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Tuke's Trips: Omu Resort Lagos

Hey Guys, 

Happy Hump Day!

My Birthday is exactly one week away but I don't plan to celebrate it in any huge way. Want to read about how I celebrated it in previous years, read about it here and here.

I visited Omu Resort during the Worker's Day Long weekend, a day after I went to Tarkwa Bay.
I went with my family members and we had loads of Fun.
I took loads of pictures & videos with my phone so follow me on Instagram & Youtube Page as I'll be sharing them in the next couple of days. They show the true essence of the resort.
Omu resort is located on the Lekki Epe side of Lagos. It's in a town called Bogije which isn't too far from Lagos Business School.
The resort isn't like Zenababs which has accommodation. It isn't by the waterside either.
They have a Zoo, a Sea World, a mini Wax Museum, Go-Karts, Quad Bikes, Archery and loads of rides.
Entry is N3,000 per person for the Gold ticket and N5,000 per person for the platinum tickets.
The difference between Platinum and Gold is that the Platinum gives you access to the Go-Karts and Quad Bikes while the Gold tickets don't.

If you are going with children, there is no point paying for Platinum as people under the age of 16 can't use the go-karts. Groups of 5 pay N12,000 for the Gold ticket and N21,000 for the Platinum one. You can pay at a bank before hand and go with the teller or pay there as they have a POS. Check out their website for more details.
Drinks and Food (Chicken & Chips) are sold there but we took our own drinks and snacks (stopped by at Circle Mall at 5th/6th roundabout to stack up).
I went with my little brother and 3 of my little cousins. One thing I learnt is that when going on group trips to places like this, it helps if members of your group wear bright coloured clothing so they can be spotted easily from afar.
It was a very enlightening and eye opening experience for us all.
One of the most interesting things was that we watched a lion eat a goat, it was pretty scary and sad to be honest.
As you can see from the pictures they have monkeys, chimpanzees, baboons, gorillas, hyenas, crocodiles, an ostrich, a crane and loads of other interesting animals.
 I only went on two rides as I'm a bit of a wuss in that regard, I screamed so much on the pirate ship. Do you like rides? Tell me about some of the amusement parks you have been to.
I haven't been to a zoo in a really really really long time so I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Have you been to Omu resort or any zoo in Nigeria before? How did you find it?

The worker's day long weekend is coming up and Social Prefect is planning a tour there so if you would like to visit the resort with a fun group and not have to worry about logistics or food get more details on her Instagram page.

There is a really cool exhibition happening this weekend called Exclusively Children, y'all better take your children there to have some Fun!!!


  1. This looks pretty good. Interesting how, I'd never heard of Omu Resort and today alone I've seen it twice!. Some peeps in Lagos are organising a visit here I think. A lion eating a goat will be sad tbh. But I guess that's the food chain for you.


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    1. Oh wow, maybe it's a sign that you need to visit it when next you're in Lagos. It's probably amaka of social prefect's poster that you saw, I mentioned her tour in the post sef.
      This food chain o!!

  2. Wow, this looks like fun, haven't been to a zoo in so long myself. over ten years, actually. Happy birthday in advance Detuuke!!!


    1. Yes, it was loads of Fun!
      You should take a break from work and visit a zoo, 10 years is such a long time!!!
      Hehe, Thank youuuu

  3. Awwwn, looks like fun. Because of these pictures, I have registered for the tour with Social Prefect. Happy Birthday in Advance Tuke!!!!!


    1. Yayyyy, Thank you :)
      I'm sure you'll have loads of fun, let me know how it goes!

  4. My younger ones school took them on an excursion to this place just last week.They pointed out that the lion is not well fed as it looks a bit lean compared to the ones they see on Nat Geo wild.Oh well,more goats need to be sacrificed.It looks pathetic when we kill animals go eat also,but we must chop meat abi?

    1. oh nice, i think more schools should take their student's on excursion, it is such an eye opening experience.
      Loool, some other people complained that the lion is too skinny, i think the resort is making the best use of the resources they have and I only hope that they become better.
      We must chop o, i don't goat meat because a goat that I treated as a pet was slaughtered one christmas when I was a child, it was sad.

  5. Hi Tuke! There's so much to explore in lagos! I'm gearing for another trip there in three months.

    P.s. I hope the goat was fed to the lion alive! That's would've been downright traumatically, especially for kids.

    1. There really is!
      You should let me know when you are in town!
      It was fed to the lion alive o, very traumatizing the way the lion pounced on it.

    2. Oops! I meant *wasn't.

      Gosh, that's not cool at all! I wish we had animal protection over here. The goat deserves some dignity. Sigh

    3. Guessed as much!
      Hmmm, we need better human protection sef

  6. I really wanted to visit because it was closer to me when I was still in Nigeria. Mehn, that lion... it's not fair. They should take him back to the jungle abeg.

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