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Independence Day at Fun Factory

Happy Belated Independence Day!

It's better late than never right. I have a couple of green and white items in my closet which I bought specifically because they are my country's colours. The dress I'm wearing below is one of such items. I bought it at a really random shop in Nottingham for £5, yahhh, so cheap.

I spent my day at Fun Factory, big sister duty!
It was my first time there and I Loved it. My only problem was finding the entrance, at first I parked at The place which is right next to it  but I got bounced. The actual entrance is through a side street, so the parking is off Admiralty way.

I went there again during the Public Holiday because my brother loved it so much. Happy Belated Eid guys!!

The Shawarma Makers
This was really good, I haven't had a slushy so good in such a long time

Entry is N1,500 per child and N500 per adult
Food is pretty affordable too, N1,000 for a shawarma with 2 sausages in it and loads of chicken and filling.
Slushy is N300 and it was soooo delicious
Popcorn N200
Candy Floss N200

How did you spend your independence day?


  1. You make green and white totally rock with this outfit, this have to be my favorite green and white look this year.
    Now I want to eat Shawarma

    1. Awww, Thanks Sogie, such a sweet comment :) :D
      Needed to hear/read your kind words!

  2. I have to agree with Sogie
    You make green and white look good!
    Nice seeing you in person yesterday (NYSC Unilag stuff)

    1. Awww, Thank you Abby!!! It was nice meeting you as well. I'm sure we'll see next week too and we can take a picture :)

  3. Excellent post. Now I can bring out my green... I'm inspired

  4. You look absolutely stunning! I'm guessing you didn't play any of the games.

    1. Thank you Olu. I didn't play any games but I ate candy floss and drank slushy. I would have felt like an agbaya climbing on the jungle gym with students from the school I taught at watching me.

  5. U sure had fun. Love the dress

    1. Yes, I definitely did, Thank you Elizabeth :)