Tuke's Quest: December 2016

Tuke's Trips: Lekki Conservation Centre

Hey Guys,

2016 is over in a few days, Wow, I pray God protects and preserves us all so we live to see the New Year and many more.

I'm really glad that I was able to put up more travel posts this year. Check out the ones on Omu ResortTarkwa BayEdinburghJohannesburg and the three posts on China: 12 & 3.
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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hey Guys

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope you enjoyed Christmas Day :)

Mine was fun, spent it with family and I really enjoyed the bonding time.
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Christmas Gift ideas

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

Mine was busy with my cousin's engagement, wedding, a gig, a friend's birthday, a friend's movie premiere, a family reunion and then I got a really bad tummy ache which has kept me down for over 24 hours.
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Quick Simple Natural Make up Tutorial WOC

Hey Guys,

Hope your week is going well!
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Restaurant Review: Orchid House Apapa

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!!!

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

I got a cold and sore throat over the weekend which cut down my productivity and made me relatively inactive.
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An Evening at Maybrands

Hey Guys,

Happy Thursday!

Hope you are having a Great Week.
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It's Christmas Time

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!

I know this greeting is coming rather late but the past few days have been super busy.

I played 4 different events in 3 days, clips are usually shown on my insta stories so make sure you check them out.
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