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Savvy and chic floral themed party!

Hey Guys

This post is coming super late, 1 month and 1 day after to be exact, the Garden party was on September 28th and today is October 29th. I'm sure you've already read all the other blogger's recount of the event. If you haven't check out Naija Hair Can grow, Barbara 1923, Larger than Life, Chloe's Makeover, Sisi Yemmie, Berry Dakara, Fab Diva Writes, African Naturalistas, In Fashion Rehab, Those Natural African Curls, Naija Girl Next Door, Oluseyefunmi (My +1), Don't touch the hair, Zinna of Style Vitae, Leez Nijis and  Kl's Naturals. Some are Beauty bloggers, some are lifestyle bloggers, some are Natural Hair Bloggers while others are Fashion Bloggers.

That weekend was a very busy one for me, I hadn't gotten much sleep. One of my cousin's was recovering from Surgery so I was dashing in and out of the hospital.  Plus Daddy GO came to my church that Sunday so I didn't leave church till pretty late.

The venue which is called The Social Place was beautifully decorated, Shout out to Tolagbe, the owner (my cousin) for the amazing decor. When we got there, Emmanuel Oyeleke was taking pictures of bloggers in groups like the one below and then I found the seat with my name on it.

Very Pretty, right

We all introduced ourselves and said why we started our blogs then Dabs dived straight into the questions as the theme for the day was "The Role of Blogging in Today's Society".
I was very quiet, Dabs expected me to put in a different perspective but I was more of an observer/absorber of information. I've written my answers to the questions as I didn't say anything that day. Baby Blogger learning from the Veteran ones :)

Is there any topic you don't want to to blog about/would rather not blog about?
For me, I haven't said much about my religion, Christianity because I'm an Omo Pastor and people have high expectations, thinking I am capable of quoting scripture, performing miracles,etc I ain't ready for that yet. One blogger said she won't put her boyfriend's picture on the blog until it becomes official i.e. until she becomes a Mrs.

Have you received any negativity and how do you deal with it?
To be honest, the only negativity I've received was from my Bella Naija Article, some of those comments shocked me to the core (I never experred them) but shout out to the people who left positive ones.

Do you think the quality of pictures matter?
Some people use phones but since I started using my DSLR for blog pictures, I'm sorta an Iphone picture snob. I would rather take a picture on my camera, transfer it to my laptop then email it to myself than put an Iphone pic on instagram, so yes, I think picture quality matters. Someone recommended Be funky as an app to edit pictures before they go on Instagram so yeah, check it out.

What happens if you are asked to review a product but it isn't great?
This hasn't happened to me yet but I'll say it as it is or would rather say nothing at all. Daks of Third World Profashional said she gave an honest review about a certain bar and the next time she went there, she wasn't granted entry, imagine.

Do you have any regrets
Not any major ones but sometimes I wish I started blogging earlier. Daks spoke a bit about privacy issues.

Stella of Stella's Addiction wondered what kind of super powers Sisi Yemmie has due to the frequency of her posts, I wonder too as working life ain't easy. When I get back I just want to rest.

It was very interactive, and there were great tips from seasoned bloggers, some of which are necessary to be a succesful blogger.You need to be

  • Passionate
  • Original
  • Genuine
  • Consistent
  • You should follow foreign blogs because they are always doing something new e.g.Garri pepper girl, Pixie woo blog
  • Schedule posts, it will serve as a guideline to follow.
  • You should  be willing to do something for free and after a while people will start paying you to do it. Linda Ikeji is making milliions now as she has put in a lot of effort and worked hard, Rome wasn't built in a day and you will not see the monetary benefits in the short run but in the long run.
I didn't take that many pictures as my camera was acting dodgy and then it started raining but there are pictures on all the blogs I mentioned at the beginning of the post.

Goody Bag Content
I got these last 3 pictures from Berry's blog



  1. Garden party of life....
    so beautiful..

  2. Oh, you were at this bloggers party?niiice..
    I saw pictures of it before.
    First time on your blog and loving it.

    You said Daddy GO came to your church, is it RCCG king's court in VI by any means?

    1. Yes I was. Thanks for checking my blog out :)
      No, it's not, my church is in Gbagada but I remember when he went to King's Court for the building dedication.