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Food Tasting at La Taverna Lagos

Hey Guys,

So I went to La Taverna last week for a food tasting and It was a really cool experience.

If you are subscribed to my Newsletter, you would know I've got a food taster event in the works for Seafood Lovers. If you aren't subscribed better do so now by clicking here as the spaces will be limited for the food taster. It will most likely be on the 9th of April, so save the date!
I've been to La Taverna a number of times, check out one review here. I've played Sax there a couple of times too and the owner, who is the Head Chef is a really nice & friendly guy.
He called me about 2 weeks ago and invited me for a food taster which held last week.
He's added a couple of new items to the menu so invited a couple of bloggers to try it out and give their thoughts.
I got there a bit late as I was engaged at work. It kinda sucks as I missed the Starters which was Seafood Galore.
The first thing I tried was Stuffed Bell Peppers.
It was a mixture of rice, kidney beans and cheese.
As you can see, I cleared my pepper :)
The next thing I tried was this chicken wrapped in Parma Ham.
It was delicious, it really was.
It was nicely plated too.
The pictures remind me of Angels on Horseback as seen in this post .
It tasted really good and the Wasabi drizzle was a great accompaniment.
I love the fact that it's compact so you can just pop it into your mouth.

The next item I tried was the Potato Cake.

It came in a cute clay bowl and on first look I thought it was Lasagne.

Upon further analysis, I realised it bore more similarities to a Cottage Pie/Shepherd's Pie.
There was minced meat, carrot cubes, sliced onions and egg.
I usually don't like Mash Potato's but I liked this dish
I played around with the angles a bit and took some more pictures of my food.
It pained me that I didn't try the Seafood though.
I got a Chapman which was nice.
Chef Christian made a special Jameson mix that many people seemed to like.
The next set of Mains came with Pork Ribs & Mash Potato.
The ribs came with Mushrooms too.
As you can tell, I enjoyed taking & editing these pictures.
I'm not a huge fan of pork though so I didn't eat much of it.
Pork is really really popular in China btw.
The pork was really fatty too.
The Mash had bits of Parsley in it.
It gave the mash a different flavour, like it had some unique twist to it.
Doesn't the pork look tender?
This Dish was called Salmon del Sur.
The sauce had shrimps, calamari, tomatoes and spring onions.
I thought the sprout of Spring Onion was a cute touch.
Surf & Turf.
For the longest time, I had no idea what that phrase meant, now I do :)
Dessert was a Mango Mousse.
It had some sort of Orange Juice in it too.
That's my recap of the Food taster night. 
Hope you enjoyed it !
Which of these dishes do you think you'll enjoy?

P.S. I'm playing Sax there tomorrow so stop by if you can. The address is number 48, Balarabe Musa Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.


  1. Okay, the Salmon Del Sur and Potato Bowl look soooo delicious!!!

    But I have to ask... why didn't you eat your pepper? It's all about Fit Fam o. Eat your veggies!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Everything looks delish (and as usual; I want!!!).... but I hate Wasabi. It's too strong, maybe cos I have tried it only once (last yr when I had sushi for the first time). The thing almost choked

    1. Hehehe, eyah!
      It wasn't too strong o, surprisingly!
      The few times I've had it at Japanese restaurants, it was much stronger.

  3. They all look delicious!!

  4. I am living through you right now sister!!!!! Btw I agree with berry. Eat your veggies.

  5. Loved the stuffed bell pepper, potato cake and salmon del sur. Absolutely not a fan if pork, so the pork dish is out.

    These pictures are causing a rumbling in my tummy :)

  6. Your food photography skills are amazeballs. The potato cake did it for me and the meal with pork in it.

  7. I love your food posts I am definitely taking notes for when I visit Nigeria.

  8. Oh maaaan,
    I'm reading this early in the morning, very hungry. The chicken in ham,ribs and mash, salmon del sur (I like the spring onion garnish too)♡♡♡ and the mango mousse looks beaut. I'd def order it for dessert. Can I be at the next food tasting?

    1. Pele o!
      They tasted pretty beautiful too.
      You can o, please mail me your number, I actually thought of you when the chef asked me to bring a blogger friend.

  9. I totally love your food photography... I am interested in your Food Taster for Seafood Lovers :)

    1. Awwww, Thank you!
      As long as you stay connected to the blog/social media channels and are subscribed to the newsletter, you will know when the event is!

  10. They look really nice and your photography skills are on point.
    Welldone dear

  11. lovely post! the Ribsss!!!! i want! i want!

    1. Thank you!
      You should visit the restaurant and have some, 48 Balarabe Musa Crescent.