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Change: The Hair Experiment

Change, hmm, not really sure how I feel about the word. Sometimes I anticipate it, sometimes I dread it, sometimes I long for it but when it happens I wonder why I wanted it in the first place. Change is inevitable, it's necessary for growth and progress. Change is looming around me, especially since my corper tag expires in 24 hours, hmmm.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted a new look, a change from the fro. I really wanted to do a curly weave that I got from my sister, we did a weave swap but I can't find my closure and I'm not about that straightening hair everyday life. I was considering a fringe as I had done one sometime last year and it turned out pretty nicely. I also considered buying a new wig but I have one Vivicia Fox one that I bought for about 12k and I rocked it for less than a week, it's just hanging on the edge of my bed.

I was looking at The Blowdry bar on Instagram and came across a picture of an ORS Strengthening and Straightening Treatment. The first time I heard about a Straightening treatment was at Naija Hair Can Grow's salon day out. The Beautiful textures brand was used on an attendee but her hair reverted back to normal by the next day so I wasn't really interested in trying that brand out. I called the blow dry bar and they said customers who used it said it lasted for about 2 weeks. The owner replied my comment on Instagram saying she had one to give away. I was sooo happy and excited when I read it, y'all should follow them on Instagram, @theblowdrybar.

I went on over to Kemi Lewis's Saloon as she specialises in Natural Hair. Both of us were really excited, I was probably more excited because
I)  I had been craving a change
II) I knew she would get it right

Oh, yeah, I went to the saloon after doing my final clerance, hence the corper uniform. I was very eager to get it done.

The chosen product, ghen ghen
My Nappy Hair
Freshly washed and dried with a white cotton tee, this is better than using a towel as the strands on a towel can tug on your hair causing breakage
KL studying the instructions intently after dividing my hair into sections with 4 Hair crabs, like the black and white ones in this post
The foam applicator was applied from the back of my head to the front
Section by Section
Hair was covered for 12 minutes so the foam applicator could work it's magic
These are the 3 bottles that came in the box, we only used about a quarter of each which is great
Hair was blowdried from the back
Look at the 2 textures
It's really weird taking mirror pictures with a DSLR, it's much easier with an Iphone
Half Straight/Half Kinky
Just like the girl on the cover of the box
I like the texture shots, don't you?
Blowdried hair, who remembers the name of the dolls with hair that stood up like so?

These next set of pictures were gotten from KL's blog. She used flash so you can see how smooth and shiny my hair was after the whole process. Check out her review here
Kinky City
So nice and smooth
Any Naturalista interested in trying out this hair product?
My hair is still pretty straight and it's been 5 days, let's see how long it'll last with the Lagos Humidity. Imma keep you posted :)

The Blowdry Bar: 19A Olosa Street, Karimu Kotun, VI
KL's Naturals: 29c Ikorodu Crescent, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi



  1. How much was the ORS box? I've got to try it out!
    P.s. Pls post a picture of your day 5 hair to see if its worth the effort since naija humidity can be painful! lol!

    1. It costs N2,500 at the Blowdry Bar. Would take some pictures tomorrow and put them up. It's still pretty straight which is pleasantly shocking.

  2. Ur hair looks really straightened out. Like it is relaxed. Wud love to try it out too. How much did u get it

    1. Yeah, it really looked relaxed. The ors straightening and strengthening treatment costs N2,500 at the blowdry bar.

  3. Please how can I get this product? I stay in portharcourt.

    1. Hey Chinny, send an email to and she'll sort you out

  4. Woah! Looks amazing! I definitely want to try this out someday!

    1. Thanks Reni, would love to see how it works on your hair

  5. Your hair looks good. I'm interested in seeing how long it'll take to revert. I plan to straighten my hair at Christmas, but I don't know. Still afraid of the new straightening technologies, I think I'd just go the traditional way, nothing fancy. (And those dolls with the hair up were called Trollz, I think)

    1. Thanks AB, it'll be 2 weeks tomorrow, the roots have reverted quite a bit but the rest of it is straight. I'm getting slightly bored though and I haven't put any water/moisture in my hair yet as I don't want to tamper with the experiment.

  6. You hair looks healthy so does your scalp too. Love it!!
    Es x x

  7. Hey Tuke,

    Were you still able to install your weave without a closure? And how long did the straight hair last before reverting? Is your entire head of hair fully reverted or are there still some straight ones? Did you wash your hair throughout the period you had straight hair? Please bear with me and my too-many questions, I am just genuinely curious.
    Thank you.

    1. So I was dilly dalying about putting up my update post, it's been in my drafts folder for a while but I wasn't even sure if I was still going to put it as a post or just mention it in another post. Your comment just helped me make my decision plus it shows that people are actually reading and digesting what I write. Thank you :)
      My next post is dedicated to you

  8. hi Tuke just recently came across your blog if your don't mind me asking how long have you been natural and how long is your hair just asking cause it looks quite similar to mine and I'm curious the blog :)

    1. Hey, I've been natural for 3 years and 3 months but this is 2 years and 3 months worth of growth as I had to do the big chop again because I got heat damage. I haven't used a ruler to measure but you can see the length in the pictures where it is straightened. I did a post on my Natural Hair Journey in June, it'll give you an overview of my hair journey.