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Weekend Gist: Wedding Gig, Maybe Tomorrow & A Waffle Sandwich

Hey Guys

Happy New Month!

How are you? How was your weekend?

Mine was busy and  my week has been really busy too. I had a deadline for today and attended a friend's birthday at 1415 yesterday. I'm attending an alumni reunion event organised by my university tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to that.
On Friday, I stopped by Freedom Park for the Lagos theatre festival. Parking was N500 which was annoying. I had a slushie and popcorn, the slushie was delicious.
On Saturday, I played at a Wedding at Oriental. I played during the Cocktail hour before the reception began. 
Here's a little clip that was recorded towards the end of the Cocktail hour.
The wedding was organised by 2706 events so I got pictures really quickly. Shout out to efficient event planners :) ;)
From there I went to my brother's primary school for his funday and then I went to Freedom Park to watch Maybe Tomorrow.
 I missed most of the play as I had to allow my little brother enjoy the Funday well.
 I'm glad I met one of the giveaway winner's though. It was really nice seeing her. 
From there I went to Oriental to pick my car as it had been blocked by someone when we left the wedding. Went back home and watched a movie called Lucy on DSTV.
My cousin left Lagos for SA on Sunday so I spent the day with her. We went to Hans and Rene and I bumped into some of my Secondary School Friends there.
I got the Waffle Sandwich, it cost N1,200. The whipped cream was an add on which cost an additional N200. The waffle was yummy and so was the Strawberry Sorbet, the whipped cream wasn't as sweet as I like it but the Caramel drizzle made it better :)
I stopped by at the Fashion cookout on my way home and got myself some nice sandals for N2,000. They will replace my one nation ones which I've rocked here, here, here, here, here and here. (They have really tried)
Will you like a Style post on the all black outfit I wore on Saturday?


  1. Why didn't you show us the sandals na!

  2. I swear you make the sax instrument look cool, tbh! Looks like you had a lovely time. Like Cassie said, i was expecting to see the sandals, but since you said you'd reveal soon. i'd wait.

    BeautifullyJune Blog

  3. It was really nice seeing you too Tuke. Thanks again for the tickets. So those oraisa guys wanted to collect 500 for parking on Sat. See raking!!! The Ijebu woman in me wouldn't just gree. We sha paid 300....Lol. Pls those ushers at the wedding, what is that around them? Wine glasses/stand?? That's a new on for me oo

    I have been to Hans & Rene just once and it was the one at ICM. Their froyo is nice tho. That waffle looks goooooodddd

    1. You're welcome :)
      Loool, Oshey!!!
      Ijebu woman in action ;)

      It's like a little cage that they stand in, 2 of them held wine glasses in theirs while two others held papers and pens so guests could leave messages for the Bride & Groom! Check 2706 events on Instagram or Victoria_f_events to see better pictures of it.

      Haven't tried their Froyo, didn't know they had it, only tried their gelato and cake.

  4. I like how you write and then share pictures. Almost like we were there with you!

    Yes to the style post. :)

  5. The simplicity of the narrative makes the gist more interesting. Big up

  6. Heyyy we were at freedom park at the same time and i got that slushie too! it was so yum! i wish i ran into you again! i did see a lot of exciting people. loved your sax video...

    1. Awwww,thank you!
      Hopefully we run into each other soon again :)

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