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Styling a Kimono

Hey Guys,

Trust you're enjoying the Democracy Day/Bank Holiday Long weekend. How have you spent it?

I played at the exclusively children event which I mentioned here on Friday, played at a wedding on Saturday (clips here, here and here) and a church yesterday. 

I also stopped by at the Big Lagos sale on sunday, went for the Ethnik Official Launch Party and the classic hundred movie night
A lot of stuff right, I used up a half tank of petrol in one weekend, imagine.
Today  is my day of rest, clean up and rehearsal as I have a music exam next week.
Do you remember the post with the interesting bold title, this outfit can fit into that category as both pieces are free, comfy and non constricting.
 I've only featured a Kimono on the Blog once and that was the Kaymu collaborative post.
This one is made of Cotton and my sister bought it for me from Forever 21.
The black dress is from Forever 21 too.
I love the colour, the length and how comfortable the kimono is.
It also gives off Pocahontas/Mulan vibes, especially when wrapped across.
I am rocking my Her Given Hair, the promo code is Tuke to get a free Headband with your purchase.
 For details on how many bundles I used and the hair texture, check this post.
I haven't put up a food post in sooo long as I really haven't had the time to go out and eat. They will be back next week and I can't wait to eat some delicious cooking.
How do you like to wear kimono's? 
Do you like them long, short or somewhere in between?
I think Kimono's are amazing for the weather in Nigeria as they are so light.
They are also a great way of adding colour to a plain outfit.
How do you like to style your Kimono?


  1. OMG I love love love kimonos anyway so far it's a kimono. Sadly I haven't gotten round to sewing as much as I'd want.

    This one is really gorgeous! Love the way it toned down the dress. Your hair is still super fly by the way :*

  2. I love kimonos and you're absolutely slaying this one

  3. You really enjoyed the long weekend.
    The kimono looks great on you.... And the hair is super full... (Loving it).

    Success in your music exam.

    1. Loool, my waka was much mehn!
      Thank you o!

  4. That's the one thing I haven't got in my closet. I figure I'll just get material and sew one or two by myself. I like how you can wear them in different ways - jeans, regular pants, skirts, dresses, etc.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Oh nice, didn't know you could sew. So do I, I like long ones with pants and shorter ones like this with dresses.

  5. You really enjoyed your weekend and your kimono is pretty.. I like long and 3/4 length kimono.. My weekend was fair enough, no work during the weekend down to the public holiday.. Yaaaaaaaaaaay to food post, can't wait.. Success in your exams!!! Include me in the celebration gig..


    1. Thank you. I don't own any long ones yet, I like the fact that they give off festival vibes, especially the one with fringes.
      Thank you :D

  6. Hey! You look good in this!

    A kimono is actually on my list. Walked into H&M at the weekend and the one I saw was £30! What! Lol. In my mind I'm like, but this is quite flimsy. I love how you can style it in different ways though. So I think I'll definitely have to get one.

    This hair really suits you!
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    1. Thank you Kachee!
      Wow, that is expensive, I pray there are correct sales this Summer o becuase the exchange rate is not a joke.

  7. Lovely kimono! And your hair texture in this post just completes the boho vibe!

    1. Thank you Ekene :)
      It really does, going to comb it out next time I rock it though to see how versatile it can be.