higher than zero innit?
    You're doing great girl.

    1. Thank you Sandra, Awwww, we are month mates :)
      Cogratulations Girl, you're right :D

  10. Good evening gorgeous ma'am my handle is @ojofoluke from instagram. My email address is preciousfoluwakemi@gmail.com. Thanks for wanting to give out out of your abundance. I hope to win soon.

    1. Thanks for taking the giveaway, your entry has been noted.

  11. Congratulations on such great progress!

  12. Congrats Tuke. I would have entered for the giveaway but I guess they aren't meant for me as I am never lucky so congratulations in advance to the winners.

    1. Loool, you should try jo.
      Don't give up on your breakthrough just before it happens.

  13. Congratulations on all your milestones! For a newbie, I understand how big those numbers are so... YAAAY to you.

    @thealaroro on IG for the giveaway!

    1. Thank you Vivian!
      What's your email address so I can confirm that you are subscribed.

    2. Hi Tuke, shuggarkein@gmail.com.


  14. Unfortunately i cannot comment on Instagram because i have been suspended till Sunday(@wathonianyansi) 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

    I want to win this Throw Pillow courtesy @TheHomeShopByAbby in the #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway because I love the colour and would use it to play with my son

  15. Adetuke!!!

    Your posts keep inspiring me to do more with my blog! (trust me i really do). Thanks for every smile you install on this face with your words :)

    Congrats on hitting 300k!
    I promise I'll come for the pillow this time xx

    1. Awww, good good, I'm glad :)
      Thank you!!!
      Hmmmm, this girl!
      People who haven't ever won a giveaway i've hosted stand a better chance

  16. IG: @dm_lola
    Email : dammilolang@gmail.com

  17. Congratulations Tuke!!! *looks for tambourine* You doing so well! :)

  18. Congratulations darling! Good job. Hope to celebrate my blogiversary sometime too! I want the Pink Ralph Lauren Top!!! <3 <3 <3

  19. congrats tuke i wish to win for once from one ,have been ur fan my email is amaranwakire@gmail.com and my ig handle is @amaranwakire

  20. congrats dear my my i.g handle is bukunolami12,and my e-mail address is oyenekanoluwabukolami@gmail.com......thank you.

  21. I want to win the strappy sandals
    IG: @mz_teniolade
    Email : adesanyaopemipo@gmail.com

  22. i want to win the strappy sandals because it will serve me by on 1st of may that i will be going for my elder sisters wedding my handle is @biancaugo84 biancaugo84@gmail.com

  23. I love you tuke, thanks for inspiring so many people... You natural hair makes me feel like keeping mine forever.

  24. Tuke thanks for being an inspiration to many including myself. you make me wanna keep my natural hair *you rock girl

    1. You're welcome, you should give the Natural Hair Journey a shot, you just might like it :)

  25. i want to win a tub of Whipped Shea Butter from @shealoveafrica in the #TukeMorganBlogversaryGiveaway because am a lover of shea butter it helps soothes my body and i have been using it to rub on my body for a smotther skin having one from you will be of great help thanks @biancaugo84 biancaugo84@gmail.com

  26. @joyobiesie morningstar4real@yahoo.com

  27. @joyobiesie on Instagram, morningstar4real@yahoo.com